Just that good…

When my friend, Jimmy, was in town last month, he received word from someone in Kuching asking him to buy the Sibu “famous groundnuts” and not knowing what the person was talking about, he asked me about it…and on my part, I was just as perplexed.

I just guessed that the groundnuts in question would be these big ones…


…most probably imported in bulk from China and the people here would pack them in nice and presentable packets for sale. However, you can buy them by the kilo too and I hear that if you go and buy it direct from the supplier, you can get it at RM9.00 a kilo whereas they are selling it at RM11.00 a kilo at the shops.

Now just how good are these? To me, they’re just groundnuts and as good as any groundnut can get but what happened was that when Jimmy took what he bought back to Kuching, it never reached the one who had asked for it. His father tried some…


…and shared with his friends…and they all praised it to the skies, saying that they were as good as those Taiwan black peanuts and needless to say, on his subsequent trip here, Jimmy had to go back to the shop and buy a few more kilos home, plus the 1 kilo intended for the friend.

I asked Jimmy to try the kuachee (pumpkin seeds) too – it seems that people coming here would also want to buy the ones from here. They’re not oily on the outside, kind of dry but the taste, they declare, is a head above the rest available elsewhere. At first, Jimmy did not want to buy any but I insisted that he tried one…and in the end, he bought a kilo home. I wonder who got that in the end – his father, perhaps.

Anyway, moving on from that, my missus went to the shop near my house and came home with these…


– the black Taiwan peanuts…


Shudders!!! One look at the price and you would know that I, for one, would never bother to buy any to try, never mind how good they say they are, thank you very much!

Ohhhhh!!!! They’re Japanese bamboo charcoal-grilled like those buns that they use for burgers and they’re individually-packed…

*So they’re bamboo peanuts IN Taiwan – I wonder what kind of peanuts they are IN other countries, like IN Malaysia, for instance*

…with only five in a pack…


All right, I told myself, since my missus had already bought it, I might as well give it a try and see what all the excitement was about. Well, it did not get me going ooooo and ahhhhhh, not at all and at best, I would say that they’re something like the ones in the complimentary plate of peanuts that they give at every table during a Chinese wedding banquet and in fact, I’ve tried those made in Singapore and I thought theirs could be a little bit better.

Ah well!!! It’s a free country…still and I do know of many who would never fail to praise stuff from Taiwan to the skies like their nothing-to-shout-about and very expensive pineapple cakes, Β for instance, and if they are willing to fork out the money, they are most welcome to do so. Like I always say, to each his own…and it’s their money, not mine.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Just that good…”

  1. Bamboo Peanuts? I guess that’s more like a marketing technique to create gimmick ? Since they tasted like ordinary peanuts LOL

    Don’t those black buns taste like buns? Never bothered to buy and try but I’ve had those black mooncakes that people gave me – tasted the same to me. They say the black Japanese bamboo charcoal is good for health though I wonder how – to me it is just carbon. 😦

  2. Yeah , Taiwan is famous for tidbits and delicacies. How about menglembu groundnuts ? Hahaha

    I loved mengelmbu long ago, quality deteriorating…not so nice, like “lau hong” and I was put off by the Ngan Yin brand when they put on the label – ‘for export to Sabah and Sarawak” and when I bought one from the peninsula to compare, the ones they dumped here were indeed smaller, low grade. Discrimination!

  3. Wah!!!! You zoomed until the peanuts looked big like lotus roots.
    I know that the biggest ground nuts in China are those species like Shandong ones which are sold here too. They don’t pack the huge ones as it would become only 10 huge nuts per packet. So we get the big bite sizes here.

    I am shocked to see the bamboo nuts from Taiwan… Eeeeee so black!

    Reminds you any nuts in particular? Muahahahahahaha!!!! I dunno where they get those nice groundnuts from in Sibu but they’re definitely from China. At least 3-4 times bigger than the menglembu ones we can get here.

