Another day, another year…

I turned 61 over a week ago and of course, the day had to start with the traditional Foochow longevity noodles…

Mee sua

…for long life and good luck in the coming year.

We had just left the house when I got a call from the guy from a courier service agency telling me that he was already at my house so we had to turn back and look at what he brought me…

From Mandy

– IKEA goodies from my dear friend, Mandy, in KL. She certainly timed it very well for my birthday present to arrive on the dot – right on the day itself. Thank you so much, Mandy – it sure is so very thoughtful of you.

We took Melissa’s friend who was here on a short visit to see some of the sights around town and later, we stopped here for an Italian lunch to celebrate…

*ipad’s pic taken by Melissa’s friend*

To start off, we had these bruschetta mozarella (RM12.00)…


…and we shared their white pizza – the Pizza Italia (RM29.00)…

PI 1

…which was so so so good. It had three types of cheese – mascarpone, parmesan and mozarella…

PI 2

…that gave it this beautifully delightful richness complemented by the strips of ham (that tasted like bacon). Gosh!!! All of us really enjoyed that a lot and now I just can’t wait to go back there again for more!

We also had the spaghetti marinara (RM19.00)…


…which was good but of course, how different can tomato-based pasta sauce get?

This grilled salmon dish (RM48.00)…


…was simply superb as well. Yes, I would agree that it was a bit pricey but anyway, birthdays come once a year and Melissa loves salmon… a lot! Besides, she insisted on picking up the tab this year as she is now drawing her own salary and would like to give me a treat on my special day. Isn’t that so sweet of her? Thank you, darling – you’re truly a gem!

We did not have any dessert as my missus had ordered a cake, a black forest…

BC 1

…from this guy, Marcus, at Delta Estate here who makes the best cakes in town so we went to get it and headed on home to enjoy it…

BC 2

…and as always, when it is a cake from Marcus, it never fails to satisfy!

Around mid-afternoon, I had a surprise visit from my friend, Lim, and his family and they brought me this cake…

BC 3

Wow!!! Of course we had to save that for another day – we couldn’t be eating cake all day and even if we did, I am pretty sure we would not be able to finish all that we had. Thanks, Lim – thanks for remembering and thanks for going through all the trouble to get me the cake for my birthday.

But wait a minute, everybody! Just when I thought that was all for this year, I got these from another dear friend in KL

M&S cookies

…and this too…


…for my birthday and also for Christmas. She sent them through her mum who stopped by KL on the way back after a trip to Taiwan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Those are my favourite among all the cookies from Marks & Spencer – she certainly knows me very well…and I hear that the panettone costs a bomb in KL!!! *shudders!*

It certainly was a great birthday – with my loved ones around and all the greetings on Facebook, the smses and the phone calls and with all the gifts I received, I must say that I am indeed blessed in no small measure. Thank you, all, so very very much.

That night, Melissa and the mum and her friend were left to their own devices as I had to attend a wedding banquet – one of my ex-students got married that day but that, of course, would have to wait till another post. Hang on!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Another day, another year…”

  1. Pizza with 3 types of cheeses, how interesting is that? But its certainly pricey though, considering the portion is not that big after all…. sounds like you had a fruitful and enjoyable birthday eh? πŸ˜€

    Yes, it certainly was.

    Ya, the pizza wasn’t cheap, that’s for sure but considering that we can’t get those cheeses here and a packet of a few slices of ham (or bacon) had doubled/tripled in price (I was so shocked that I quickly put back the packet when I wanted to grab one at the supermarket), I would say that it was reasonably priced and most importantly, it was so nice, really worth it…and big enough for the 4 of us to share. Besides, it’s not that we go for such stuff every day…so it’s perfectly ok. I wonder what the prices are like at such upscale Italian restaurant in Penang…

  2. Arthur Wee, my dear…you are looking good for another year…the pizza and the manera looks so good and delicious…no it isn’t pricy at all considering all the workmanship labour and the imported ingredients you got from overseas…enjoy your moment and keep it up for many many more years to come…you have been spoilt by everyone around you….count your blessings….have a good day..cheers

    Thanks. I sure am…truly blessed…and yes, it’s not expensive considering that all ingredients have to be imported – not available here and I’m sure prices are more or less the same as at places of this standard anywhere else, perhaps even more there.

    Ummmm….photos sometimes do lie! πŸ˜‰ Hehehehehe!!!!!

