We are young…

I guess what may be of interest to the older folks may not have that same appeal to the young so when Melissa’s friend was in town, I had that in mind and did not focus solely on what’s Sibu and Sibu alone and took her to try some of the other stuff that is available here. There was the Italian lunch that we went to and also the Korean fried chicken franchise place and on her 3rd (full) day here, we went Japanese and had these volcano maki (RM15.90)…


…and sushi – the dragon roll (RM20.90) with avocado and everything else…


She loved them both and other than that, we had the terayaki garlic steak (RM21.90)…


…that everyone thought was really good but I didn’t think it came anywhere near the beef that I had when I was in Auckland, New Zealand around this time last year.

The salmon fried rice (RM10.00)…


…did not look that much or the serving seemed smaller than what we had on our previous visitΒ or perhaps it was how it was served as there was enough to go round among the four of us and this time around, they served it with potato salad and a slice of watermelon, a complete meal by itself.

We also ordered Melissa’s favourite – their pumpkin korokke (RM13.90)…


…and I insisted on trying their potato korokke (RM5.90)…

Potato 1

…which was very nice too and it was different in that this was more towards savoury while its pumpkin counterpart was a bit sweet.

Potato 2

I certainly enjoyed the lunch and I guess everybody else did too and after that, we left the two girls in town to catch a movie and to walk around on their own, window shopping, drinking bubble tea (Yucks!!!) and doing all that stuff that young people would enjoy…until it was time for us to pick them up and go for dinner.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “We are young…”

  1. We still haven’t had the chance to go to the new(er) Sushi place in a nearby town. I really want to go – time hasn’t been our friend lately, tho! Eeeek! The food photos are great – as always!

    Thanks for the compliment. Guess it’s getting colder there. Take care, keep warm.

  2. Good morning!

    I am hungry looking at all those pictures. You are really good taking shots of the food.

    Sit near the source of light, natural light, that is – photos will turn out great.

  3. Yeah, let the young wander off on their own… hehehe… I usually drop my girl at the mall with her friends and when she wants to go back, I will receive the Coming Home Call…
    The Japanese food looks good… I always prefer these than to the bento sets… the pumpkin korokke looks good, wonder if they have this here in Ipoh..

    Looks this it’s the same with everybody. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure they have – the (young) girls seemed very familiar with it, like they’ve had that at other Japanese places before.

  4. Though not a fan of Japanese/Korean food but those pumpkin & potato korokke really makes me want to have a bite. Looks so cripsy. Oh yes, better leave them on their own to have their sweet time and you know youngsters can sit and chat for hours and hours.

    I’m not into Japanese as well…but I do enjoy what they serve at this particular one – no thanks to the others in town. Ya, let them have their fun – I am sure they would want a little bit of privacy. No need for the old folks to be hovering over them all the time. πŸ˜‰

  5. hey Arthur, you are also a young chap!! why didn’t you go walk around, window shopping and drinking bubble tea together with the girls?? surely that would be a delight to them~~ hehehehehe!! :p

    Aiyor!!! Give them some time on their own mah… Who knows, young people, they may want to talk about things they would not want the old folks to hear. You know what they say – the parents are always the last to know. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. Nowaday, u didn’t go for your favourite Indian foods?

    Indian food, Sg Petani there got heaps, lots of Indians there – not like here and they can easily hop over to Penang too, got Little India as well like Singapore (where there was violent rioting that day)…what for take somebody from there to eat what we have here? Sure they have better and nicer.

  7. ‘We’ are young? Sure? Hehehe…

    Anyway, Japanese food is my all time favorite cuisine, yumz!

    Help yourself.

    Ya, the personal pronoun refers to the two girls…but then again, I blend in very well with young people, not a problem at all so probably, working with the students all those years have kept me “young” enough to get along well with them. Some people may be young but they are so old, way beyond their years, mentally and in their ways. Are you?

  8. Anything about Japanese meal will be Sashimi and Ramen for me! haha

    No ramen for me – I’d have our own local versions of noodles anytime…and I had had sashimi before like at that awesome Japanese place that my good friends treated me to in Auckland but no, thank you…I’m jungle people…I’d much prefer our own umai. Ah well, as they say, to each his own!

  9. The food looks really good, and very colorful too. I always enjoy seeing that in food preparation. What are those round balls in the first photo, fish eggs?

    Yes, thumbs up for their presentation. The orange balls would be fish roe but dunno what fish exactly. Personally, I find them tasteless but they do have those a lot in Japanese cuisine, for the sushi and stuff.

  10. ‘volcano makis’ are very popular at kl restaurants, and i imagine they fare well among teenagers and families! πŸ˜€

    It has unagi inside, one of the things I do quite like at Japanese joints.

  11. Yeah, the volcano dish is something I’ve seen a lot in sushi restaurants over here too, as Sean mentioned!

    I like how the korokke looks too, that is something I’ve never had before.

    I love the stuff they serve here despite the fact that I’m not really into Japanese.

  12. On Friday I had a Sashimi Bento and next day I had food poisoning. So right now, Japanese food is not so appealing. But I know it won’t last very long. Maybe I should avoid the raw stuff.

    Yup, I certainly would not take the risk with sashimi or anything raw in Malaysia. Should be fine overseas like in NZ as they’re very conscious and strict about such things. Our umai is ok as they would drown the raw fish with calamansi lime juice and the acidity would have cooked it already.

  13. Stuff that young people do…window shopping..movies..bubble tea?yuks..hahah Okok..i haven’t’ been touching that for some time, even though i do, I choose other toppings…lol!!

    Dunno anything about bubble teas and whatever toppings, old man like me tak minat!

  14. You are a really nice host!! You brought Melissa’s friend to so many restaurants to try so many different types of food in Sibu!!

    In a way, it was a holiday for us too without having to leave home…going out and having fun and eating the best in town. We enjoyed that – wish that there would be more people who would want to come to this little town for a visit.

  15. I like Japanese food! But never tried pumpkin and potato korokke before.,looks good.
    Hehe, I remember you dislike bubble tea! I used to be so crazy over them when the craze first started but now rarely drink them.

    Hey, you’re also young at heart! πŸ˜€

    Not in a million years will I learn to like bubble tea, thank you very much. Yes, yes…but when you’re physically old, you will have all kinds of limitations – I’d need my after-lunch nap, for instance…can’t be out gallivanting all day, not like when I was young. 😦

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