Just one day…

Melissa’s friend, from here, did the same degree as her and is now teaching in a school in the lower reaches of the Rejang River and was in town that day so we went to pick her up at her sister’s house to bring her over to our place so the girls could spend some time to catch up with each other.

On the way, we stopped by here for breakfast and Melissa wanted the zhao chai bihun (RM5.00)…


– the rice vermicelli with preserved vegetables and here, they use fresh fish for the soup, bay ka or tenggiri (mackerel) no less and not the imported frozen fish fillet, usually Dory, that is used at most places around here but does not seem to be very popular among many true fish lovers.

Everyone else had the pan mien that I liked very much (RM4.00)…


…with its very delightful sambal

PM sambal

…and yes, this time around, they had the fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

PM ikan bilis

Melissa did not really like what she ordered – it wasn’t exactly like what it should be, devoid of the red wine and all that…so no prize for guessing who had that in the end! I thought it wasn’t to bad. Nice, pleasantly sourish and the fish was good but yes, it was not exactly like the zhao chai hung ngang that we are more used to.

After dropping them off at the house, I headed to the airport to pick my friend, Ajil, from Penang who was in transit to his former school when he was teaching here in Sarawak and coincidentally, it’s one of the neighbouring schools near the one where Melissa’s friend is currently attached to.

We stopped by a supermarket here as he had to buy some drinking/mineral water and instant noodles and stuff as he would be going to a place that is somewhat isolated and dependent on the rain for water and some generator for electricity. It so happened that he saw a Sugar Bun outlet round the corner and right away, he wanted to stop by and grab some of the things that he had grown to love so much in the two years that he was here.

He got me one of the new burgers on the menu – the double beef banjo which I took home and gave Melissa to eat and she said it was really very good – the patty was nice and juicy unlike the ones at those franchise places that we find around here. Ajil also brought along some belacan (dried prawn paste) and the very much coveted jeruk (pickles) all the way from Penang for me…

From Ajil

Thanks a lot, Ajil – you shouldn’t have troubled yourself to do that and yes, welcome back!

Well, later that afternoon, before we sent Melissa’s friend back to her sister’s house, we dropped by here for tea and some of their delightful desserts. I would not be sharing the photographs of what we had here (though I did do that on Facebook) as I’ve done that many times before – the chocolate lava cake, the tiramisu mille crepe, the crème brûlée and so on but this was something my missus had and I had not featured it before – the chocolate banana Oreo smoothie…


After that, we dropped Melissa’s friend off and headed back home – all this in just one day.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Just one day…”

  1. Am an early bird today. I like pian mien but on another note,I don’t like the piece by piece cangkul manis.Never a fan of zhao chai bihun. Doesn’t like the sourish taste.

    Can always ask them to tear when you order – shouldn’t be a problem. Simple thing, not a problem, I’m sure. Better than to tear all and then there may be people who do not like – can’t possibly put the leaves back together again.

    I’m not a fan of zhao chai hung ngang either…but I know a lot of people love it – including Melissa. I thought ladies like sour stuff, and fat people like sweet things? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. I thot the chao chai hu ngarng do not look appealing too, I m so happy managed to find a very nice one here now sourish enough n with nice red wine. We also have sugar bun but have not try yet.

    Ya, go and support our very own Sarawak franchise. Melissa tried the burger, said the patty nice and juicy…not like McD – my Penang friend said the same, he said McD’s patties are like rubber but I guess the McD’s over at your side should be a whole lot better – fresh beef!

    This one is more like fresh fish fillet in clear soup with zhao chai added…not exactly zhao chai hung ngang. I liked it though – since I’m not crazy about chao chai hung ngang – don’t really like that. Could have left out the zhao cai actually – serve it as bihun in fresh fish fillet soup, bay ka no less…. Loved that!

  3. The first dish is loaded with veggies, wonder how that would taste? Fresh fish for the soup? I bet that gives it a wonderful flavor. Occasionally I do the same thing when I prepare food for my daughter and occasionally father.

    He got me one of the new burgers on the menu – the double beef banjo which I took home and gave Melissa to eat and she said it was really very good – the patty was nice and juicy unlike the ones at those franchise places that we find around here.

    You’re such the adoring dad, giving the burger to your little princess. 🙂 I’d do the same thing for my daughter. 🙂 I have not had anchovies in years, I was never too fond of them even before my vegetarian/vegan days. I’m wondering if my daughter would like them though? I might make something with them this weekend to see if she likes them.

