No regrets…

We did not plan on dropping by this place for lunch that Sunday but after the church service that morning, I drove past a few places around town but could not find a parking space. It would be easier on weekdays as normally people park by the hour or less and sooner or later, there would be somebody leaving and one would be able to grab the space quickly. I have the feeling, however, that all the business people would drive their cars out on Saturdays and Sundays and leave the vehicles there happily for the whole day as parking is free on these two days. They do not seem to realise that they would lose some potential customers for the simple reason that there is no place to park the car and they would just go elsewhere…like me!

Parking was not a problem at all where we went that day and we all had the nasi bryani which came with a piece of papadum. To go with that, I ordered the sambal chicken…


…something that I had not had before, to give it a try and I would say it was really very good! I sure would want to have that again the next time I drop by the place.

For the vegetable dish, this cangkuk manis with pumpkin…


…that we had was very nice though I did wish they had torn the vegetable a bit more. That would make it easier to chew and would also bring out the sweetness a lot more.

I had the mutton curry before…


…and I ordered that as Melissa loves the meat and we also had the tandoori chicken…


…which was just as good. The one here is deep-fried, not baked in a tandoori oven so it is juicier but of course, it is less healthy. I’ve heard friends saying that they do not like tandoori chicken as the meat is dry. I guess that would be at the not-so-good places where they would leave the chicken on the skewers in the hot oven for too long and all the juices and the fat would have dripped off the meat and that is why it gets to be a bit too dry and not as nice.

For one thing, the stuff they serve here is not spicy so it would go down well with folks who are not into hot stuff but for us, we would prefer everything a lot spicier and it was this sambal belacan


…that saved the day. Normally, they would only give that with their ikan goreng (fried fish) or ayam goreng (fried chicken) but the boss gave us some and boy, did we enjoy that!!!

And that was not all! When I went to settle the bill, it came up to only RM29.00 for 3 persons, inclusive of our drinks…but the boss gave me a discount and asked fro RM25.00 only. Isn’t he nice? With that kind of PR, I, for one, would want to go there again and again and again.

Without any reservation, I do firmly declare that we certainly had no regrets whatsover choosing to go there for lunch that day…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “No regrets…”

  1. I like my sambal belacan fiery hot! roar!!!!

    You do? Kaki cili padi? My missus likes that but I’m just ok with it. I prefer ordinary chili that is very hot, nicer taste and fragrance – unfortunately, these days, the chili that we get here – mostly good for colour only. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. wow…something spicy to spice up your new year! Well done, STP! Btw, I love the mutton curry!

    I would have up the thumbs up for everything that I’ve had here, all nice…but not spicy except for the sambal belacan. Yummmmm!!!!

  3. So many spicy dishes.. did you breathe flames after that fiery meal? :D.. I do love spicy food though.

    Nothing spicy here if you mean spicy hot, maybe to cater to the taste of the locals. Would love it if everything’s as hot as the sambal belacan…but not everybody would love it like that, I guess.

  4. Not bad, not that very expensive!!!

    Not that very expensive? I would say it is cheap, VERY cheap!!! Minus the drink, around RM6 each only. Try having 3 meat and a veg at the nasi kandar shops over at your side and see how much you will have to fork out!!! I’ve had my share of shocks from those! Daylight robbers! Tsk! Tsk!

  5. So nice of him to give discount leh… The boss must have know you and your famous blog here!! After this post, business will sure improve, just wait and see… 🙂

    I’ve blogged about the place many times already and many have gone to check his place out.

  6. All looks so good and yummy. I prefer cangkul manis tear into tiny bits and fried with egg. If no discount, I still consider it cheap.

    Don’t mind with pumpkin, adds to the sweetness but I would prefer the veg torn a bit, not too much – my missus would go to the other extreme, tear till teeny weeny bits so no more bite left. 😦 Cheap hor, this place – worth going.

  7. The food is yummy and I love the mutton curry.

    Actually pretty reasonable. RM29 for 3 pax is cheap. I dont think I get that price in Kch.

    Happy new year to you Arthur.

    Back from Kuching yesterday. Rain along the way and the heaviest was when we almost reach Sibu. Hardly can see what in front of us.

