Back home…

My girl is back home for the long end-of-year holidays.

The first morning she was home, I cooked some fried rice…


…but there wasn’t much leftover rice so we did not have all that much to go round. I had dried anchovies…and some pounded sambal udang kering (dried prawns) and bits of pineapple that I found in the fridge and of course, I threw in an egg as well like what I would always do…and I sprinkled some crushed peanut on top and served it with some keropok (prawn crackers) by the side.

Anyway, Melissa isn’t really into fried rice – she got quite sick of it as she virtually had that every day when she was at the teacher-training institute at Sungai Petani, Kedah. She had her meals at the stalls outside right across the road and I told her specifically to only eat what they would cook on the spot and not go for the nasi campur (mixed rice) – I went over to eat there when I took her to the college on registration day and I was horrified at the sight of how they simply left all the food uncovered and what was worse was that one could actually see the flies all lined up on the edges of the food trays like birds on the electric wire! Shudders!!!

That was why when she woke up that morning, we all went out for breakfast and we skipped lunch that day as we were all too full. She did not want to go with me when I went out to meet my ex-student, Julia, and her friend, Alistair, for teaΒ that afternoon as she said that she wanted to cook something different (from the usual stuff that the mum would cook everytime) for dinner.

Well, she made this very delightful salad dish…


…to go with the nicely-grilled lamb…


…and the spaghetti…


Needless to say it was a delightful meal…but there was a lot left over. I guess experience will eventually teach her how much to cook for so many people but then again, the mum will always cook too much as I guess she was used to her or her mum cooking for their family – and they have a big family so never mind if there are only 2 or half a dozen, one size fits all!

While I was out that afternoon, I decided to stop by this supermarket in town that sells all the nice imported stuff to get Melissa some snacks. Personally, I will not go for such things but she will usually enjoy eating them in between meals so I got her these…


Of course, they were by no means cheap but never mind! They were for my little girl and I never had to spend much on her, anyway. Other than on food and books, she would not really buy much else and now that she’s working and earning her own money, she would insist on using her own money most of the time. I was thinking that since I was out on my own, it would be a good chance to pick up a few things for her and pamper her a bit – as they say, old habits die hard! LOL!!!

While I was at the supermarket, I saw a few things on offer…

Goodies on offer

…and I bought those as well. My missus bought the cookies before (RM7.90 a box) and I thought they were pretty good. Nope, there’s no cheese inside as what you can see in the picture but the cookies have this very nice buttery fragrance and personally, I find them nicer than the very expensive Danish butter cookies. We’ve never had those on the left before though (RM5.90) – made somewhere in the EU…and there was nothing on the packet that I could decipher so I would not know exactly where they were made. Those Kit Kat chocolate wafers were probably made in Japan and though we hardly ever bought any of those, at the offer price of RM9.90 for 13 pieces, I decided to grab a pack and pamper ourselves a bit. We do deserve that sometime, don’t we?

Well, that was the first day Melissa was home – hang on, there’ll be lots more to come, I’m sure!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Back home…”

  1. Ask her to continue writing her blog. I will definitely love to comment and sharing our same interest in food, hobbies, froggy…. hihihi. Happy holiday!

    She is a thinker, thinks for a long time and she’s very careful in what she does so she takes a long long time to put up one post. Maybe that was why she stopped = got kind of tedious after a while. School time, of course, she would be too busy with her work – no time for anything else…and anyway, it seems that all teachers will have to have a blog of their own – maybe, all to with teaching, I guess but she will have no choice. Have to start another one and keep it going…as if teachers don’t already have too much to do. Imagine all of them having to do this instead of preparing good lessons to teach and marking their students’ work… 😦

  2. awwww, nice!! your daughter is back home for the holidays!! hmmm, she doesn’t need to stay in the school, as i heard from teachers i know, they still need to go back to the school for administrative stuffs.. anyway, great to have such a scrumptious home-coooking huh?? nice~~ πŸ™‚

    Yup, they take turns – she went Tuesday, came back yesterday. Two days only. They only do that when the top people are on leave – those are not supposed to go on holiday like the teachers and the students. They are supposed to be around – their job! They are entitled to how many days’ leave in a year…so when they’re not around, teachers are called in to be “on duty”.

  3. oh, that Kit Kat from Japan at only RM9.90??!! that’s a steal, we have it here like almost double the price!! very nice, unlike our own which is way too sweet and taste nothing like milk choc but sugar, haha – but too expensive to get it here i am not really willing to fork out the money..

    I’m not fussy, and not really into these sweet things – ok with local or imported, will eat but will hardly go and buy. They tell me the Australian ones are better – creamier, nicer. I tried…the same also, can’t tell the difference. Perhaps it’s all in the head.

