I wonder if they remember me or not but I sure do remember them – the lady whose food stall I used to frequent almost every day when I was still teaching at the school right across the road…and her husband.

Well, somebody else used to run this particular coffee shop but he has moved elsewhere…and I had not been here…

5 sen

…since. Obviously, they have taken down the shop sign…and no, it is not called 5 sen! That’s the cost of a copy at the photostating shop next door. LOL!!! It seems that the town council is going to charge people for their shop signs – the bigger it is, the more they will have to pay so perhaps, they have decided not to have one – it’s as simple as that. After all, who cares what the name is – as long as the food is good, that’s all that matters!

Well, somebody mentioned to me that the food there was good but he did not specifically say what…and I’d been wanting to drop by to have a look all this time but I never got down to it until that morning when Melissa said she wanted some pian sip (RM2.40)…


…for breakfast. She said it was good but we did not get to try the kampua noodles so perhaps, we would drop by there again sometime for that.

I walked into the shop to see what they had at the other stalls and there they were – the couple that I used to know! I remember how my colleagues and I used to go for their Foochow-style fried noodles and they would make sure that I would be given a really huge serving…and in comparison, what the others got were rather miserably small. Once, somebody voiced his discontent out loud and the lady heard it and felt bad about it so she quickly fried a bit more to give to him. So, who says that size does not matter? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Anyway, that was what I had (RM3.00)…


…and my missus too and I would say that it still tasted as good as I remember it to be.

I noticed a stall right next to theirs and they seemed to be getting a lot of orders so I went to check it out…and ended up ordering their beef noodles (RM5.00)…


…to share and try. It was nice, the same as what I had here…and likewise, it seemed to lack the beef taste that I would expect when having beef noodles. This one was a lot cheaper, of course…but then again, I don’t think there was as much meat as at that other place. I loved the chili dip that came with the noodles – I thought that was really nice.

There is another stall at this shop selling pan mien


…but we did not order that. That certainly looked good and it seemed quite popular too…but I was kind of put off by how she used her hand to add all the condiments to the noodles. Perhaps they do that everywhere else too but it isn’t so bad when one does not get to see it – as they say, what you don’t know will not hurt you or along these same lines, the old folks would tell you – lasap ciak, lasap pui (dirty eat, dirty fat) – you’d probably have better immunity if you’re not that clean. Hehehehehe!!!!

Well, I wouldn’t mind dropping by again but this shop does get very crowded, it seems, spilling all over the five-foot way – it certainly is very popular among the folks around here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Remember…”

  1. I know what you mean about ‘mixing by hand’ in places like that – kinda freaks me out – especially if you don’t know the people – you would think if they did that by hand they would wear gloves or something…eeekk…

    At many places here, they turn a plastic bag inside out and use that as a glove. That way, they need not go out of their way to buy some for use. I do that when I need to cut something with sap – then I would not have all that gum sticking to my hand and it would be such a chore to wash and get rid of it later.

  2. I’m not sure what happened to my comment…strange…

    But I was saying that I don’t blame you – I would be put off by bare handed handlings of the food in an eating establishment, too!

    Ain’t so bad if it is not done in full view of everyone eating at that place…and it is find if she washes her hands all the time. I wouldn’t mind that as I do the same at home too, faster – like when serving noodles with condiments to be added before serving though with guests around, I’d use chopsticks for that.

  3. Hahahaa when I cook at home I use hands to place most things! But then again I am just serving myself and I wash myself obsessively when I am cooking…..

    Me too! 😛 But yes, like you, I would wash my hands again and again but I saw this lady handling some of the flour-coated noodles immediately after, throwing them in to cook – I’m not sure if she washed her hands after that before handling anything else.

    People were saying how the kampua people would handle people’s money and then use their hands to place the meat on the noodles and serve you…but these days, I see some putting their hands in plastic bags to do that and some use tongs which would certainly be better. The old folks would just say: “Dirty eat, dirty fat!” (La sap ciak, la sap pui) 😀

  4. My sister used to say the same thing… “the dirtier it is, the tastier the food is”… oh gosh!! Sometimes I don’t want to see how they prepare the food, otherwise it might turn off my appetite.. hahaaha.. As long as they dont use the same hands to collect money, then it is fine with me..
    By the way, the piansips really looks tempting!!

    I’m sure they do that there…and do things a lot worse too. I see the surroundings of the favourite eating places, I get put off already…no appetite to eat anymore, thank you very much.

    I saw in a blog somebody going to eat nasi kandar at a place in Penang where the queue would be so long every day…and he took a photograph of a dead rat on the ground right beside the tables and they did not even bother to get rid of it properly. So terrible! A friend commented on Facebook saying that they once found one in one of the pots of curry, but whether this is true or not, I would not know!

    I do get very annoyed seeing this as I feel that business is so very good and they’re making so much money, they should spend a bit to make things look more presentable and the conditions better for the comfort AND well-being of the customers. I think it is so silly/stupid to keep going to eat at these places when obviously, they do not treat people with even the slightest bit of respect, never mind how good their food may be. The city authorities should come down hard on all these people – really gives the place a poor image and a bad name! Tsk! Tsk!

