I’m getting ready…

Chinese New Year is in the air here in Sibu…


All the decorations are up…


…and they’re playing those festive songs everywhere.

When I was growing up, with Chinese New Year round the corner, my father would take me to the barber for a haircut. He said that it was a Chinese traditional practice to get rid of all the bad luck in the old year and to usher in the good fortune that the new year would bring. I can’t say that I believe in this age-old superstition but to this date, I would make sure that I would get a haircut before the festival comes each year.

That was why I was in the vicinity of this food court that morning…


…and since the salon was very crowded despite my getting there quite early at around 9 something, I went for a stroll around the shops and in the end, I decided to drop by this dim sum stall…


…for a bite.Β This wasn’t my first time here – I’ve eaten here at least twice before, a long time ago, but because this place is located on the other side of town and not very near where I live, I have not been here since.

I had their fried carrot cake…


…which was all right – nothing to shout about…and their yam puffs…


…weren’t the best that I’ve had. The exterior was very nicely done though – really crusty and crispy but I wished they had placed the puffs on some kitchen towels to drain away the oil first before putting them in those paper cups. The oily base kind of put me off.

I also asked for the steamed buns…


…and I quite enjoyed them…


– also not the best around but they were o.k.

I don’t know if they have any promotional price like at a couple of dim sum places here – you order three for RM11.50 (it used to be RM10.00 only) – I didn’t ask…but upon being served, I asked the young chap how much it was altogether and he promptly replied, “RM12.30!” I gave him RM15.00 and was digging my wallet for 30 sen when he said it was all right and left. I thought he would give me the RM2.70 difference but instead, he paid me back RM3.00. Oh? He decided to just waive the 30 sen, after all – my, my…that certainly was so very sweet of him!

Well, I was glad that I went for something to eat as when I got back to the hair salon, it was even more crowded but I just sat there and waited…and waited…and waited…till they felt bad that I had waited for so long that they decided to give me my haircut first. I think everybody else was there for more than just a haircut and that would take a mighty long time.

It was almost noon already when it was done…but it was all right by me. At my age, I’ve got all the time in the world and believe you me, I am not in any hurry to go anywhere…just yet! Well, for one thing, they were very apologetic and when I wanted to pay for the work done, they asked for the old price – I hear that they’ve increased the prices starting the beginning of this year and normally, they would jack up the prices further specially for Chinese New Year. Sometimes it does pay to be patient and civil or nice, don’t you think? After all, as they say, what goes around comes around.

Well, I’ve got my haircut done – at least, that is already settled. Now, let’s see what else I would need to do to get ready for the Chinese New Year celebration which is just round the corner…at the end of this month.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “I’m getting ready…”

  1. My daughter enjoys learning about different cultures. Last year she did ask me could I make some foods that are normally served during Chinese New Year, and I told her I would do that. I better get a move on since it’s right around the corner! The food looks delicious as normal, never heard of yam puffs. This weekend, I’ll attempt to make some.

    I don’t really know how they make those, especially with the fibrous exterior like that – we can get them at the Chinese dim sum places usually.

  2. Many CNY decorations are up now but the malls are still quiet…. maybe due to the bad econ….

    Quiet? You should ask my missus about the Golden Churn butter. She went around to check the prices…and when she went back to the cheapest place, all sold out…and so it was with the next cheapest…and the next and the next.

  3. We are not so traditional so not into those stuff. And i didnt even know there such haircut practice.

    Just few more weeks to cny!! I am going back ro Kapit. Nothing much to worry about, just relax and bring kids back to see grandparents. Just hope baby Jamie will sleep through out the express ride so save me the headache. Lol

    Chinese New Year with in-laws in Kapit? I told my missus we can spend CNY at my daughter’s quarters in Selangau – peace and quiet all around and she did not think that was a great idea! She was posted to Ulu Kapit once – had had enough, never again, I guess.

