It’s Christmas Eve today…so tomorrow, it will be Christmas Day.

The decorations have been up since last month…

Xmas decor

…and Christmas carols and songs fill the air in every shop and mall in town (though some have seen it fit to play those Chinese New Year songs instead).

So it was at my favourite cafe in town

Payung Christmas decor 1

…all geared up for the festive season…

Payung Christmas decor 2

…when we went there for dinner last week with my friend, Jimmy…

J & us

…who was in town at the time.

We had most of the favourites that we ordered when we were last there with Melissa’s friend but this time around, instead of the papaya salad, we opted for the Payung rojak


…which I would prefer, given a choice between the two. Hmmm…they added buah kedondong (umbra) leaves to it and we all loved that – the leaves were very nice and fragrant.

We also had the chicken masala


…that we did not have on our previous visit and like most of everything else that they serve there, it was very nice too.

We also had their tempuyak (fermented durian), fried with ikan bilis (dried anchovies), chili and whatever else…

Payung tempuyak

…and it was simply out of this world. My missus remarked that she could just eat that alone with rice, nothing else…and would end up having seconds. What a pleasant surprise it was when the boss came and gave me a tub of that so-very-yummy stuff to take home! Thank you so much, Peter – that’s so very nice of you!

For dessert, I ordered their banana cake and ice cream…

BC with IC

…as I wanted the cake expert to give it a try and give his critical appreciation of the much-loved delight. I did not take a photo of what we had as it was served while I was all over the place chatting with the people around and by the time I got back to the table, they were already halfway through. So what did the critic think about it? Well, he said it was not exactly a cake in the true sense of the word especially with its unique texture and the very nice chunks of fresh bananas in it – he felt it was more like a cross between a cake and a Malay kuih (cake) but he felt it was really good and he liked it a lot.

After dinner, we went to the town square where they had all the lovely Christmas trees…

Christmas in Sibu 2013 1

…the festive decorations and the twinkling colourful lights…

Christmas in Sibu 2013 3

…to spread the joy of the auspicious season to all and sundry…

Chirstmas in Sibu 2013 4

…that thronged the place by the droves – people from all walks of life, all races and religions to bask in the spirit of the festive season.

Blessed with absolutely perfect weather that night, we also grabbed the opportunity to check out the street food fair right across the road…


…where they were selling all kinds of tantalising  delights…


…but we were simply too full from our scrumptious dinner to have a bite of anything so after walking around, mingling with the happy crowd and basking in the festive cheer, we called it a day and headed on home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Tomorrow…”

  1. Umbra leaves?? Interesting. The Chicken Masala looks well-executed, thick and not watery. I would like to try the banana cake with ice cream, i always find the combination good, as in warm cakes with well-chilled ice cream, hehe. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Arthur 😀

    Same to you and yours. Yup, that’s how they serve banana cake, warm with ice cream by the side but I think the usual is chocolate, not vanilla. They used to do that too at this cafe but dunno how or when they switched to vanilla.

  2. Very nice xmas decor in the park. I am impressed. 🙂 and so is the Payung cafe’s decor.

    While most shopping malls play xmas songs, those traditional Chinese traders already playing cny songs and display cny decor. Haha. Same goes in Kuching. Kiasu Chinese, I always tell my hubby. Lol.

    Maybe they do not celebrate Christmas.

  3. Wow..lovely deco… and very nice pictures of your friend and your family too. *wink, wink*

    Indeed. Hey! What’s with the wink…wink? People say Jimmy looks like my son and my girl calls him uncle, close friend of the family. Waiting for yours to make the first move lah… Wink! Wink! 😀

    1. Oh Uncle? He looks so young! If he becomes uncle status, then I am one level up..”grand something* already… hahahaa… so now you are back *winking* me… frankly, I am “powerless” where it comes to *wink wink*… guess we oldies have to sit back and see left and right… hahahaa

      Sighhhhh!!!! Hopeless lah like that… 😦 Let us pray, our last resort! 😉

  4. very nicely decorated, lovely!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.. have a great one!! 🙂

    Yes, sure brings a lot of the festive cheer to the simple folks in this little town – hope they appreciate the effort of those concerned. People seem to take things for granted or they expect everything to be done for them without any sense of gratitude on their part…just like some of my students, I’m sad to say but thankfully, not all are like that.