  4. Oh. I never knew this. Thanks to your discovery. =)

    Nice, not great…and very expensive. Cashing in on people who are into Japanese bamboo charcoal stuff…in the hope of getting healthier.

  5. Looking at all groundnuts and pumpkin seeds, it feels like cny. You know, all those titbits. Haha.

    I prefer braised groundnuts more. πŸ™‚

    I like those too, available in tins. Chick peas also, I prefer boiled with a little salt added, kacang kuda – have to cook one’s own as outside so very expensive. One little kaya cup, RM1.00. Ridiculous! You can buy the groundnuts and kuachee at Chai Hing, Rejang Park – the back entrance is beside the post office – opposite your SIL’s shop.

  6. I used to buy cap tangan or cap kapak peanuts. Was readily available in supermarket Asian part but now don’t find them. Don’t like that charcoal bun too bought once n after one bite I chucked away.

    Cap Tangan is the Ngan Yin menglembu peanuts. Not into the charcoal stuff either, no thank you. The colour itself puts me off.

  7. The “famous groundnuts” looks great. Owh!!!..Taiwan black peanuts, something new to me. Wow, so expensive. I prefer kidney nuts.

    Not into the kidneys. I love pistachios…or cashews. Never heard of the Taiwan black peanuts either till Jimmy told me.

  8. Oh, never see them black before… in Japan, I tried the black eggs only… black on the outside but still normal eggs on the inside.. hahahaa..

    From Taiwan, someone gave me those…that looked like century eggs. Not nice.

  9. Oh, I didn’t know about the bamboo peanuts from Taiwan..interesting. Was in Taiwan five years ago but didn’t see any of these. Wonder why are they black? Anyway, don’t find their delicacies very nice. Like you said, nothing to shout about. Our local nyonya open face pineapple tarts are way better!

    My sentiments exactly!!! The pastry, the pineapple jam…all win hands down. Maybe there’s the snob appeal as they’re from Taiwan – want to tell friends they all went there on a holiday. Don’t see the attraction, all that street food – mostly deep fried stuff. I’m sure we have a lot better and satisfying delights right here in our own country. The black is supposed to be due to the Japanese bamboo charcoal.

  10. I never try Taiwan black groundnut before. I didn’t see this peanut when I was in Taiwan last month. But, I agree with you that their Pineapple biscuit is very expensive.

    We could get here at Ta Kiong, selling cheap as the expiry date was drawing near. I did not even bother to look. Dunno what the excitement is all about over those pineapple cakes.

  11. LOL>..the peanut looks like salted eggs la :p

    Exactly!!! That same thought occurred to me when I opened the small individual pack.

  12. WAHHH, awesome peanuts! I haven’t tried these before, charcoal peanuts? wow, they can put those black charcoal on anything huh. I’ve seen buns, cakes, sandwiches, wonder what will come next?

    Mooncakes too…and I thought traditionally, Chinese would frown on black colours for such auspicious occasions. These days, no more law – anything goes! 😦

  13. ooo, i’ve never seen or heard of bamboo peanuts before this! thank you for teaching me something new today πŸ˜€

    Never heard of them before my friend mentioned them. Was expecting it to be exceptionally good but turned out to be…just kacang, black ones! 😦

  14. Very expensive those Taiwan peanuts! I also wouldn’t buy πŸ™‚ Generally I like groundnuts. Not crazy about them, but if they are on front of me, I will eat and eat πŸ™‚

    Same here. Would not go out and buy myself, but will it if they’re there.

  15. Haven’t try this before, but still I like our local peanuts!!! =]

    They’re ok, just nothing spectacular, same like any other peanut – cannot understand what the excitement was about. Planters’ honey roasted would be a whole lot nicer!

  16. Totally love peanuts…not seen the black ones though. Will see if I can find them at the local supermarkets.

    I’m sure you can. If we can get them here, you can get them everywhere there. πŸ˜‰

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