He said she said…

A friend of mine, the same one who told me about the out-of-this-world Thai food at the café that would be closing down today or tomorrow or sometime soon, if it has not closed down yet, said that I should drop by this place…


…as they have some pretty nice stuff there. Well, that certainly is not a problem as it is, in fact, just round the corner from my house in the vicinity of the Delta Mall here, right behind the Sugar Bun outlet, back to back.

Early that morning…


…I had to send Melissa to her colleague’s house as they would be making their way to their school for some holiday duty assigned to them for just a couple of days. My missus opted to tag along so after I had dropped the two of them off, I stopped by the coffee shop on my way  home…on my own.

My friend said the pan mien was nice so I ordered that. I did not specify whether I wanted the soupy version or the dry one as my friend did not say exactly which one he thought was nice. In the end, I got the dry version (RM4.00)…

PM 1

…and in a way, I was glad as I tend to feel that pan mien in clear soup is somewhat mild and all that I have had so far did not manage to get me jumping up and down with delight and rushing back for more.

When it was served, I was wondering why there wasn’t any ikan bilis (dried anchovies) but it seemed that there was a bit of that, crushed so one may not know that was it but when I mixed everything together…

PM 2

…along with the dried chili powder that came with it, the taste did come across quite clearly…and I liked it very much. I would say, with no reservations whatsoever, that it was very nice and I certainly would be back for that again as and when the opportunity arises.

Now, while I was there that morning, I met a friend who works at the bank in the same block as the Sugar Bun outlet and she had the fish bihun soup and she said it was very good too and one thing about it was that they used fresh fish fillet, bay ka or tenggiri (mackerel) no less and not the not-very-popular imported Dory. I asked her about the mee sua that my friend recommended too and she seconded the motion.

That was why I was back at the shop the very next day for lunch and no prize for guessing what I had (RM5.00)…


It certainly was VERY red and that seems to be the in-thing these days around here. Of course, I am no longer excited by that, not since I heard that one could get that same shade of colour by using the cheaper version of the wine that had not been totally filtered so there would be some of the residue of the ang chao (红槽) left. Thus, to me, the colour is secondary and what is more important is the taste and how strong the flavour of the wine is.

Well, I would say that on the whole, it was very good – I could taste the traditional Foochow red wine but unfortunately, what I had that day was a little bit sour. I’ve heard that it is not easy to make the wine and there are a whole lot of taboos surrounding the wine-making process and should you fail to observe all of them, the wine would turn out to be sour. I don’t know how true that is but what I do know is that the top quality ones would be very fragrant, very nice and not sour.

Other than that, there was only one piece of chicken in it – I am quite sure they used to give two but considering that the prices of everything have been shooting up like nobody’s business, this is only to be expected. For one thing, they used the thinner version of the mee sua


…which is supposed to be better and what the old die-hard mee sua connoisseurs would prefer. They would always tell me about the mee sua thow (the head) or the mee sua boi ( the tail) and how one is nicer as it is finer but I can never for the dear life of me remember which is which. To me, mee sua is mee sua and big or small, I like them all. Hey! That rhymes! Hehehehehehe!!!!

For one thing, we do cook our own mee sua at home so what we dish out would be just as nice as the good ones around and in view of that, I probably would not go out of my way to eat this again unless I feel like having that and I am too lazy to cook my own. I’d probably come back for the pan mien instead or perhaps, I would try something else to see what other things may be nice here. We’ll see…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “He said she said…”

  1. I wonder which version of the pan mien I’d prefer? I tend to like dry so most likely would choose that the first time. I think I see fried egg in that dish, along with some type of greens, noodles perhaps, and some type of meat.

    I occasionally cook with wine, too bad your version was a bit sour. Perhaps next time if you order it will be more fragrant and less sour.

    I find the soup version of the pan mien lighter in flavours – I prefer this dry one. Yes, there should be dried anchovies too – the lady must have missed that out. Ya, a tad too sour – Foochow red wine should be slightly sour, not that much…or maybe they used too much of the residue in making the wine to get that blood red colour and that caused it to be sour, I wouldn’t know.

  2. ooh. You stay somewhere near Delta Mall. Not so far from where I stay.

    Have not yet try the places around that area other than the Carrot above The Sugarbun and The Chopstick chcken rice.

    The Mee Sua is very red. Wow.

    Well, nowhere in Sibu is far, all close by, small town. Some nice places in the area – the chap fan in the middle of Sugar Bun’s block, the kampua at Mei Le…and the roast meat at the stall there and the things at the porridge stall, all very nice.

  3. Owh, mee sua looks so fiery red. Nevermind the colour as long as it taste good. I prefer pan mien to mee sua but on another note, I hate they didn’t tear the mani cai into tiny bits. Have a great Sunday. God Bless!!!!..

    Didn’t notice – not that much to feel it…and looked like they only used the young leaves. Old ones would not be as easily chewable.

  4. ohh, interesting that you can go for wine, but for beers, and other alcoholic beverages it’s a no-no. It’s not about the alcohol ya? Mee sua looks really red.. i would like the pan mien too, not a soup guy 😀

    They tell me European beers are ok, something about what is used to make the beer and theirs are different and it’s not the alcohol…but no, thank you. I would not take the risk – one mug and can’t walk for a week and the excruciating pain is killing! I’d rather give up drinking!

  5. ooo, i wouldn’t mind chatting with the mee sua experts to learn more. i’m quite an idiot when it comes to mee sua, since i don’t have it much =)

    I’m not sure whether you have the different kinds there – I think those would be factory made and they’re all the same. The ones hare are traditionally hand made and pulled so the head and the tail would be different in sizes, big and small, and some prefer one to the other.

  6. Seems that the food is really-really good. Considering you went to the same place the next day 😀

    “Hey! That rhymes!” – I’ve been wanting to hear this since forever. Not many people like to rhyme when writing an entry hahaa.

    Happy Monday, tomorrow yo!

    Purely coincidental, not really on purpose. 😀 Not bad, not bad at all – the food here plus it’s near my house, very convenient.

  7. Summer corner 2? Why 2? :p

    I haven’t the slightest idea but my guess is they took over from somebody else and hence the 2. Don’t think this is a branch or something.

  8. Now you reminded me that I still have some left over red rice wine in the refrigerator :-p
    Time to cook red wine mee suah edi :-p

    Getting your supply for when the time comes? 😉

  9. That morning sky looks nice! I LOVE sky photos! And…that’s a LOT of noodles 🙂 Then again…one could never have too many noodles!!!!

    Yes, gives one that easy, peaceful feeling. Love it! Ya, I love noodles…

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