Feed the birds…

No, they did not feed the birds but instead, they went to feed the fish…

Feed the fish

…at the Bukit Aup Jubilee Park here. That was where we took Melissa’s friend after a brief rest that day when we got back from our brief tour of Kanowit and our lunch at the Korean franchise fried chicken restaurant. Unfortunately, it was raining so the girls had to abandon their plan to climb up the hill at the park.

Melissa’s friend had been in Sibu for three days already (or two full days, to be exact) and she had yet to taste our very own local Sibu kompia so we ordered a few from a stall at the park – deep-fried ones stuffed with minced meat filling…


She took a bite and she exclaimed, “Wow!!!! This is so good!” She said that she has tried the ones at Sitiawan in Perak, including the ones with meat inside and they do not come anywhere near these, not at all. I tried one and though it was good, I thought there are at least two or three at other places in town that I think have an edge over these.

We stopped by the 1Malaysia Cultural Village across the road for a while before proceeding here for our dinner

Dinner at MMS

We had these very yummy creamy salted egg yolk prawns…


…and this pork dish…


– I had gone to the washroom while they placed the orders and according to my missus, this was some red rice pork ribs or something and when I asked if it was ang chao (the residue left behind from making the traditional Foochow red wine), she said no. So I did not really know what it was and it sure did not taste like it but thankfully, it was quite good.

While I was attending my ex-student’s wedding dinner the previous might, my missus and Melissa took her friend here and they had midin and she was not exactly thrilled by it. Good grief! I wonder why of all the places, they took her there to eat that. I guess they did not have much choice as they said that a number of the stalls were not open, probably due to the heavy rain that night but if I were them, I would have adjourned elsewhere. Anyway, I insisted on ordering that for her again and this time, instead of the usual sambal belacan, we had it fried with the traditional Foochow red wine…

M with FRW

I’m sure my friend, Annie, in KL would approve – she loves midin cooked this way…and so did Melissa’s friend. She certainly enjoyed this a whole lot more than what she had the night before.

We also had cangkuk manis fried with egg but the photo came out blur. Anyway, I have shared snapshots of that a thousand and one times before so we can give it a miss this time around and to wash everything down, we had the Foochow-style tofu soup (with canned oysters)…

TS with CO

All in all, it was a pleasant enough dinner though it did not come cheap – RM75.00, if I remember it correctly, inclusive of rice and drinks, for 4 persons but I guess that’s the way it is everywhere these days – the prices are going up…up…and up!

While I was settling the bill at the counter, I heard from the lady boss that they also make the Sibu Foochow-style sio bee


…and are selling them at RM1.00 each. Well, there are cheaper as well as more expensive ones around but regardless of the price, I had to get some to try. I found them to be pretty nice but I wouldn’t say they were so very good that I would be rushing back for more, no. Probably if I have visitors from elsewhere and we drop by here for a meal, I may order a few for them to try, that’s all.

After dinner, we headed on home to sleep so that we could rest and rejuvenate and get ready for another round of touring and eating the following day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Feed the birds…”

  1. oooo, 1Malaysia Cultural Village … i wanna see photos of that! will go google for them, heheh 😀 kompia, salted egg yolk prawns all look gooooooood 😀

    Nothing much, small place – nothing like the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching. You may find photos of that in one of my Facebook albums. That night, they had a talent quest there, so there were canopies and all, all set up for the competition. Didn’t take any photos there.

  2. Nice! I like eating tour sometime, but can be very full, have to ask a lot of people to join!!! =]

    Yes, more enjoyable in a big group and can order more things – everyone will get to try a bit…so you’ll end up trying a lot of things at one time…without having to overeat.

  3. Is Bukit Aup a nice park to bring my kids over? Have been thinking of places of interest in Sibu to keep my kids occupied during holiday. Haha

    Ask Annie-Q. She would bring her twins everytime they come back to Sibu.

    There’s a children’s playground at the far end to the left…and do be ready to fork out quite a bit of money to buy the feed for the fish – the kids would want to do it again and again and again.

    If you climb up the hill, there will be more up there including a suspension bridge and you get a bird’s eye view of Sibu town…and they have BBQ facilities if anyone’s interested. I hear there’s an altar for the old Iban spirit up there too – keep your distance, don’t disturb that.

    1. Kids will like this place and adults can have some exercise too by climbing up the hill by stairs!! But need to beware the mozzies attack! hahahhaha

      You’re so fair, skin so smooth…sure very attractive to those insects. People like me, no problem. Meat too tough for their liking. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. ooh.. bukit aup. when I was younger, my family used to stay in sibu for a while. my dad would always bring us to bukit aup on Sundays to feed the fishes and then eat kompia! such memories 🙂

    Glad it reminds you of the happy times you had when small. Used to bring my daughter there too – she loved it so much, really enjoyed herself there!

