Tie the knot…

My missus’ ex-colleague’s son tied the knot with a girl from Penang…


…and we were invited to the wedding reception last Saturday night at this hotel in town…


Everything looked very nice…


…very impressive…

Cake & bubbly

…and grand…

Main table

The food was all right…

Food 1

…not bad at all and I liked the fact that there wasn’t any msg overload in all the dishes…

Food 2

Even my favourite or nee (sweet yam paste dessert) was not really sweet…

Food 3

…so I thought that was really good.

In fact, I thought that everything was good. They had some wedding planner to organise and manage the whole event for them and even though I wouldn’t say I enjoyed all the cabaret-like entertainment…

Entertainment 1

…I thought this girl was pretty good especially her duet with the guy on the very appropriate “Tonight I celebrate my love” by Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson

Entertainment 2

She did a good job with Noraniza Idris’ “Dikir Puteri” too and when she sang Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t get you out of my head”, I could not help thinking that she was singing about the feathers stuck in her hair. Hehehehehe!!!!

I was quite put off, however, by the horrible service at their venue of choice though. It started off quite well until I finished my drink…

Empty glass

– there wasn’t anybody at all going round at regular intervals to see if anybody’s glass needed refilling and I had a hard time getting somebody to do just that. When I finally managed to get hold of a waiter, he nodded and left…and he never came back. There were some guys going around acting very important, busy with their walkie talkies…

Walkie talkie

…so I called one of them. He too left and even though I did see him telling another waiter and giving him instructions, it took a rather long time before I finally got what I wanted. I took care to go slow with that one making sure it would last me the rest of the evening but there were at least two or three others at my table who had finished their drinks as well. The waiter who served me simply ignored them and just turned and left…much to the disgust of everybody at the table. If this is the kind of service one can expect everytime, it sure would be a good idea to hold your dinner functions elsewhere and avoid this one at all cost! Tsk! Tsk!

But other than that, as a whole, it was quite a pleasant evening and we had a great time. Thanks to the parents and family of the newly-weds for the invitation and all good wishes to the bride and groom – may their days ahead as man and wife be blessed with abundant joy.  Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Tie the knot…”

  1. It’s amusing to know that they served the yam paste just like a bomb, normally they will spread it widely open here and garnish with some ginko

    Oh? Is there a standard way of serving it? Here, I think they use a bowl to make it into a nice round mound…and is usually served on one side of an oval plate and they have deep-fried Chinese pancakes with tau sar filling on the other side, a 2 in 1 dessert dish. I would prefer single servings though – never mind what shape and size…instead of a communal one. 😦

  2. I haven’t been to this hotel for wedding dinner, although I have been to other 2 hotels in town. Like you said, service is ssssslllllloooowwww. Sigh!

    But the wedding is really impressive. Why not? Wedding planner boh. Sure put a lot of effort in it.

    Hahah! I still laughing at that singer’s feathery hat. Why such costume, I wonder. Lol.

    I’ve been to others – I thought they were quite ok. The last time I went to one here, the service was ok too, no complaints. This time around, it was real bad.

    1. Must be those new youngster that do part time after schools. They really look like “chicken without head”, moving around doing nothing. Lol.

      They do have these on stand by and they will call them when they need extra hands for such big functions. For one thing, they pay them peanuts and for another, if that is what they intend to do all the time, they should give adequate training to the recruits.

  3. Food looks nice. I prefer the food platter in the boat. Oh boy!!!…the presentation of the “or nee” looks kinda messy. Hahaha!!!!. you know how to make a joke out of her singing the song…”Can’t get you out of my head”. Must be irritating with it.

    I thought the or nee looks nicer than all the others that I have seen elsewhere – one whole lump of purplish brown mush with a couple of raisins on top perhaps, nothing else? How else would you expect it to be served? Personally, I love the Christmas colours! 😀

    1. At least have the whole “or nee” coated with crushed peanuts and then evenly sprinkle raisins on top. Just my wild idea.

      They did have crushed peanuts, as far as I can see….and I think those cherries and stuff are more colourful, more pleasant to look at – nicer than a sprinkling of black raisins.

  4. cabaret styled performance? wow, that should be interesting. Did they lift their legs up high?

    Such a grand wedding.. mine was only in a chinese restaurant, couldn’t afford such grandeur. haha

    Hmmmm…what do you want to see, Isaac Tan? Spank! Spank! 😀

  5. Hmm… next time when we have dinner at hotels, make sure to bring our own drinking water. Just what we did before, we bought mineral water from outside. Sigh…

    Yes, I also heard it is very bad at that hotel where I stayed when I was in Kuching, near the airport.

  6. Indeed very impressive, candle lights on the table too… when I saw the picture in your FB, I thought the singers were the bride and bridegroom! Nowadays wedding planners are very popular… just pay a sum to them and they do everything… but of course, their “plans” must be suitable for the night… 🙂

    Ya, I wouldn’t want to engage this one – I would prefer something more toned down, more romantic! 😀

  7. First of all Congratulations! I am sure the dinner is superb.

    Thanks on behalf of the newly weds. Dinner was good, just the service was horrible.

  8. Oh, I miss the or nee…long time didn’t eat. Like it only if it is not too sweet. Not many places serve this dessert, it’s a Teochew dish, if I’m not mistaken. But here, normally they serve in a single portion.

    Not sure of the origin but I love it and ya, not too sweet for me either. Loved the one that night – just nice.

  9. Talking about wedding dinners, I have had the experience of sitting at the main table with bride and groom (my brother’s wedding and my partner’s nephew’s wedding) and you know what? At the main table, your food is served to you by the waiters i.e. you don’t get to dig in like the other guests. Which means very dainty helpings and no seconds. No fun I tell you!

    I know. I had that once, hated it. So boring, would need the patience of a saint. Just wished I could just dive in!!! 😀

  10. Ooo not bad… a bride who can sing to entertain the crowd!

    Hey! That wasn’t the bride! But I think the groom did sing s song for his bride though…if I remember correctly. 😉

  11. The service is so terrible!!! Normally places like so grand shouldn’t be that bad!!! =[

    Best to avoid hotels for such functions but no choice when one is inviting a lot of guests and needs a place big enough.

  12. Such a lovely and sweet wedding…but sorry to hear the hiccups you went through. I guess it’s still all good for the newly wed.

    Make sure you do not pick this place when your turn comes, ya? Gotta book early. I hear there are people booking already for next year!!! Good grief!

  13. I know what you mean!

    My sister had her Sibu wedding there and the hotel staff FORGOT to serve the wedding cake!

    We were all too busy to notice until everyone started leaving and the tiered wedding cake was still there. My dad was quite annoyed, that was a major service mistake. We ended up just giving the cake away to relatives still there – huge boxes, several to some.

    Ya, she did. But the service in general was ok that night. This time around, it was bad, real bad.

  14. Congrats to the newly wed couple.

    Ah, I love or nee and so long I have not eat this.

    Thank you. Me too! Love it! Can’t get in KL? I’m sure they have there.

  15. Awwww! Very nice! Cute couple! LOVE the pics – as always! The entertainment looked wonderful, too! Gorgeous Glitz & Glamour! And those decorations! Especially on the tables! Very nice!

    Yes, I thought the decor was good, the entertainment was all right, not bad…just the service at the venue was horrible.

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