New Year’s Eve…

So what did you all do on New Year’s Eve? Joined the crowd for the countdown at 12 midnight? Went for a grand (expensive) dinner at some posh restaurant…or did you have a simple one at home, like me?

We went to Selangau the day before (through the heavy downpour and the flood here and there) as Melissa had a staff meeting that morning Β but we came back that very afternoon when all was done. We had to go again on New Year’s Day as the students were reporting at her school and she had to be there to do the registration and what not. That was why we did not plan to cook up a storm nor with the very wet and gloomy weather, did we plan to have our New Year’s Eve anywhere outside.

In the end, we settled for a simple steamboat dinner…


…at home.

Normally, Chinese families would have this for Chap Goh Meh (the 15th Night of the new Lunar New Year) but it did not matter. For one thing, there would be minimal hassle in the preparation, unless one decides to prepare everything on one’s own . Otherwise, one would just have to go and buy all the things to throw in.

I do think that having a steamboat is kind of symbolic – the nice things being thrown in would signify the showers of good things that would raining into one’s life in the coming year and the fact that everyone would be doing it together would tighten the family bond and the unity or togetherness between everybody involved.

Among the things that we had for our steamboat were some prawns, fish cake slices, chicken balls, green veg, mushrooms and even sweet corn on the cob…


Melissa loves those last two – mushrooms and sweet corn so I made it a point to buy those and make sure she would have them to enjoy. We also had a bit of glass noodles – Melissa likes that as well.

I did buy some Foochow fried noodles from outside…


…to eat with the steamboat but there was too much for the three of us so the noodles were almost untouched. Well, it did not really matter as I heated them up the next morning when I got up before the break of dawn so we could have them for breakfast prior to leaving the house to go to Selangau again.

We did not finish everything in the steamboat either so I saved that as well and the following morning, I heated it up and served it with mee kua (dried egg noodles) for breakfast…

SB leftovers

I must say that it was really very delicious as the soup was so tasty since all the flavours from the ingredients had gone into it. I certainly enjoyed that, I really did!

So that was all there was to my New Year – not very happening as you can see…especially with school reopening and Melissa would only be home weekends after that, I guess we were not in the best of moods at the time. Still, it was good enough, no complaint…and we certainly look forward to a great year ahead, God willing.

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23 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve…”

  1. I had steamboat few days before new years eve. Nothing much to do, just relax after a new year’s eve dinner.

    Aiyorrrr!!!! Young people, didn’t go out to enjoy? Head on over to Singapore – sure got lots of things going on there.

  2. we had banana leaf rice! the foochow noodle looks real good!

    Indian? You would not be having that for Chinese New Year, by any chance? 1Malaysia bah! πŸ˜€ Yes, the Foochoew noodles, sure best one. You want some? πŸ˜‰

  3. With all those goodies, the soup sure very tasty! Haha. First time I see people throw corn
    Cob into steamboat. Lol

    We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant with my family. Blogged that on the eve itself. A nice restaurant, you can give it a try but maybe too far as it is in MJC Batu Kawa.

    A very good morning to you. Another Monday, another school day. πŸ˜‰

    Same to you, back to the empty nest syndrome now – daughter’s back in her rural school past Selangau, past the junction to Mukah along the road to Bintulu.

    Don’t think I will be going anywhere Batu Kawa side whenever I go over to Kuching, nobody I know there.

    You can’t have corn on the cob for your steamboat outside – they’re no longer cheap, really. We used to use the Ligo canned corn kernels but it is definitely nicer to use fresh corn…and healthier too, no preservatives!

  4. talking about new year’s eve now?? errr, a little too outdated huh?? hahahaha, anyway, countdown?? that would have been something that i have stopped doing 10 years ago, and now just another normal day for me to stay at home as life still goes on~~ yeah, i’ve turned into a grumpy old man~~ :p

    Oh dear!!! You’re becoming…like me! Went to sleep early…and woke up at midnight, grumpy that the neighbours were setting off firecrackers. Bah! Humbug!!!

  5. I love steamboat too. Easy to prepare.Just put in everything and there it is. Nice for rainy seasons for the past weeks. Yum!!!…Yum!!!

