It’s here…

I dropped by a supermarket and departmental store at another side of town the other day as I needed to buy some new underwear – I know they have my size there (5XL) as I bought a few a year or two ago – fits me like a glove, very nice and comfortable. We also have some plus-sized ones, made in China, at another place but I would not buy those – somehow, I seem to itch, wearing those and if you see a loose thread, don’t ever pull it! The whole thing would come apart!!! Nope, this isn’t for Chinese New Year though I do know that it is the Chinese tradition to buy new clothes and everything for the festive season. I will just have to wear my old ones as I just can’t get my size here…but at least, my underwear will be new…this year. Hehehehehe!!!!

Anyway, while I was there, I thought I would just drop by the  bakery that has opened a branch in the vicinity and I ended up buying these  frozen buns…


…to steam and have for breakfast the following morning…


They were very nice…


…though I wished they would not use minced meat for the filling as I think I would prefer chunks of  stewed meat inside instead.

I noticed, however, that they were selling the steamed ones at RM2.00 each but I had to pay 20 sen extra for these frozen ones so I asked the girl at the counter why and she said it was for the plastic wrapping. Tsk! Tsk! I looked at the ones in the steamer and they looked kind of flat and did not seem so nice…so I quietly forked out the extra charge. Ah well!!! At least that isn’t as bad as the sio bee (meat dumplings) at one restaurant in town – you can get them frozen for RM1.20 each but you need to pay 10 sen more if you want them steamed – EACH! Good grief!!! That would mean that if I were to buy 10, I would need to pay RM1.00 extra. Or like what I saw in the newspapers yesterday in Penang – you will have to pay between 30 sen and a ringgit if you eat at a coffee shop without ordering a drink. Well, that’s nothing new as actually, I blogged about it here in 2009! And that is absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me.

Anyway, I spotted these while I was at the aforementioned bakery…


– their own-made pineapple cakes!!! It sure looks like we have our very own right here now!

I’ve tried the ones from Taiwan…or Bintulu and they did not get me all excited and craving for more…and lately, the ones made in Penang seem to be getting a whole lot of publicity. I’ve seen them in my friends’ blogs, here or here, for instance. Well, I have not had the chance to try the latter so I am in no position to comment on those but at RM45.00 for a box of 10 (RM38.00 promotional price), I have to say that they’re mighty expensive, RM4.50/RM3.80 each. Here, I can easily go out for a plate of kampua noodles plus a drink for that kind of money.

Ours here are individually packed, not packed in boxes, and are selling at only RM1.50 each.  I would not say that is cheap and I guess 50 sen goes to the packaging, considering that they charge 20 sen for that miserable and not very  presentable one that they have for the steamed buns…


I bought two for me and my missus to try and boy, I must say that it was really very very good! The cake was absolutely great, very nicely done, and look at the filling –


– so much of it and so nice and moist. Judging from the appearances alone, I personally feel that the Penang ones would have to take a back seat but of course, the test of the pudding is in the eating…so since I have not had the chance to try theirs, I would reserve my verdict…for the time being. Now, I’m considering whether or not I should go back to the bakery and buy a whole lot to serve to family and friends who care to drop by, come Chinese New Year.

And look at what got here late yesterday evening…

From SK

…at around 6 something. My personalised CD with my favourite songs from [SK] for being among the top commentors of the year for three years running now – click here and here for the previous two…and that sweet guy also sent me a very cute and nice key chain and a Chinese New Year greeting card. Wow!!! That’s the first one I’ve received this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you, [SK]!!! You’re truly a gem!!!

Actually, the mail took two days despite the assurance that it would arrive the very next day – it was sent at the KL GPO on Wednesday morning and it only got to the Poslaju transit office that evening…and it was dispatched out of there the next day. I don’t know where it went after that but it got to Sibu, not on Thursday like it should but on Friday (yesterday) morning instead. By evening, it had not reached my house so I went to the office to ask…and they told me the guy was out delivering so I went home. It was getting dark when he got to my place and he looked so very very very tired – I asked him if he had lots to send and he said over a hundred and he had been out all day. All right, I did not give him a piece of my mind, the poor thing and after all, it’s here…safe and sound!!! Yaaaaa!!!!!