    Yes, the fish will give the soup its sweetness and taste – same as fish balls. Very nice! Parents are all the same, selfless – everything for the kid(s). Not too sure whether your anchovies are the same as ours here or nor. We deepfry them and serve with some dishes or we use them in cooking – make great stock for soups.

  4. In just a day you guys went to few places and eat a lot?! Lol.

    I love pan mien too, both dried and wet.

    Once a while I bring my kids to Sugar Bun too. Basically grew up with Sugarbun broasted chicken and burgers but I never tasted its beef burger. Now they even have spicy chicken for variety.

    Ya…been very busy these few days – going here, there and everywhere. I think things will slow down by next week. 😀 The pan mien here is good…but for Melissa & my missus, there was too much mien in a bowl, they could not manage to finish. My favourite at Sugar Bun would be the fish sandwich, but ok with the rest as well.

  5. oh.. chocolate banana Oreo smoothie!!! that sounds interesting, and very loaded too.. maybe i should go to get myself an Oreo McFlurry later since i’ve got the dessert card which gives me 25% discount~~ :p

    So how much would that be? Never gone, never tried – dunno the going price.

  6. The sambal caught my eye!! They don’t give this type of sambal over here… Yes, I love the pan mien anytime! More ikan bilis better too…. yumms!

    Yes, added fragrance…so very nice!

  7. That oreo smoothie looks good for me too.

    My missus had that – she said it was nice…and the coconut smoothie that my daughter’s friend had too. I’m not really into these things – will usually just have iced water. 😦

  8. wow….what a fruitful day!

    Nice, tiring for an old man like me…but nice. Been busy all this while…people coming and going, so at least, it does not get so boring around here. 😉

  9. Was that dry version of pan mee? looks so bland?

    The test of the pudding is in the eating! Soooooo nice and anytime better than the soupy ones that I had before – those were so bland I never went back for more. This one, I wouldn’t mind going again…and again…and again!

  10. Wah, what a busy day!
    Yeah, pan mien looks good. Soup or dry also I like but must have lotsa sambal and anchovies 👍

    Not crazy about the soup ones or perhaps ours here aren’t that nice but I love this dry one here. Very flavourful, real tasty!

  11. Fresh fish! Wow.. that’s nice. Over here we get Pan Mee with fried anchovies too but am not too sure about the broth.

    Yes, the imported frozen fish fillet – not sweet at all, so bland, so tasteless…and at times, like jelly. Eat also geli-geli.

  12. perfect, a day centered around food … the drink sounds intriguing … chocolate combined with oreo combined with bananas! quirky blend 😀

    I didn’t try – not into these strange things – would probably appeal to the young and trendy, not me.

  13. oh yes, that zhao chai bihun look so different, like clear soup bihun.
    Your pan mien is white in colour? Not black with soy sauce? Looks good, should ask my mum to go and try when she is back in Sibu.

    I think they use light soy sauce, so not black. Yes, worth dropping by to try. I do like it a lot!

  14. wah…the pan mee looks very tempting 🙂

    You know what? It was your uncle who told me about this place – his mum’s the sister of your dad’s late mum…and it was he who told me about the Thai restaurant too.

  15. i quite like zhao cai fen gan actually, sourish and berry appetizing! 😀

    I guess you had that in Sibu. Melissa likes it too, me not really. Fat people don’t really care for sour things. Hehehehehe!!!!

  16. Hmmmm …. The pan mian got fried egg ? Over in jb, it’s just plain with vegetables and ikan bills. In SG, there are more ingredients until the soup is ‘ muddy’.

    The soupy ones here have clear soup…but are too mild/bland for me. I prefer this dry one, nicer.

  17. oooo the pan mee looks quite different from KL ones, but nonetheless very yummy!

    I guess the ones there are served in soup? Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen any over in the peninsula.

  18. Hmmm…wonder why they didn’t put red wine in the soup? So looks like you the doting daddy has to eat what Melissa doesn’t like 🙂

    Papa sayang mah! Which father would not do the same? Maybe different recipe…or dunno the actual recipe, simple create their own. Nice also, just not the same.

  19. The sambal with pan mian reminds me there’s one time, my sis and I accidentally put too much sambal into our bowl…end up turns out very spicy, we’re half crying half eating it…looks so sad like that!!! >.<!!!

    My missus would love it like that. The spicier the better.

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