    Yes, except that my missus would insist on preparing her own stock, quite a hassle. I kept telling her that with all the things added, the soup would be very nice and sweet but she would not listen. 😦

  6. New year eve al…hmmm nothing much..after send PIL to airport go for Banana LeafRice lor. Come home and zz…wake up in 2014 :p

    Yummy prawns…miss the ones you cooked

    Come on!!! High time you all come over here again. Would cook those again…and more, lots more!!! I love to show off! Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. ooo, as i get older, i tend to prefer at-home for new year’s eve too. it really does feel like there’s not much point hyping up the day too much, rite. at this age, i can’t remember the majority of my previous new year’s eves anymore πŸ™‚ your steamboat looks great, i like the inclusion of corn πŸ˜€

    My daughter’s favourite and it sure adds to the sweetness in the soup. Your age? How old are you? You’re not doing the coverage of the rally kah? πŸ˜‰

  8. My new year’s eve dinner just like usual dinner then wait for fireworks!!! =]

    Aiyor!!! Young girl like you, I thought you’d be out clubbing, dancing the night away. No more for me at my age…now cannot rock anymore, but can roll very well. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. We just had a simple home-cooked meal at home, Penang was flooded with people and cars that week (Christmas to New Year Eve), too scary to go out lol

    Aiyor!!! I thought young people would love that – crowds, noise and all…so much fun. For old people like me, gives me a headache. No, thank you. I’d just stay home and sleep.

  10. It has been quite some time since I last have steamboat in the house.. good idea to put in corn.. the soup will be very much sweeter… πŸ™‚

    Yes, and my girl loves it. She likes it grilled on a hot plate too.

  11. That’s a nice pic of the steamboat. Looks totally delicious!

    It was. Very nice, and we all loved it. Guess that was all that mattered.

  12. i miss steamboat especially here in belgium, oil fondue is more popular. we have a pot of oil where we dip the pieces of meat in. happy new year to you and family!!!

    Happy New Year to you and your hubby and all your loved ones. How’s married life? I see you got a present of exclusive pots and pans. Hmmmm…. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. was at home with the family on new year’s eve.. no more countdown for me this year and subsequent ones. hehe

    Good boy! Family man now, not the same anymore. Focus on the family.

  14. Yes, steamboat is a good option, easy to prepare and healthier too!
    New Year’s Eve? Just another ordinary day for us. Cooked and ate at home and no, we didn’t want to brave the massive traffic jammed-roads that lead to huge gathering for firework displays.
    We were fortunate enough to watch fireworks displays from the comfort of our home πŸ˜‰…some far away and some rather nearby! So, the kids stayed up late and enjoyed watching them.

    We all went to bed early as we had to get up at the break of dawn to send my girl to her rural school. The kids were reporting for the new school year that day. 😦

  15. I had steamboat during new year eve too together with my family. But we dine out la… So crowded. Luckily I made a reservation. Else gotta wait.
    These days, don’t like to join the crowd for countdown. Prefered to have a small gathering makan makan. Free fireworks? I can watch more during CNY in Sarawak!! LOL!!

    You’re coming back? Spend a longer time in Sibu, no need to stick around in Sarikei all the time. No holidays for my girl though – Iban territory. Will have to send her back already come Day 3. πŸ˜‰

  16. Yummy steamboat, i like steamboat too! Normally i will put yee mee instead of glass noodles, or sometime Vit’s noodles also nice.

    For the first time we celebrate new year eve in town and for the first time hubs they get an off day on 1/1. My boys first time too, i think one time is enough for me. Too crowded and make me headache and with all the foreigners in town, make me feel a bit “un-safe”. Anyway, we had a fun time.

    Oh? I wouldn’t like that too – best to just have a simple quiet affair at home. Melissa loves the glass noodles, that’s why we had a little bit of that. Yup, the mee kua I had for breakfast with the steamboat soup was so very nice!!! Loved that!

  17. Your steamboat looks good! I remember we had steamboat when I was a kid for CNY reunion dinner. Back then, there was no electric cooker for the steamboat and my grandpa had the old fashioned one. But at that time, I didn’t like steamboat but now I do. A lot!

    When I was growing up, my mum’s side of the family would have steamboat every year on New Year’s Eve…the old-time charcoal one and they would put those canned abalone – so very sweet, so very nice…but now, can no longer afford – costs over a hundred ringgit, maybe more, a can…and not so nice anymore. Not as sweet and the fragrance isn’t there.

  18. That’s the most important thing – family! πŸ™‚

    If you have that, you’ll have a great NY celebration regardless of whether you’re in UK (Ulu Kapit) or Selangau.

    Yup, as long as we’re together, that is all that matters.

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