To where you are…

This place has closed down now and that would mean that I would not be able to drop by to have their very nice fish bihun/hung ngang in the yummy milky soup any longer.

The guy has decided to focus on the making of the Sibu instant kampua noodles that are presently selling like hot cakes and getting  a whole lot of publicity – if anyone is interested in getting hold of some, do drop by their new location right next to the UOB Bank branch  in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal here, on the right hand side of the bank premises. It’s on the top floor above Utama Parts, the second to be exact even though the guy said third – when they say third in Chinese, it is actually second…and the ground floor is their first floor. You can check out their new/edited Facebook page here. Please do NOT sms or call me or email me or leave a message in my inbox on Facebook either for information or asking me to go and buy for you – you can deal directly with the guy via Facebook or you can call him – the mobile phone contact is stated very clearly there! Some people seem to think that I have nothing else better to do with my time and I have had enough of people coming out of the blue and creeping out of the woodworks to seek my help like I’m their agent or retailer or something, thank you very much! Tsk! Tsk!

Anyway, back to their fish bihun/hung ngang, it seems that it is now available at this coffee shop…


…at Delta Estate, along that lane to the Sibu public swimming pool so soon after they had set up their business there, we went over to have a look at what they had in store.

I am not sure what the arrangement is but it seems to me that some other people are doing it at this stall…


…in the coffee shop.

Obviously, they do not have an elaborate menu like at the old place seeing that there are only three choices available…


Melissa had the fish bihun that she enjoys a lot…


…and she said that it was as good as what she had at the old place. I thought it looked slightly reddish but that probably was due to the tomato in the soup.

I decided to try the last one on the list…

Mee 1

…and though it was nice, I certainly did not think it was anything uniquely special enough to get me going back there for more.

My missus had the one in the middle…

Mee 2

…and it looked quite identical except for the slight tint of red in the noodles. From how the man pronounced the name of this item, we had expected something like mee mamak…or some noodles, Malay-style. This one tasted a bit different though as it was quite spicy, like they had added chili oil to it or something.

Mee 3

The guy said that they had to use the mee pok as they had run out of the usual type of noodles they would use and if I understood him correctly, normally they would be using their own-made pan mien…but if it is pan mien, I would much sooner go here to enjoy what they have there. Considering the taste alone, I am of the opinion that the latter wins hands down…but some may beg to differ.

Ah well! At least, now there is a place that I can go to whenever I feel like having some fish bihun or hung ngang cooked and served in this manner…

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21 thoughts on “To where you are…”

  1. The fish head bee hoon looks promising, the thick broth in orange hue seems inviting either, would love to try that! Quite curious on the “sha cha mee” also, have you tried that out?

    Isn’t that the one I had? Nothing to shout about. My missus had the other one that sounded like “Ma Lai Mien” and we thought it was mee mamak. Turned out to be the same, just spicier. 😦 But it’s slightly nicer than what I had though.

    1. Oh yes, my bad, just saw that since you did not include the name hahahaha! But looks a bit dry and similar to the normal “ma la mien” though

      What does “ma la mien” mean? It’s a little bit nicer but still, both aren’t all that nice and are simply too expensive and pale in comparison to the kampua mee from my favourite place in town…for only RM2.50!

  2. What a pleasant surprise! I love the old rose, pale pink combination. and those food..urgh! I hope I could visit your place by next year so I could these mouth watering food!

    Most welcome. Most likely you’ll be heading to KL but I did hear something about Air Asia flying direct Miri-Manila now. Do let me know – I can hop over and take you around if you’re not coming to this little town. Just PM me on Facebook, no worries.

  3. I love fish head bihun. I like the clear soup type, not those milky soup. But I dont mind trying it out some day!!

    There is one cafe in Kuching, at Jalan Song that specialised in this fish head soup and a bowl can cost around RM8-10!

    Wowwww!!!! That’s expensive. When I first saw this on AFC, I felt exactly that same way – and I made up my mind that I would definitely NOT like it, no way…but when I finally got the chance to try, it was love at first sip. You don’t know what you’ve been missing – I do now!

  4. hahaha, that’s the good thing about eating in a group, each one can order one thing and then everyone can share to taste a little of everything.. RM4.90 a bowl, kind of expensive in Sibu??

    EXACTLY!!! I was waiting for someone to say that! It was different in the old place as it was something a little nicer than a common coffee shop whereas this IS an ordinary coffee shop, nothing more, nothing less…and besides there’s nothing much in the bowl of noodles other than those bits of minced meat, a bit of finely sliced omelette and the fine strips of carrot – definitely overpriced. I would rather go for my favourite kampua place anytime instead of this…and that’s only RM2.50. For this same reason, I would expect the price for the fish bihun to be a bit lower – not the same as at the old place. 😦

  5. Love fish head bihun but I prefer the clear soup one. That’s kolo mee pok, rite? Instead of putting shredded carrot, I suggest they put more minced meat. Anyway, all looks appetizing.

