Let’s go…

When my friend, Jimmy, was in town, he was busy with the work he had to do and besides, he did not seem to eat very much these days just so he could look nice and slim but the day before he left, he said he wanted to go for mee sua in our Foochow-style chicken soup with our traditional red wine. I have yet to come across one place here that is really really good – most would be really red but lack the fragrance of the wine so I decided to try the one here (RM6.00 for 2 pieces of chicken)…


…at the stall that sells really nice kacang ma chicken with rice. It was not as red as most other places and it sure tasted better but I would prefer something a little bit stronger on the wine.

After that, we went around the supermarkets in town, including the one here that now has digital price tags and I ended up buying one of these from there…

TC 1

Jimmy said it was very nice and since it was only RM3 something for a big box of 20…

TC 2

…not really expensive, I decided that it would be worth a try…

TC 3

Melissa was out and when she came home, she tried one and loved it so much that she had quite a few in one sitting! I tried one myself and I must say that it was really very good! It has some soft cheese in its core and a layer that’s crunchy/crusty, not hard, around that and outside, there is another layer that is kind of crispy like egg roll. I think I will go back and check the expiry date and I may just stock up a few boxes to serve come Chinese New Year next month.

We dropped by here to have  a look at the cakes and I saw these char siew rolls…


I must say that I was somewhat surprised to see those there as they seemed kind of out of place at that kind of café but even though they were not exactly cheap, RM2.00 each, I bought a few to try…


The pastry was good and the char siew filling was great as well but at that price, I guess I would not be having them again that soon.

Then it was time for lunch, and after the mee sua that we had earlier, we wanted something light so we dropped by here

PP stall

…for the very nice popiah (RM2.50 each)…

PP 1

The stall was closed the last time I came with Melissa and the mum but Jimmy and I were in luck – it was open that day! Gosh!!! It was so so good…

PP 2

…that the very next day, Sunday, I stopped by again for another round of that!

We also had these kompia (90 sen each)…


…stuffed with minced meat and they were very good too, perhaps even nicer than those classier places in town and a whole lot cheaper too!

The next morning, I sent Jimmy to the airport to catch his flight back to Kuching and we went to the coffee shop right below the hotel where he was staying for the very nice Penang prawn noodles (RM6.50)…


…and it was as good as I remembered it to be, slightly spicy but just a hint of it and when you add the sambal that came with it…

PPN sambal

…you will be transported to a whole new level . I certainly would want to have that again…and again…and again!

Melissa bought these very rare variety of dabais, the red ones (RM30.00 a kilo)…


…specially for “Uncle Jimmy” to show her appreciation for all that he has done over the years for all of us, in general and for her, specifically – and now that she is working and earns her own income, it is time to reciprocate.

Thanks for everything, Jimmy – we’ll see you again…very soon!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Let’s go…”

  1. Richeese… indonesian’s product.. their cheese are quite good, and they do consume more than us malaysian… they even put cheese into the sweet corn (by cup)…

    Red dabai looks good… and i bet the kompia (mincemeat) is better than NH no? ah never mind, i still like mine, belly, from NH, must eat there… tapau not nice… so how many days i can stay in your house? heh heh heh…

    As long as you like, no problem at all. NH kompia? Wait till I tell you the horrible horrible horror story about the kompia we had – post on that coming up. I certainly would think twice about having that again. 😦 Yup! Made in Indonesia…nice & cheap!

  2. I’ve blogged on Nabati biscuits before. This is the one that I said so rich with cheese. Taste very nice. We’re addicted into it. RM3 is quite cheap in Sibu. I found here the price is RM4.90 for one box. huhu..

    3 something, right now on promotional offer…so just slightly cheaper.

  3. The triple cheese thingy looks interesting. I’d prefer wet version of popiah instead of dry ones, used to those wet ones here in Penang….

    Lacks the crunchiness that I love – the overcooked/stewed wet, over-soft and soggy ones. My father prefers those, gentler on his dentures. We have one here at an old lady’s stall – that one’s under-cooked and I don’t really enjoy hers either. This one is just perfect!

  4. Impressed by the popiah with generous crushed peanut toppings. Normally, misersble bits here & there. Red dabai, something interesting, very rare. Usually see the black ones. Anyway, not a fan of dabai.

    My all-time favourite used to be the Handsome Court one in Kuching, Nanas Road but I hear they have moved – available only on Wednesdays…still very nice but now, this one is my No. 1. Not really the same but this is so so so nice!

  5. Wow… It’s snowing here! X’mas comes early this year! 😀

    The sambal for the prawn mee looks “power”!

    Yes, snowing started on the 1st of December and will go on till after Christmas. 😀 Yes, the sambal was good, and the noodles too. One of the must-try when in town. May even be better than a lot of places in Penang.

