Shining like the sun…

It has been pouring cat and dogs around here and with the King Tide around that same time, some parts of town were flooded but thankfully, at the time of writing, there has been two fine days in a row and I certainly hope the weather holds for even though, it may be very nice and cool, the damp conditions sure gets everybody down and it would be hard to go out and do stuff that one would want to do.

Well, my friend, Philip, is presently home from the US and I did manage to drop by to see him and we took advantage of the sunny weather to stop by this coffee shop that I have blogged a few times before and the fact that it was named Sunny was purely coincidental.

Philip left town in the early 70’s to further his studies overseas and at that time, Sibu was a small, not very presentable town with hardly anything much other than kampua and kompia and Malay food stalls were few and far between owing to the small population here. That was why come Christmas and Chinese New Year, many would head to our house to enjoy my mum’s curry…and during Hari Raya, everyone would flock to the kampung to visit their friends for the same despite the fact that many, at the time, were not really adventurous in what they ate and were not really into anything too hot and spicy.

So it was with Philip and this was the first time he tried mee jawa

SC 1

…and he liked it a lot. He loved the prawn fritters too – you would get five of those if you add RM1.00 more and request for the special though the prawns in the ones we had that day were a bit small. I guess that’s because it is the rainy season right now and good, fresh prawns are really hard to come by, big or small.

I ordered the mee goreng (fried noodles)…

SC 2

…but it seemed that in place of the usual yellow noodles, they used the smaller kampua noodles instead but it did not matter really as it was very nicely done and very tasty. I was quite sure I could detect a hint of kunyit (tumeric) in the myriad of flavourful  ingredients used in the frying. I let Philip try a bit and he too agreed that it  was very nice.

In the midst of our conversation, I mentioned that the kampua noodles noodles here were very nice too despite the absence of lard and I would bring friends here – those who can only have the halal version of the much coveted Sibu Foochow delight. Normally, I would not bother about the noodles at these Malay places as so far, all that I had tried had been very disappointing. Hearing that, Philip insisted on ordering a plate…

SC 3

…and yes, he conceded that they were great. The oil used to toss that noodles had been used to fry a generous amount of shallots and was hence, very fragrant indeed.

I noticed that they have done something to the somewhat murky-looking, dilapidated stall now – it looks nice and new…and I also noticed that there are some Chinese helping out as well though the two doing all the cooking are the same Malay ladies who were there before. In the past, the coffee shop (drinks) was run by some Chinese folks but not the food stalls. I did not bother to ask but it certainly looks like they have taken over the stall but they have been wise enough to retain the ladies to do the cooking so the quality of all that is served has not been affected, not in the least.

We had a delightful brunch that day and it certainly was great to meet friends from afar to catch up with things where we left off the last time around. Philip was so nice as to lug all these goodies…

From Philip - Jan 2014

…all the way from the US just for me, especially the Three Cheese that my ex-student, Raphael, gave to me once and I blogged about how nice it was and how Melissa loved it very very much and Philip, upon seeing that, went out to grab me some more plus another brand as well to try, Betty Crocker no less! You shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble, Philip, but I do appreciate it a lot – thank you so so very much.

And incidentally, this came via poslayu…oops, I mean poslaju, from a blogger friend

From Azura 1

…and boy, I certainly was pleasantly surprised. Thankfully, I received it the very next day after it was sent as I’ve been hearing lots of horror stories about how things were taking ages to arrive.

I was not expecting anything from her and it sure was sweet of her to send me these…

From Azura 2

…and if she went through all that trouble to send me those, they must be pretty good – just can’t wait to try them out. Thank you so much to you too, Azura.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Shining like the sun…”

  1. It’s always nice to sit and converse with friends, even better when you can do that while sharing a meal. I do that to, use the oil that I’ve cooked my onion, garlic or herbs to coat noodles. My daughter loves the extra flavor and fragrance that it brings to the noodles.

    Yes, that’s the general practice. Here, usually, they fry sliced shallots. Sometimes I’d add garlic too. The noodles are tatseless – these would give it the nice fragrance and taste. Ya…what is life without friends? No man is an island…

  2. Have you tried fried mee jawa? If you visit Penang, then checkout the economy noodles that they serve for breakfast…some stall have mee jawa for RM1.50 with tofu, noodles and a tiny piece of egg.

    Fried mee jawa? I sure would want to try that. We do not have it here. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen this wet version in the peninsula even – or perhaps, I have not gone to the right places. I thought there’s mostly mee Bandung there (with actually originates from Muar), they call it mee rebus in Singapore.

  3. i haven’t tried mee jawa before too and i should be ashamed of myself. lol

    Well, at least, Philip has beaten you to it. His first time too.

  4. Mee goreng using kampua noodles, how interesting is that? I wonder if we could make this ourselves by using kolo mee (kolo mee can be bought here at some shops but not kampua) hehe

    Look at where it’s made. If it’s Sibu, it’s kampua – the only difference is that it’s curly (maybe there are no machines to make straight ones). Just like the kolo mee in Sibu which is, in fact, kampua made to look like kolo mee. They’re actually very different in taste as well plus kolo mee is firmer/harder.