  5. Have you ever make your own pian sip?

    Why would I want to do that when I can get it from every coffee shop in town. Let me count – the commercial area near my house has at least 10-20 coffee shops…and they’re selling for RM2.50 only…SIN$1.00. I’d be crazy to make my own even though they do sell the skin at the wet market – you buy by the kg – hundreds and thousands of pieces – why would I need so many unless I’m in the business myself.

  6. I like beef noodles only when the beef is cooked till tender & not chewy. Pian sip looks good too but your plate of noodles seems lack of ingredient (bay kau liao).Most important is that they still retain the old school taste.

    The beef is very well done – what I don;t like is they put too much salted/preserved vegetables…and drown out the beef taste. Great for people who are not fond of the beefy smell. Yup, my noodles bor liao…but thankfully, the taste is all right.

  7. She add more “umph” in it…:p

    Sometimes, it does taste better when it’s not squeaky clean, right? Nobody likes hospital food. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. For a minute I thought you found the holy grail of cheap food! hahaha

    I found one – real cheap western cuisine and the best thing about it, it’s good! Post on that coming up real soon.

  9. Wow 5c for pian sip would be nice by then the Bozz will be out of sense haha

    Be thankful! At least there is something that costs 5 sen these days – can hardly find much of anything at that price now. 😦

  10. Reckon many eateries – stalls – don’t quite bother with gloves. its always with their bare hands.

    Not here. Most of the time I would see them using plastic bags turned inside out as gloves…or tongs or chopsticks and spoons. Maybe there are but I have not seen, I wouldn’t know.

  11. I agree that what we don’t see won’t hurt us! Ignorance is bliss 🙂

    Precisely. Don’t ever peep into the kitchens in those Chinese restaurants – you’ll faint!

  12. hahahha…i really tot 5 cents is the shop name, since we have 10 cents in Sibu.
    Oh, i love the plate that they serve the pian sip, very nice and it doesnt look like pian sip.

    My mum love pan mien, should ask her to go to this place and see is it “pass” or not.

    Hahahahaha!!!! One outdoing the other. 😀 Dunno the pan mien here but I found one that is very very nice – blogpost on it coming soon. I think I will go for it again tomorrow. Your mum’s back in Sibu?

    1. No..not yet. Will back here next week and stay for few nights then back to Sibu. Anything you want?

      Oh no!!!! No, thank you so very much. You always send me things and I never send you anything – next time your mum goes over, MUST let me know. Cannot lah like that – I also want to enjoy send some stuff sometime. Ummmm….I send to you hubby’s shop address, can or not?

  13. Ooo photostatting is still reasonably cheap! I remember when I was in school. It was 3 pages for 10 sen 😀

    Gosh! It was never so cheap here…but we teachers get special rates as we do it very often, maybe 4 sen a copy.

  14. Oh, you guys used to have noddles for breakfast? For me it’s too heavy, hehe, my breakfast is just a cup of milo and some breads, or biscuits.

    That explains the difference between your shape and mine…

  15. The secret ingredients revealed. muhehehe

    Use hands, will taste better? LOL!!! 😀 I have never seen this at the Malay stalls here – they’ll use a spoon…and that is why they take longer – they’re very slow but at least, it’s cleaner that way.

  16. One of the reasons I rarely eat out at restaurants is because I’ve worked at a few in my late teens early twenties. Even some of the ‘five star’ restaurants had disgusting food preparation practices. I guess you could say that soured me to food preparation in restaurants. That was while I was in college, I wanted some extra spending money, so I worked. I do realize that all restaurants aren’t like that though. To be honest, I much prepare making my own food then to have to wonder how it’s being handled. Good thing, I love to cook, right? 😉

    Even there? Gee! I thought we would only find such things here! I like places with the open kitchen concept so one can actually see what they do inside and they will have no choice but to keep clean.

    I for one would keep cleaning and wiping and washing while cooking – that is why I take a longer time but I enjoy doing it. My missus will make a mess and clean up afterwards – I find that a chore…and I would want to sit down and enjoy my cooking right away rather than spend the time cleaning up the mess first.

  17. Everyone use hands to handle food. I dont see anyone (or rarely) use disposable gloves to handle food nowadays. haha. We just need to
    get used to it. Like you said, ciap la sap tua! (eat dirt grow up). lol.

    Nobody uses gloves lah…not ever. Sure we do not expect them to go out and buy, spend that extra money. They just use the plastic bag, turned inside out. I’ve seen them doing that at some stalls. I think that’s a good alternative.

  18. Before go through your content, I was curious is there really still something cost 5sen nowadays lo! hahaha!!! =]

    There is. For one copy at the photocopy shop.

  19. You eat well everyday! How many meals do you have per day? Hehe!

    Three…sometimes two like when we go out and have a heavy brunch…and I usually will have afternoon tea.

  20. Pan Mee, my fav! I always tempted to make from scratch but that’s just too much work..LOL. Better buy a bowl and satisfy the cravings…hehe

    I wouldn’t know how to make ’em noodles. Ya, lots easier to just go out and eat.

  21. I would be put off too, if I see the chef using bare hands to touch the food. And worse, some just use the same hands to handle money… right in front of you! 😬

    Exactly! 😦

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