    1. Yup, so I pick those which isn’t cook by them…

      That’s what people tell me too, avoid the touristy places…go to the places with the old school coffee shops or the residential areas, food will be much nicer. Same as places with Banglas and Myanmarese cooking in KL like at the one-time very nice Jalan Alur – food not nice anymore, most disappointing.

  6. Aiyo! The popiah looks so good and so generous with the peanuts. The red soup looks good too. If only I had as much willpower as your friend to look nice and slim 🙂

    No fun lah like that. Not like those days when we would go out and eat…and eat…and eat to our hearts’ content. 😀

  7. Haha. You also eat snack? Lol.

    That red dabai is sure expensive. I think I just stick the black skin. Have been eating it for few days when my MIL brought over from Kapit last Thursday.

    Lucky you, got people buying for you. I have to buy my own, and even the black ones are not so cheap so we try to eat sparingly…no longer like in the good ol’ days. 😦 I don’t – I just tried one and I loved it. My daughter’s the one who’s into snacks.

  8. Very cheap Cheeseey… 3rm for 20? Good buy.. yes, quickly buy them up before they get sold out.. you have promoted them here, many will be out hunting for them! hahahaa… The Kompia is so cheap…still selling at less than a ringgit? I thought nowadays cannot get a nice bun for less than that… sooner or later, it will be become rm1… no need to change 10 sen ma.. hahaha…

    Used to be 80 sen I think, maybe still 80 at some places…but the ones here are really good. Ya, gotta go and buy some more of those triple cheese sticks. Very nice.

  9. The red dabai looks tasty! Haven’t had them before….

    Very rare. Had them once before. Not easy to get and VERY expensive, double or triple the prices of the ordinary dabai.

  10. Wow! I would never have Delta would be the one to first implement digital price tags.

    Impressive eh? I never noticed till I shared a photo of something on Facebook and a friend exclaimed in surprise at the sight of the price tags – fancy seeing that in Sibu when they do not even have that in KL, she saw those before in Singapore.

  11. Love the look of that bowl of mee suah. That would warm me up in this cold weather. I need to make that wine here. Have all the ingredients but haven’t made……hmmmm. Must agree with you the char siew puff is expensive. But the pastry looks flaky and nice. The kompiah!……missing that too.

    LOL! Bet you miss a lot while you are there…but you have all the nice things there as well that you can enjoy. Winter, great time for hot soups.

  12. Red wine mee suah at the food court near my mum place? My mum said long timr.the lady didnt cook kacang ma, she missed it.

    Richeese indon product? No wonder it look familiar, my hubs bought one name beng beng, same size aa this, but chocolate instead of cheese, he bought 5 boxes back.

    Red dabai, taste same as normal black one?

    No kah? I thought she still does. Maybe not so popular in Sibu. Have to go Payung, and ask for extra wine. But of course, it is expensive there. Wait ah! If my missus cooks, I’ll send some over to your mum. Red dabai, same…very lemak, and the skin not so thick. Not really worth buying though as it is so very expensive – never tried before, can lah. Haven’t seen the chocolate ones around here – try these cheese ones, very nice!

  13. the popiah seller… i become rather good friend with her! 🙂 i have her number and i can call straight to order for my family even tho i’m physically not in sibu 😉

    Ya, very nice lady. She gave me here number too but I’ve never bothered to call. If I remember correctly, she’s originally from Bintangor. Gotta try her rojak next time I drop by, see if it is anything like the celebrated one in that town.

  14. What are the popiah filled with? And are dabais like Cranberries?

    Thinly sliced strips of turnip and dunno what else plus its very nice sauce, wrapped in the spring roll skin lined with lettuce. Nope, dabais are our local wild olives, normally black in colour.

  15. Wow..the only food that caught my attention is the delish popiah. Even though I don’t really nuts, but this certainly look and taste good with generous amount of fillings wrapped inside the roll.

    Must try when you come. You may just fall in love with it, different from all the rest.

  16. That cheese roll…. my colleague gave me some to try.
    It tasted like our old-skool ‘super ring’ snack!

    It does? Don’t think I had that – I never was into snacks (and yet so fat!!! Tsk! Tsk!) so I would not know most of them.

  17. Found a shop that sells kacang ma in KL. Looking forward to checking them out over the weekend.

    Oooooo…hope it’s good. Just one here but last I heard, the lady does not cook it regularly. There’s always Payung Cafe, very nice…but also very expensive. Can’t have that too often. 😦

  18. may I know where did you buy the “richeese triple cheese” biscuit??

    They’re available at virtually every supermarket in town…here, Sibu.

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