  4. Don’t mention about the flies in SP. Owh, Melissa cooks well. All looks great. You are one of the happiest, sit back, relax and enjoy the food. Love the green tea kit kat from Japan. My son bought too when he went to Japan sometime back.

    Ya, you saw the flies with your own eyes so you know I’m not exaggerating or anything. Your son? Has he graduated? Working? Where? Ask him to ask for the klinik kesihatan at Selangau. Wink! Wink! Nice big place but I hear only 4-5 people attached to that clinic, so free, nothing to do…and any serious case, they would just refer to Sibu, send by ambulance. πŸ˜€

    1. Already graduate, yet to receive posting letter from Kementerian Kesihatan. Hearsay, they will receive end of the month. Hope he can do his PRP (provisional registered pharmacy) in SGH.

      Oh, pharmacy, eh? Thought he was doing medicine – don’t think he’ll get to go to those clinics then – should be in a hospital or a polyclinic in some town, wouldn’t be so bad as having to go into the ulu.

  5. Told my girl to become a teacher and she doesn’t want to… see, now got long holidays… so nice!! Can cook for me during the holidays and I can also pamper her with favourite snacks! hahahahaa…
    Bet you will have a great time with your girl … lots of good food in the coming days, right? :p

    Not easy being a teacher these days and you may get sent to the interior in the middle of nowhere. Luckily Melissa’s not far from home so not so bad. These things, can’t force one…have to let them do what they like.

  6. Nice to have a third chef at home, eh? (Melissa, those look yummy! Bet these taste just as great.)

    No gooey cheese in the camembert cheese cookies? Aww! Very misleading image. Tsk! Whatever it is, I believe imported foodstuff would taste much better than their local counterparts, the latter being mostly loaded with more sugar than the dairy ingredients. Besides we don’t have Frisian cows or whatever they have yonder. Good mornin’!

    Ya, I thought there would be cheese inside like in the picture – different from the ones my missus bought before but Melissa said they’re the same. Luckily, they’re nice so never mind that they’re nothing like what is shown outside on the box.

    Imported ones, not all good also…would need to know what to buy and one good thing here, we can get them cheap especially when near to the expiry dates. Even normal prices, after conversion – more or less the same as prices overseas…but if in our currency, can be somewhat shocking, of course! 😦

  7. The kit kat is selling at rm9.90 ?!!!?!!!?! I’ll sapu a lot if i visit the place my goodness….

    Cheap kah? Dunno the regular prices, never buy such things. Come, come…grab all you want. πŸ˜€

  8. Melissa’s dishes look so good!

    The cheese cookies, why the packaging picture shows the cheese oozing out like that when they actually dont? You’ve got to show us the real thing inside, Arthur. I wanna see.

    They look like those Danish cookies – the plain ones with the rough surface. Taste as great, perhaps even better.

  9. Good choice with the Crisps…. love Mackies… from my husband’s motherland nonetheless. They do great ice cream too.

    My girl loves them! I tried…didn’t think it was all that great but then again, I’m never into those snacks and stuff. Now she is thinking of getting the other varieties available – there’s one wasabi, I know. Eyewwwwwww!!!!!

  10. You are such a nice dad!
    Wow…the meal prepared by your daughter looks nice. Esp.. the grilled lamb.
    Happy holidays to Melissa πŸ™‚

    Thanks on her behalf, sure hope she’ll have a good break. Dinner was great, just that there was too much for a meal for three…

  11. Wow Melissa sure is a great cook ! Enjoy the holidays Melissa as I’m sure you’ll enjoy having her back home πŸ™‚

    Ya, sure is great to have her home. She tries – never really had the chance to cook much till she went overseas and she does enjoy it.

  12. Harooooooooooo STP… i miss you and your blog posts eh.. gonna read them all now !! ahahaha..

    Aaaww.. you’re such a sugarpie father to buy Melissa so much goodfood i would call it instead of junkfood.. hahaha..

    and I super love fried rice.. when I don’t have the appetite to eat.. fried rice can always give me a smile on my face while eating it.. hehehe..

    and about cooking too much… it’s like better than cooking too little right? Hehehe..

    I’d rather cook too little – hungry, can snack on all the other things. Too much, have to try and finish and in the end, overeat. Hmmm…so you’re into junk food too, eh? Hiazzzz!!!! Young girls these days. Hehehehehe!!!!! And where have you been? Didn’t drop by for so long… 😦

  13. I like those spekulaas cookies – i think they’re dutch spice cookies. Very fragrant and yummy!

    Yup, pretty sure you’re right – I think I saw “Nederland” somewhere among all the words that I could not figure out. Can’t say that I liked them though – the ngo hiang hoon smell, cinnamon…

  14. sweet of both papa and daughter. Go ..pamper her. Cook her some nice delicious meals and more Japanese kit kats.