    You’ve tried the milky soup one? That was exactly how I felt till I tried – now I love this one more…or maybe the one here is nicer than elsewhere, I would not know. Yalor, what for the carrot? And carrot is not cheap here – maybe that’s what they usually have in that dish…from Taiwan or Hongkong or dunno where, I wouldn’t know. Give me my kampua from my favourite place anytime – RM2.50 only. HALF THE PRICE!!!

  6. Those noodles made me feel hungry. Although they might look simple.
    Hmm…that last 2 noodles..only got minced pork? Agreed that its kinda expensive.

    I think there’s a little bit of sliced omelette…but I’d rather go for the pan mien I featured recently – RM4.00 only and a whole lot of ingredients PLUS very much nicer.

  7. ah.. Kong Ma Ma. I had my first kampua here during my last trip back .. hahahha
    I heard that they are famous for their pan mien, but I didn’t tried. Not interested coz, I can had all the pan mien I want in KL.

    I’m not that keen on fish head bihun either. Not a fish person, especially the head. Once a while, it’s still ok. From the pictures, no 2 and no 3 didn’t looks anything like the name would imply. No 2 is Ma La Mien (Numbing Spicy noodle, used to describe Sze Chuan cuisine, which use a lot of sichuan peppercorn with give the numbing and spicy attribute ). No 3 Sha Cha Mien (Satay Noodle, not our peanut based satay sauce, Sha Cha Jiang or what the Taiwanese refered as Satay Sauce, which consist of garlic, shallots, chilies, brill fish, and dried shrimp)

    Ahhhhh!!!! Thanks for the explanations. I’ve had that Sha Cha Mien at Noodle House before, not a fan…and this one’s not great either. The Ma La Mien is nicer but RM4.90 is simply too much for a bowl of noodles in a coffee shop. 😦

  8. All the noodles look good. Hee..hee…people actually ask you to buy the kampua noodle for them 😀

    …or they hinted at it, dunno where, dunno how and what not. 😦 Initially, I would offer to do it for them but when it got too many, it started to get on my nerves. I did not know how or where myself initially but I could manage somehow, old man some more – I’m sure they could do it too – no need to be so spoilt, expect others to do everything for them. Tsk! Tsk!

  9. Prices seem so reasonable over there. You’d be hard pressed to find such bargains in KL.

    Huh??? I thought these are more like KL prices…or worse. Too pricey for our standard here. 😦

  10. it’s 828pm and i’m still trapped in the office today, so it’s agony seeing these photos of nice noodle dishes without being able to have dinner yet, haha 😀

    Working late? Earning overtime allowances plus-plus? You can treat yourself to a really good supper later. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. Good that they keep this fish head noodles, at least when I go back next round I can try. 🙂

    Oh yes, the middle one is ” ma lat mien” not malay noodles. :p

    Hahahahaha!!!! And we thought it would be something like mee mamak. Blush! Blush!

  12. i would prefer steam fish than the fried fish.. i don’t like fried food to be dipped in soup. That’s why i don’t like the fish head noodles in kuching. prefer the one in kl.

    Ya, I was wondering the same too – why they fried it first but it seems that’s how they do it even in KL and elsewhere. Never tried the ones there…nor the ones in Kuching…or anywhere else so can’t compare. I was thinking I would never ever like it but when I tried this one, it changed my mind.

  13. Omg people actually expect you to order n pick up their food? Eeeek

    They will ask where (which they would be able to read and find out for themselves in my blog my Facebook updates) and when I tell them, they will say they are not familiar with that part of town (Good grief!!! Sibu is so small you can’t possibly miss anything!) and will ask if I could go and get for them…and we could meet somewhere and they would pay me…bla…bla…bla!!!!

    It is perfectly ok if they’re good friends or family members from out of town and they ask for my help – there were people who never bothered to keep in touch…all appearing out of the blue. So pissed up by how presumptuous they could be! Tsk! Tsk!

  14. That guy really hit on a good business idea (well, I’m sure people have thought of it before but probably his is the first successful execution) and went with it.

    Good for him, there’ll be lots of instant kampua noodles now for export here then!

    Haha! I know how you feel about people asking you about all sorts of stuff, for me it’s usually substances even though I quit ages ago, thus is the price of fame, my friend. 🙂

    Yup, but I’ve heard complaints about the lack of quality control. If he does not pull up his socks, it is not going to last very long, I guess. 😦

  15. The fish bihun looks good. I would choose that over the other two.

    We just wanted to try. Once is enough, I would say…unfortunately.

  16. Is fish head noodle in Sibu served with none fried fish option?

    Never asked. I was told they fry the fish too in KL?

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