    You too, have a great Christmas, and your loved ones as well.

  5. The decorations there is so nice…

    Not bad this year. Didn’t use to impress me, not at all and nothing like what you have in Singapore but this year, it certainly is pretty nice. Pat on the backs of the people concerned!

  6. Blessed Merry Christmas to you & family. Nice deco at the town square. Looks like i-city. Payung rojak & chicken masala makes me drool. Love thd 4th pix from top. Another Wink!!!!!…Wink!!!!

    Oh? That handsome guy in red, is it? Hehehehehehe!!!! Season’s greetings to you and all your loved ones too.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and family. Saw you already have lots of fun 🙂

    Thanks, and to you and yours too. Ya, I guess it’s Christmas all year through for me…with all my dear and loved ones all around.

  8. Umbra leaves can be eaten? I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing. You have a backyard, right? Plant a tree though it can be a tall one – probably 20 to 30′. However, the fruits don’t need ‘joloking’ because I read they drop down by themselves. How cool! Another tree that gets me delighted is an avocado tree. Got one in your backyard? And a dabai tree? I was thrilled to bits recently when I received another batch of dabai. *Happy*

    I’ve yet to try tempuyak. hmm.. Though I love durians esp the D24 type.

    Nice decor, reminds me of my visit there which was in December.

    STP, best wishes to you, Mrs STP and Ms STP (Melissa) for a very merry Christmas!

    My backyard’s full with one rambutan tree. Small place mah, poor old retiree. Sobsssss!!!!! Same to you for Christmas and the New Year, thanks.

  9. I am back and I am alive! Gimme few days to read back all your yummy blog posts again okay. I could read blogs from China now but it was kinda difficult to comment all using my phone, so I had to skip the comments.

    The Christmas decorations in Sibu looked nice and happy. I wanna see the decorations in your home this year! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE TO YOU & FAMILY!!!

    No decorations at home, no real celebration. School’s reopening soon, no mood liao. 😦

  10. Chicken Masala looks good!
    I like buah kedongdong juice with assam boi. So refreshing. Slurrrppp…
    Merry Christmas to you & family! 🙂

    Same to you and yours, thanks.

  11. Wow! Sibu is so lively with the colourful lights. I love the picture of four of you. Looks like a happy family picture. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Oh, Jimmy’s a very close friend, like one of the family. Happy holiday to you and yours, thanks.

  12. Merry Christmas to you, Lucy and Melissa!! Big makan tonight? Have a great one and blessed Christmas.

    Thanks, same to you, Cougar & the twins and all in the family. No makan tonight, just go to church. Tomorrow maybe.

  13. Coming here to wish you, your wifey and Melissa a very merry Christmas. May you fill with joy, laughter and good food all the time.

    Thank you and wishing you and your loved ones all of that too. God bless.

  14. happy christmas eve! i hope it’ll be a good dinner this evening for you. i like the decorations at the town square. it looks pleasant and not too overwhelming with lights 🙂

    Yes, very nicely done…not overly gaudy. Will be going to church, dinner’s tomorrow night. Going out celebrating? Don’t drink and drive!

  15. Oh WOW!!!!! What wonderful decorations! I LOVED seeing them! Thanks for the Seasons Greetings on my blog! It looks like you had a nice Christmas, too! I wish you and yours a GREAT 2014! Looking forward to new posts in the New Year! CHEERS!

    Thanks and a great New Year to you too. Nothing much planned for urshering in the new year – getting ready to send Melissa back to her rural school and she’s not really in the mood – not too happy to leave home even though she gets to come back on weekends. Maybe we’ll have something lined up for Chinese New Year, end of January.

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