    Yes, it rained also when we were making our way back from Selangau yesterday. Hope for better and kinder weather soonest… Happy 2014 to you, welcome back. Yes, it was cheap – we went one place…did not have much (nor was it really very nice stuff) and had to fork out RM49.20. Watch out fort the post!

  8. Did the boss get to take picture with you so that he could place it in his shop and show everyone the famous food mayor of Sibu is here to patron his stall?

    That would surely drive all the customers away… Spoils their appetite only.

  9. Tapau freeze poslaju :p

    I had to read that line twice…RM29 only??? for 3 persons…some more got RM4 discount ….wah lau eh…why are you blogging about this place? sure people will zoom go there and business will bloom…then food quality reduce lor.

    If business no good, close down how? No cheap and nice food anymore. I don’t think many will flock to the place – Sibu, Foochow town…not all would be into Indian/Malay cuisines.

  10. yeah, enjoy every food you have and eat with no regrets!! good or bad, it is still an experience to accumulate into your life~~ 🙂

    Yes, if no good, at least one would know that would be a place to avoid. Tak kenal maka tak cinta bah!

  11. wow…love your lunch! Luckily I’ll be having banana leaf rice for lunch later. Else I can’t stop drooling at the above food :-p

    Ooooo…banana leaf! Melissa loves that! We can;t get it here.

  12. I pun nak order 🙂 Bestnya!
    Blessed New Year to you and family. A year of double rainbows, double harvest 🙂

    Thank you, and the same to you and yours.

  13. Yummy food and I love tandoori chicken. They go well with Roti Naan. The food prices have all shot up in KL on New Year’s Day! The toll will be next! I need to think harder on budget since the salaries don’t or hardly increase. You can still eat out often in Sibu!

    Grumble! Grumble! I’m not complaining… Sibu did not make into Malaysia Insider’s Top 10 list – the most expensive cities to live in in Malaysia. We here, all cheap punya people mah, no class one! Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. Food Without Regrets … that could be a nice name for a restaurant! heheh 😀

    Yes, unlike some of the names I see in your blog and the rest…like Naked! Imagine if all the diners had to strip to go in to dine there! Imagine all with bodies like mine… Eyewwww!!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. The mutton curry looks good… making me crave Indian food yet again! 😛

    Not a problem where you are, lots of Indian places, spoilt for choice. Not here though, very few Indians…and thankfully, we have a couple worth going.

  16. I always see this cangkuk manis with pumpkin at malay mixed rice stall, and usually i will have it.
    Foods look good and reasonable price.

    We cook it like that too sometimes at home. Not bad this place, worth dropping by.

  17. Very nice food for a new year. Just had indian food few days earlier. Your post make me craving for more.

    I do enjoy Indian, just that we do not have many options here – very very few Indians in Sibu, not like in the peninsula.

  18. Where is the location of Sri Pelita? I want to go there and try when i back for this coming CNY.

    To the right of Paramount Hotel, below that Korean BBQ restaurant.

  19. I haven’t been to Sri Pelita in ages (prefer the nasi briyani at the really congested lane beside the bookstore near HSBC where I met you when I was still in school).

    I went the other day. The portion of meat provided was so very small, prices increased already. Plus it was lunchtime, very crowded and rather stuffy inside. Tastewise, still ok.

  20. Very affordable! Now I am craving for cangkuk manis. Probably buy a whole bundle tomorrow and make a soup with it 😀

    Try frying – just fry with garlic & add seasoning/salt. Soup is good as the soup is sweet and tasty but it will render the veg quite bland or tasteless.

  21. The Pumpkin and Greens look good! Might have to try something similar soon 🙂

    Nice. The sweetness of the greens and the pumpkin, enough to make it tasty and nice.

  22. I tend to agree with the general sentiment about Tandoori chicken. I had Tandoori chicken once or twice but was disappointed because the meat was dry. I reckon it was not properly done. After that I never ordered Tandoori chicken again.

    The one at the Indian-Indonesian cafe here is very good but expensive. Maybe it’s the chicken used…or maybe they just left it in the tandoori for too long…or they’re leftovers and they keep heating them up. 😦

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