  5. I am drooling over your food!!! I must go there and try.

    You wouldn’t regret it! Two doors away, nasi kerabu on Saturdays, the best in town – the other stuff there not all that great so don’t bother.

  6. Jawa mee, or those fried mee goreng from the same jawa mee stall are always nice. It’s the savoury sauce that they use. Not sure what’s inside though, but it’s always very nice :D.. put some chilli paste inside, and good to go !

    Me jawa, they use sweet potatoes to thicken and that gives it the sweetness and the colour…and of course, they have all the usual fragrant spices used in Malay cooking. Usually mee jawa is not spicy hot and some people do not like the sweet taste.

  7. Haven’t had mee jawa for a long time..used to eat at a stall near my parents’ place but no longer selling it. But the ones I had did not have any prawn fritters, just prawns.

    If the batter is nice, I’d rather have the fritters.

  8. the rain in KL has been quite bountiful too, especially in the evenings. but i guess we gotta be grateful for these showers of blessing! hopefully the floods will not be severe though or cause any major problems…

    Ok now since we’ve gone past the King Tide but there are flash floods at some parts where the drainage isn;t all that good. Not a problem for me as I do not usually go to those areas.

  9. wow, mee jawa / mee goreng / mee kampua, and all those goodies all the way from US.. how nice!! this ex-ET is so loved!! 🙂

    …and goodies from Kuching too. Everybody’s so nice to this poor old man. 😉

  10. Seeing the prawn fritters, i must go to the mixed rice stall see if they got cook this today…

    Can’t get them anywhere. The Malay kuih-type…not the same and no prawn on top these days…only the name is the same – cucur udang. One Chinese restaurant here selling at 50 sen each (the last time I had it, dunno now) and you get the tail…no prawn, all flour batter and it does not even taste nice, would have to dip in a lot of tomato or chili sauce.

  11. Definitely one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time. Sure beats my usual muesli.

    Look on the bright side – muesli’s healthy! 😉

  12. Mee goreng and mee jawa makes me drool especially with the prawn fritters. Lovely gifts from your friend. Truly blessed.

    Indeed I am. Everyone’s so nice and kind and generous…

  13. Seems like you love the prawn fritters… had it with all 3 dishes 😉 The mee goreng definitely looks good.

    You order the special, you get the fritters. Philip enjoyed them very much, not something he’ll get to eat often in the US, I guess.

  14. Sedapnya semua! Now waiting for you to do something with the paste you received.. so nice of Azura!

    Will get down to that soonest, maybe on the weekends when Melissa’s home.

  15. mee goreng using kampua noodles sounds good! I love prawn fritters and would not mind topping up rm1 for extra of those. droooool!
    by the way, i’m typing without caps coz ayden is on my lap and i’m using only my right hand now. been bz and missing your blog so much 😦

    It’s something like mee Maggi goreng – my girl loves prawn fritters and me too, unfortunately, the mum does not make ’em often. Hers, simply the best. Wowwww!!!! Better don’t go online, do it when he’s sleeping – he’s closer to the screen than you, all teh radiation and what not.

  16. You’re most welcome. Yea praise to the poslaju man in Sarawak. Hope you like the small gifts.. 😉

    It’s the thought that counts everytime. Yet to try the stuff you sent, will surely blog about it.

  17. Nice Nice….all 3 noodles above look yummy! The fritters look crispy too.

    VERY. I wonder what batter they use. My missus will add Eno to hers, I think. Makes it nice and crispy. Best eaten hot.

  18. I know Mee Jawa, but have not tried before, i like your mee goreng, look so so sedap!!

    It was good – wouldn’t mind going back there for that again and of course, I must have the special….and enjoy all the prawn fritters. Hehehehehe!!!!

  19. I haven’t had Mee Jawa for ages! I used to frequent a coffee shop where I used to live and practically had Mee Jawa every other day. Talk about addiction!

    I quite like it but it’s not something I would be craving for – will have it once in a while.

  20. Is been raining for days at KL here too!!! Always look so dim in the afternoon!!! =[

    Not as bad as what I read in overseas newspapers in NZ, UK and the USA.

  21. I quite like doing Kampua ‘vegetarian’ style with shallot oil too. Everytime I do a batch of pork lard it takes ages to finish so the fragrance goes weaker after a while.

    Oh? That happens, does it? I don’t use lard at home so I don’t know about this. I just use shallot oil at home and to me, it is just as nice and in fact, much nicer than many kampua stalls in town.

  22. kampua no lard…hmmm….am unconvinced…

    Come, come to Sibu and I’ll cook you my Bovril kampua, see whether you think it is nice or not.

    1. I mean…no lard nice meh….not mean kampua have lard

      Lard not fragrant with lots of fried shallots, also not nice…and they can actually buy lard, cheap from the butcher to use – dunno good or no good, as long as it’s cheap…and somebody was saying just the other day that many Sibu people have heart problem, some even very young ones, because they eat kampua from small, virtually every day. Must be the lard.

  23. 3-cheese potatoes! That looks good!

    I’m not a huge fan of low-carb chocolates though, they taste quite different but a lot of people are into healthy stuff nowadays!

    This one is particularly good, so very creamy – I am not a fan of chocolates but I really enjoyed this!

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