Close the door…

Well, by the time this post gets published, this café would have closed its doors for good or if the proprietor/s has/have plans for it, I would not know of them at this point in time but one thing that I do know for sure would be the fact that the Thai lady chef would have gone back by now.

Anyway, my friend, Jimmy, flew into town on that very day they were going to close and we managed to drop by and enjoy the Thai delights one last time. Needless to say, first things first, and upon arrival very early that morning, he was accorded the traditional Sibu kampua mee welcome…

RTM Cafe's kampua

Later, at around noontime, we proceeded to the café for lunch and we ordered the gaeng som


– the mixed vegetable soup that my friend said was good and we did not get to try that on our previous visits and yes, it was indeed very nice and all of us liked it a lot.

The girl waiting at the tables suggested this phad prik thai dam, talay

PPTD talay

…which was some kind of vegetable dish and we opted for the seafood – it was all right, nice enough but not something that I would be craving for and coming back for more, not that I would be able to do that even if I wanted to.

Other than these two, we ordered the things that we had on our previous visits and liked so much that we would want to have them again…one last time. These included the pineapple fried rice…


…the bread cakes with prawn paste…

BC with PP

…and of course, our favourite of the lot, the Thai green curry…


We met somebody there who said that they went because they saw it in my blog (though they found what they had a little bit too spicy) and I also got to know that my friend, ah^kam_koko’, went there for dinner and he loved the tom yum very much. Sighhhhhh!!!! If I had known about this place earlier, I would have gone full swing in promoting it so that it would enjoy brisk business and that would probably make it worthwhile for it to stay open.

Nope, in case anyone is wondering, Jimmy did not bring me any of his delightful cakes as it is not that convenient to carry them inflight but he brought me those very nice scones from Kuching that I had had before and some of the local delights…

From Jimmy

Thank you so much, Jimmy. It sure is nice to see you again and I’m glad you managed to enjoy the very nice Thai lunch with us before they closed their doors…for good.

If anyone is interested, The Kitchen here in Sibu – the people producing the instant Sibu kampua noodles, has come out with the ones with dark soy sauce now…


I got a packet to try and there were three sachets inside…


– dark soy sauce, chio cheng (light soy sauce) and lard. I understand that there was a mistake in the packing and there should be one kind of sauce only and probably, the third sachet should have been one with fried shallots.

Well, I did not know that so when I was cooking a packet to try, I threw everything in…


…but it was very nice. No, it was not too salty – somehow, the combination seemed to work really well and I enjoyed it very much despite the fact that I have never been a fan of kampua noodle, black – the ones with dark soy sauce.

I did notice, however, that there are now only five packets inside – they used to have six before but I guess those were their promotional packs. Anyway, the serving in each packet is now bigger – while I needed two before so that I would have enough, now I am fine with just one.

Incidentally, for those of you in Kuching, these instant Sibu kampua noodles are now available in the capital at GeorgPeck at Premier 101. Go ahead! Grab a pack and give it a try. You’ll not be disappointed, I’m sure.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Close the door…”

  1. HuHu all about kampua noodle again. Never mind this time, I must get my Kuching sales managar to get me those.

    New version, new info…must update everyone mah!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the noodles! I am going to harass my parents for them and the sad thing is, the shipping is always so much more expensive than what is inside LOL

    Yes, my cousin sent 5 packs but together with some other things like A1 Mountain Globe instant curry paste and the seasoning sachets in those made-in-Kuching Lee Fah instant laksa (did not send the noodles – can use own bihun) to the UK and it cost over RM200…but it was receieved within 4 days. Sooooo fast! But the joy it brought – really worth it! 😉

  3. Food looks good. Love the fried rice & bread cakes. Those that Jimmy give you look like pong pia & tau sar pia. Yeay!!!…now I can easily get my fair share of instant kampua.

    Go ahead! Everyone I know in Kuching thinks they’re anytime better than any anywhere in Kuching… Here, of course…we c an just go out and eat at our favourite places – cheaper and has meat! That one, not tau sar pia…dunno what, got sweet potatoes or what. My parents liked, I didn’t – too sweet. I prefer the phong pia.

  4. The food really looks great… sorry to hear that it wants to close down.. I am amazed by the bread with prawn paste, that looks really good! Too bad cannot try…
    Seeing your kampua noodles, I must go to the shop here in Ipoh to buy the kolo ones… at least something similar to the kampua noodles.. have to make do… hahaha…

    Poor thing! Have you booked your tickets yet? My friends in Trengganu have booked for the September holidays next year, coming to Sibu. Air Asia sales on right now…till 1st December. Hurry! Hurry! Of course, no more all the nice food at this Thai place when you come… 😦

  5. Looks like the kitchen was still fully stocked with everything despite being close to closing… The curry looks creamylicious and the prawn paste bread looks lip smacking!

    Yes, but many things no longer available… No mango salad, no prawn cake… 😦

  6. I am sure you are going to miss that Thai lady and her food! Hehehe!

    And wow! Instant kampua is now available in Kuching?? Must get my sis to try it out.

    Yalor!!! Wish she did not have to leave. Can go on enjoying the very nice Thai dishes. 😦 Has your hubby got his? Text me, maybe I can help to get for him.

  7. Goodness, so much good food! I read your post earlier this morning and my stomach just could not help it. Growling so loudly that I had to dig out 2 frozen “chang” from the freezer and steamed it for breakfast!

    Wahhhhh!!!! TWO!!! That’s a real heavy breakfast! 😀

  8. Mixed vegetable soup is the healthiest of all, I’d definitely go for that, haha xD

    This is different. Sourish, spicy…Thai-style, like tom yam.

  9. RTM kampua! It will be on my first to try on my next trip back.

    What a pity that, the thai cafe is closing down, but i think you already eat puas puas before it close the door. hahaha

    Now i want to try the new version ” The Kitchen” kampua!! I still got 9 packs to go. hahahhaha..slowly eat..but must finish within three months.

    You give me your mailing address, I send to you. No problem at all… 😉

  10. Kampua noodles…still so elusive to me!

    Come, come…come on over! Most welcome anytime – just let me know when and I’ll take over from here.

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