    1. Yes. I dont mind going to Kapit for CNY. I like the fresh air but not the heat. But usually the weather is better early of the year. Just relax at home watching tv. Not much house visiting. It is the only time my hubby can relax and connect with his parents so he doesnt like visiting much. Old liaw, he said. Lol.

      Melissa coming back for cny right??

      They only have one extra day holiday on the eve which means that we will have to send her back on the 3rd Day of CNY. Short celebration… I don’t go visiting either – just my parents and my in-laws, not even my older relatives in town. So lazy, so hot.

  4. yeah, CNY is just around the corner, and you are right, it’s become a “belief” that we must get our hair cut, get new clothes and look smart during CNY huh??

    not the best this and not the best that you have tried?? so which are the best this and the best that you have tried?? hehehe~~

    You come over and I will take you to the best…and you can be sure that I will not be taking you for these…since they’re not the best. πŸ˜‰

  5. waahhh… makan also got discount.. haircut also old pricing.. Arthur, you are really famous in Sibu… they really respect you!

    Maybe they kesian me…see me so old, dressed up so shabbily, so very poor. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  6. well, in Btu the shop where I went to cut my hair 2 days ago went up from $9 to $12!!!!!!

    STP, would have love to see yr pic with the newly cut hair! hehehe

    Oh no!!! That would scare away all my faithful readers… πŸ˜€

  7. Bah! Humbug! …waste money decorating…*scrooge mode*. Just give angpau enough :p Muhaahhaha

    I just had Dimsum th other day ..so not tempted today πŸ™‚

    You need my account number? Inter-bank transfer, very convenient…no need for the ang pao packet. Save the environment! πŸ˜€

  8. I am wondering how the decor around the malls in KL look this year. So far not seen many red lanterns hanging around yet.

    I know there’s a giant golden horse at a mall here and it’s drawing the crowds. Yet to go and see…

  9. Wow, getting ready to usher into the year of the horse. Can hear CNY songs blasting loud like nobody business at most shopping complex. Makes my head spinning. Better spend your CNY at Selangau. Peaceful and relaxing,that is all I want.

    Ya, I’d love that…but my missus is not keen. Maybe we’ll do that on our own, leave her to celebrate on her own at home in Sibu. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. festive-looking! i haven’t had my haircut yet … am thinking probably the week of the 20th, heh πŸ˜€

    Don’t be like me once – so busy…went after the reunion dinner on the eve, charged RM50…but hey!!! These days, I think they do charge that ridiculous fee for a haircut at some exclusive salons, don’t they?

  11. Chinese New Year is early this year. Feeling quite rushed trying to get prepared. I always prefer when it falls in February.

    I hear it will be later next year.

  12. steamed buns!!! they look good! will probably pack some to snack in the car later when we drive down to Malacca.

    They were ok, not really what I would go back for especially considering that this place is on the other side of town, not really near where I stay.

  13. Wah!! Why you go so far for your hair cut? Better? kekekekkekeke

    My boys also off on the eve and extra two replacement day on Mon & Tue. And school replacement start one week before chinese new year and one week after!! 😦 As for us work in KL, lucky we got one extra day off on Monday, replacement for FT.

    Melissa’s home for the weekend, says they will replace one day…so will be sending her back to her school Day 4 then. Ooooo…KL, an extra day so nice! Ya…I like the place and will go all the way, and at the same time, walk-walk around the area, look-see. Must find ways to pass the time, or else stay at home all the time…online. 😦

  14. I duno whtr to say ‘I’m getting ready’ or not. This year will gonna be absolutely different for me. I know I’ll kena kurung for a month. I am eating CNY goodies in advance. LOL!

    When’s the due date? Going to have a horse?

  15. I love CNY but I dislike places that blast those dong dong chiang mega loud until it is deafening. We havent got our hair cut and not shopped for clothes yet too. Oh dear…

    Me too! The noise, the songs give me a headache and I’d make a dash for it and head on home. 😦

  16. Yes, CNY is coming soon!
    Another season for you to eat non stop ya? :p

    Just give me a reason… Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

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