  5. I think I would really enjoy that kompia too. Love anything deep fried, plus these come with minced meat fillings! Yum.

    Well, what to do? Sibu is too small for some people, not worth dropping by… 😦

    1. aiseh why say that 😦 .. Can’t travel anywhere for the time being. Come Come.. it’s the weekend 😀

      Poor old pensioner, my jet-setting days are over. 😦

  6. Wow, delish food. Love the salted egg prawn & sio bee. Ya, our cultural village nothing much to see and yet entrance costs a bomb.

    I guess it all boils down to the individual – locals tend to take such things for granted.

    Melissa’s friend enjoyed it so very much especially the Melanau’s rumah tinggi, she said. And she enjoyed just sitting there listening to the people playing the sape…but she was disappointed as the women doing the pua kumbu weaving demonstration were not around…and she loved the show – went to watch TWICE!!!

    I went a long time ago when Melissa was small, haven’t been since…but she would love to drop by the Sarawak Museum when in Kuching, whenever we get the chance – she is so culturally-inclined. And I did go to the Korean Cultural Village in Seoul many many years ago – I think ours is a lot nicer…at the time.

  7. i thought i have seen the photo of that prawn and pork dishes before.. and when i hover the link it shows that the post was somewhere in mid 2010.. oh, have i been following your blog for so many years already?? hey, time really passed so quickly huh, in couple of weeks we are bidding goodbye to 2013 and there comes 2014!! oh~~~

    That’s the same restaurant but I never had the salted egg prawns before, just the creamy butter prawns, not the same but both nice…and this was the first time having that pork. I think I like the others better even though this one was ok, that’s the most I would say about it. I think 2010 was when it first started business, the food’s still very good but the prices are going up…and up…and up! 😦

  8. Slurpss!!! Love all the dishes and the kompia above, Arthur… even the RM1 sio bee also looks good!

    What to do? I keep telling people to come but they would rather go elsewhere. Obviously, to some people, Sibu’s not nice, not worth coming…. Sobssss!!!!! 😥

  9. midin midin midin midin midin midin midin midin midin midin…crunchy crunchy midin..ngap ngap ngap

    how caaaaaannn she was there TWO WHOLE days belum taste kompia. Tsk tk tsk tsk…..what were you doing ???

    See what we had in the last few posts…and see tomorrow’s as well – got explanation…plus we dropped by that favourite shop of mine and it was all sold out. I did buy for her to take home to Sg Petani though – the plain kosong ones.

    And she only had the kampua in Kanowit – had not had the original Sibu one. Young people, female some more…do not eat so much – all the time, so very full…not like when you people came over, so nice…all the time eating non-stop! I went back for a nap, also curi-curi went here and there to eat some more. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Siew Mai for rm1 each is really cheap, i think they are selling for around Rm 4 for 3 here in most dim sum eateries….

    Here too, the ones at those dim sum places but our local-style sio bee, we have prices ranging from 70 sen onwards. I know two places in town selling theirs at RM1.20 and 1.50 each respectively, massively popular…but somehow, I do not see where the attraction is. Wouldn’t bother getting those and not at those prices, no, thank you.

    1. Hmmm…probably becos frying with sambal belacan, we could easily have it here with kangkung or potato leaves. But they dun serve vege that fried with foochow red wine , moreover with midin!

      Ya, variety is the spice of life. 🙂

  11. You should buy her the fried kompia from my favourite coffee shop.

    Last trip we went to this 1Malaysia culture village too, but that time nothing much to see. Initially, we want to dine at this restaurant too, but for some reason, we didn’t. Oh yes, i very much prefer my midin cook in original way, with foochow red wine. yum yum!!

    We did not stop by there – this is just as good…but I like the ones at the popiah stall, YummyKafe most of all…for deep-fried, minced meat filling.

    No feedback from anybody about the restaurant at 1Malaysia Cultural Village, dunno good or not. May give it a try one of these days and see.

  12. The creamy salted egg yolk prawns look so golden in your photo! I like that dish a lot. The pork ribs look like the ones I usually order, I love the sauce. As a matter of fact, I generally love food hee..hee…

    The food is good here, never fails to satisfy…just that one may have to brace oneself when asking for the bill. Getting rather pricey dining here lately… 😦

  13. Hi, cheap and delicious. 🙂 The creamy salted egg yolk prawn look so mouthwatering.

    Cheap? Hmmmm….not really…for the likes of us here. The food is good though.

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