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16 thoughts on “It’s here…”

  1. Oh the pineapple cake looks good! Thinner outer pastry skin, and yea, cheaper too. Probably the packaging contributes some extra costs to that.

    I think the Penang ones are ridiculously priced. I saw here at the supermart yesterday the ones from Taiwan. Prices range from RM5 something upwards…and the one in the best looking box, self-proclaimed “royal superior quality”, only RM20 something…less than RM30.00. I’d stick to our own local ones though – so very nice…went to buy some more yesterday!

  2. babi telur? lucky not telur babi… hahaha… so your uwear ang ang boh?

    No, all black. Didn’t see any red ones. You want, I buy for you…with the gold Mandarin character – “Hock” – at the most strategic place? Don’t think they have your size though – same problem I face. 😦

  3. true, the sort of pau i remember from my childhood was also always stewed meat, never minced. hmmm, times have changed! 😀 oh, nice-looking pineapple pastries … love the jammy bits 😀

    Love the jam, very moist and fresh…not over-baked till dry and at times, even hard. 😦 I don’t mind minced but I’d rather have chunky meat – can actually see what I’m eating. 😉

  4. Wow, new haircut & underwear. You follow strictly the tradition. The pao & cake looks good. To me, pao with minced meat or in chunk, both I like.That’s a very nice & cute key chain.

    Yes, it is indeed. Not really following tradition lah – the old ones too old already, worn out till very thin…so have to be replaced already.

  5. I prefer pineapple tarts more than cake.

    Now everything so convenient. Even can buy frozen buns and and steam them for breakfast. No need eat at coffee shop. Yaloh, now everything needs to pay extra RM0.20 for packaging. Feel like been robbed!

    So nice of SK to burn you a CD. 🙂

    Yes, very nice and jovial friend, great guy!

    You must try these – they’re very very very nice. Never liked the ones I had before (usually had that preservative or whatever taste that I did not like) – first time! Nicer than tarts – the commercially made & sold ones, that is! These are so very fresh, so nice.

  6. yeah, took so long to reach you as i expect the package should be right at your doorstep the next working day since Pos Malaysia GUARANTEED NEXT DAY DELIVERY with PosLaju, haiz, always so disappointing.. but anyway, now that it’s with you, hope you enjoy playing the CD repeatedly for the whole year until your next CD comes, hahaha!! :p

    Oooo…had a great time listening to it last night. You can be sure that I would keep playing it again…and again…and again, thank you so much.

    I tracked and traced – looks like the problem was over at your side – one whole day from GPO to Poslaju transit office and dunno why it took so long to fly it over. It got here Friday morning, 7 something and by 10 something, they were out “attempting delivery” and I got it by evening despite the bulk of mail around these festive seasons. Sometimes, it’s worse…like sending to Sabah – no updates on TRACK & TRACE even, until a few days later – things already received…and when I sent to Seremban, it took them 3 days…arrived on the 4th Day. So annoying.

    When did you send to Taiping? Poslaju also. Seems it arrived on the same day. So near yet so far.

  7. I saw the label “Babi Telur” and wondered why these buns have such a funny name until I scrolled down further. Oh! It’s because the pau has pork and egg hee..hee… 😀

    K.I.S.S. Keep it short and simple. 😉

  8. Everything above looks good…even the gifts from SK… So nice of him to send you a personalized CD… You are truly blessed…

    You didn’t win anything hor? Hehehehehe!!!! Better luck next time. 😉

  9. As long as it’s safe then is fine la, their job is kinda of tiring, everyday has endless to send…

    I would agree with you on this…just that I often see the vans parked outside some coffee shop in some obscure part of town – I suspect those people are stealing time and will start sending after office hours – can claim overtime. 😦

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