Wedding bells…

I was invited to a wedding dinner, one of my ex-students’, but the date coincided with my birthday, the 2nd of December, and actually, I was planning to go out for something a little more special than the usual that night, plus Melissa’s friend was coming to town the evening before…so I told him that I would not be able to make it. On second thoughts, I felt that it would not be very fair to the very nice boy who had the heart to extend his invitation to this (mean) old teacher of his from long ago and besides, I had gone to all the rest – unless I was out of town or I was really tied up with something else that could not be avoided. In the end, I decided that we would go for lunch for a simple birthday celebration and I would go to the dinner that night, leaving my missus, Melissa and her friend to their own devices.

So, there I was that night with the handsome groom and his beautiful bride…

The bride & groom & me

…at the grand ballroom of one of the leading hotels in town…


The food was good…

4 Seasons

– the usual courses…

Steamed fish

…that one would expect as such banquets…

Herbal chicken

…and that was why I did not bother to snap the photographs of each and every course that night and just relaxed, enjoying the food and the company – a few of my ex-colleagues who were invited as well and all my ex-students around.

Thank you so much, Leh Ho & Ing Siew, for the invitation. Congratulations once again, all my good wishes and may God bless you two with abundant joy in the years ahead as man and wife. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Wedding bells…”

  1. How many wedding dinners you have been to? I lost count. Heheh.

    I quite like Tanahmas food and been there once.

    Mean teacher? Then you must be that famous mean teacher that everyone love to hate. Lol

    Ya, I would think so too. Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ The food was nice but can’t expect too much from hotel food, usually ok…but not quite sensational.

  2. The cold dish, the one with the luncheon meat, something different to me as i have not come across it in cold dish….

    Is there a standard rule as to what should go into that dish and what shouldn’t? Here, I’ve seen anything to everything and at times, as many as 8 or 9 items in that one dish.

  3. Love is in the air. Congrats to the newly weds .Food looks great. Nice pix & looking good with the bride and groom. Come your next birthday, they will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary.

    Yahor…and who knows, God willing, there will three of them by then. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Good decision to go for the wedding. I am sure your ex-student was pleased to have you there. I’m thinking that I would only invite my favorite teachers and with that in mind, I am sure you made a good impression on him when he was in school. You weren’t really a mean teacher, were you? hee..hee..

    Hahahahaha!!!! You’ll have to ask them and see what they will say! ROTFL!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Wow, more like a gathering instead of a formal wedding event eh? Get to meet all your ex-colleagues and students πŸ˜€

    …and a pleasantly nice one at that. πŸ˜‰

  6. You made the right decision to attend the wedding rite?
    I like attending weddings…its like a gathering session together with old friends…
    then can makan makan also :-p …. but not too many in a month la…else will bankrupt giving ang pao. LOL!

    It’s all right. Eating out, we’ll also have to fork out the money, right? Not too bad here, the going rate is RM50 per head…but up to the individual if he or she wants to give more. Besides, there is a prevalent trend in Sibu, it seems and many will state in their invitations: “Gifts of cash and kind are respectfully declined.” No need to give anything.

    1. Here, we’ll at least pao RM100/ person.
      Yalor…over there its stated “β€œGifts of cash and kind are respectfully declined.”

      Not easy to get married here. Better elope… Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. I don’t have chance to take any for food photo during wedding dinner, cause most of those cousins, aunties and uncles would be curious “why take picture? cause every meal look like the same!” =.=!!!

    That’s not exactly true. The ones in this post certainly do not look the same as the ones in my post a few days ago – different hotels and restaurants, different menu…and even if it is the same one, it may differ…depending on how much the host has paid for the banquet. Of course, if it’s the same venue, the same menu…I would not bother. Waste my time!

    It is so common nowadays with everybody snapping happily away with their smartphones and ipads – I wonder what for. At least, I need the photos for my blog. That is why everyone is quite used to it – nothing to get curious about. In fact, once they see me snapping the photos of a few, when each dish is served, they will even ask me if I want to take the photo or not…and when I say no, they will ask why! These days, I feel rather lazy to snap a picture of every course – old already, lazy…not so active and energetic anymore.

    But one thing I’ve noticed among young people these days – they take more than just the photos of the food. All evening, they would be camwhoring using their smartphones and ipads…like those couples, snapping photos of themselves cheek to cheek trying to look so cute and lovey-dovey…or feeding one another the food…and all that – I just watch and bear with it. After all, I was young once…and I had my share of all kinds of “strange” things that I did way back then.

  8. Yes, a lot of young/elderly couples are tying wedding knots at this time of the year… over here, we have to book the hall/restaurant one year ahead… sounds crazy, right? This did not happen during my 80s.. hahahaa… guess time has changed…. nowadays I also don’t take dinner pictures anymore, I mean those type of dinners where I sit together with not-so-familiar people… shy to take… hahaha…

    Here too. I heard all booked way into next year.

    I wouldn’t take photos at a table full of strangers but Sibu is a small town, everybody knows everybody so one can easily get to sit with one’s friends – not a problem, snapping a few pics…and besides, I’m fast! I’ve seen some taking sooooo long to snap one pic and theirs are not necessarily nicer, not at all – even I would get pissed off by that.

  9. So many weddings, congrats to the newly weds.

    I remember two years back, i had to attend a wedding dinner, it’s fall on my birthday too!

    Thanks. So how many kids now, your friend? Two? Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. congratulations to the newly weds.. i am quite surprised you did not bother to snap the photographs of each and every course that night!! getting less excited about food already?? oh, good~~ :p

    Thanks. Not at wedding banquets as normally, people cannot simply make a bee line to the place to eat unless they order the whole table for 10 persons. I’d just focus on stuff that people can go and enjoy anytime. I think my audience would be more interested in those. This kind of post is more to commemorate the event and share the joy and congratulate the happy couple…

  11. So many celebrations! YAY! Their attire looks great! How beautiful they are! LOTS of food as well! Congrats to them and glad you had a nice time!

    Thanks. It was good.

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