  3. Still young and strong with a love of everything yummy in life! πŸ™‚ I sometimes wonder what I’ll be doing at 60, or 61 in your case.. πŸ™‚ Happy birthday again Arthur, and may there be many more great years to come!

    Thanks. No worries, people these days don’t seem to age that much as the years gone by – bet you’ll be exactly like you are today, come 60 or 61.

  4. Very nice pressies you have.. all edible! Never go wasted… hahahaa… the cakes are so tempting as well… what more can one ask for…. at our age, we do not need much material things anymore.. what we want is our love ones around us and enjoy our FOOD!! LOL…

    Precisely. All we need is love…and to be able enjoy eating. πŸ˜‰

  5. Lovely events on your birthday!! And nice presents too.

    Happy belated birthday. All the best wishes to you and have great years ahead.

    Thank you. It was indeed a great birthday, really nice.

  6. My daughter would be in foodie heaven with a three cheese pizza. We make those at home, but I never added mascarpone. I’ll add that on my list of new things to try with pizza. πŸ™‚ I always enjoy experimenting.

    You received a lot of delicious gifts for your birthday/Christmas you are truly blessed. May God bless you with many happy & healthy years spending time with loved ones and doing what you enjoy. πŸ™‚

    Thank you. Yes, couldn’t ask for more, praise the Lord for His many blessings. Great start to my 61st, hope the year ahead is good…and kind.

  7. that’s a lot of birthday goodies! a great start to your early 60s, and it’ll be nice to keep reading in the years ahead for your 62nd, 63rd, etc birthday meals and food presents πŸ˜€

    Yes, looking forward to those…and hope they will all be just as great! πŸ™‚

  8. Owh, that’s a lot of goodies for your birthday. This year got 2 birthday cakes. Banyak untung. Though I am not a pizza fan but this one with 3 types of cheese looks good. I prefer those pizzas with very thin & cripsy crust.

    I’m not really into Italian, ok with it…but the stuff here is good and we keep going back for more.

  9. It certainly looked like a fabulous birthday celebration! As long as you are with your loved ones, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate it, right? Happy birthday STP and many many happy returns!

    Thank you. Indeed, such occasions don’t mean a thing without one’s loved ones by one’s side. Means so much more and makes it a lot happier.

  10. Wah 61?! Hmm nvm la, age is just a number! Haha xD

    So much food, and pretty fattening too! If I were you I’ll sure exercise after that, hehehe~

    No need, not when I’m not slim and trim…and no longer young like you. My missus will get mighty suspicious if I start now and try to look good. πŸ˜› Actually, it’s shared among four though so not really all that much…and the cakes, we cut and distribute among family and freinds so we did not really eat all that much ourselves.

  11. With so much goodies for your birthday, I believe your family is enjoying the day as much as you. It is certainly a blessing to celebrate our birthday with our loved ones.

    Indeed. Not many stay together these days and some are so far away they hardly ever get to enjoy such pleasure.

  12. Happy Birthday again! Very yummy looking mee suah, this remind me i have to cook my mee suah!
    Ah, Lucy sure know what you like, cake from Marcus, i think when i am young, my mum always order black forest from him too, that is how i know what is black forest cake. I should have let Lucy know to order you the blue and white traditional icing cake. πŸ™‚
    Aiyoo..that is the small little thing from me to you, not birthday present la. Hahahha. Hope you like that panettone, it is not that expensive la, it didn’t cost a bomb, don’t worry. 

    I tried in NZ, so-so…some kind of cake bread but I hgear it’s great for making bread pudding. I love bread pudding – maybe will use it to make that, special for Christmas. Thanks, nice mee sua…better than any outside…and nice cake, especially the one from Marcus. I prefer his plain butter cakes though, so rich, so fragrant plus the icing…yum…yum!!!!

  13. I didn’t mention here it was your birthday? (Ops, maybe, I didn’t see it! ), Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! =]

    No? There was an earlier post on the actual date – you must have missed it.

  14. eeee… why sent u expired items one (Marks and Spencer biscuits)….? heh heh heh… **cabut lari lu**

    Oooi, old man! You need new spectacles lah… 24.02.2014, where got expired? Anyway, all in the tummy liao lor? No more… You want to send me some? πŸ˜‰

  15. I thought I commented on this the other day…so sorry! Happy Belated B-Day! Lots of great food and friends and treats! Very nice! That cake…oh my!!! That cake! Tempting!

    It was the birthday post that day, the actual date – this is a flashback at the “celebration”. Ya, nice, very nice…the cake.

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