    No problem. I enjoy that very much. Will cook breakfast, at least, if we’re not going out and the mum cooks the meals for the rest of the day.

  15. You’re such a sweet papa. It’s so great to have home cooked food made lovingly by your parents.

    I only have one, so she gets all the pampering. No need to share. πŸ˜€

  16. Some food stall really never take care of hygiene. Lalat flying everywhere they also tidak apa

    Yalor…the people at those stalls in Sg Petani did not bother about the flies at all, like they were so used to them – an everyday thing.

  17. Awww..Melissa can cook very well!! I also kalah. Love the salad, look very refreshing and the grill lamb look juicy and my favourite pasta. Yum!! So now kitchen took over by Melissa, and you are on “school” & kitchen holidays.

    No lah, just when she feels like it. Let her relax, enjoy her well-earned holidays…and we’ll cook her favourites or take her out to eat what she loves.

  18. yikes, the imagery of the flies lining by the tray that you painted in your words made me shudder! πŸ˜€ but yes, i like the look of the salad that melissa made! πŸ˜€

    I saw that with my own eyes. So disgusted! And I cannot understand why the teacher-training institute cannot get some decent people to run their canteen for the trainees. I was not a blogger then, otherwise, sure I would blog about that and post lots of photos of all those dirty stalls across the road.

    Ya, the salad was good…and the pasta’s not bad too. The meat was nice but so much – could not finish.

  19. It is nice to have her at home again. and great to have her cook meals for you and missus too.

    Ya, and we’ll cook all that she loves for her…and we go out to eat and enjoy all that she likes. A holiday to enjoy, true and true.

  20. Fried rice, my favorite!! Any types to be exact, hehehe~

    Too bad Melissa grew so sick it – could live without it!

  21. Melissa’s salad dish looks great! I love the different vibrant colors and textures!

    Yeah, can imagine what you’re talking about with regards of the uncovered nasi campur, that can really give you food poisoning, some even tastes bad as soon as you buy it if it’s been out awhile e.g. 1 pm.

    Ta Kiong is one of my favorite places coz of the stuff they sell too, it’s cheaper than over here (which slaps a huge self-imposed import tax) and they have different varieties. I have the dark Kit Kat too!

    Yes, Ta Kiong’s the place to go – been around very long now and still going strong. They don’t stock the same stuff for long though, except for some of the regular stuff, probably because they’re more popular around here – keep getting new things so if you like something, you may not be able to get it the next time around.

    I cannot understand why the local authorities would not clamp down on those people. The town council here are quite particular about the general cleanliness around town – unlike long ago when Sibu was reputed to be the dirtiest town in the country. If the late YB could change that when he was mayor, surely they can do the same elsewhere. Too bad he has passed away – the slips are showing…now that we do not have someone like him breathing down their necks.

  22. For some reason I am unable to comment on your newest post.

    These look like interesting finds! And the Spaghetti!!!! Oh My!

    All your comments went to spam, I dunno why, but I’ve retrieved them now. Nice spaghetti, eh? All were good, great dinner. πŸ™‚

  23. How was the kit kat?

    Ok, like Kit Kat. Nothing to make it stand out from the rest, not like the green tea ones – those are uniquely different and I enjoyed them very much.

  24. Ooo….Melissa’s salad looks so good! And I also love those potato chips, can munch up a whole bag or two while watching TV πŸ™‚

    Good grief!!! Junk food!!! Tsk! Tsk! πŸ˜€

  25. Looks like Melissa is doing great in the kitchen.

    I was horrified at the sight of how they simply left all the food uncovered and what was worse was that one could actually see the flies all lined up on the edges of the food trays like birds on the electric wire! Shudders!!!

    Yes, I would have been shocked if I saw that too! It’s always nice to do things for your children now and again even when they can afford to do those things themselves. Lord willing, I know I’ll still do that, occasionally, with my daughter. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I keep telling her I can jolly well afford it so she does not have a thing to worry about – let me enjoy pampering here in any way I can. πŸ˜‰

    Indeed, I was shocked at the sight of the flies – I would expect to see such things in very poor under-developed Third World countries…not here. I think it is disgraceful that the city/town authorities are not vigilant about these things and take due action against them. 😦

  26. Always felt great to eat home cook food after long away from home!! =]

    She cooks too at her school and the mum would cook as well, she would just have to heat it up so it is not like going overseas or even in the peninsula.

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