Bleeding love…

Traditionally, the Chinese believed that this would help cleanse their system and barbers especially would make it a point to eat it once a month to get rid of the bits of hair they had inhaled or any that might have got into their mouths and  ended up being swallowed. According to them, these would stick to the walls inside their system and only by eating this would they be able to flush it all out. I’m not sure whether they still do that now but anyway, I was out with my missus one morning a few days ago and we stopped by here for lunch.

I saw that they had stewed pork leg among the selections available for chap fan (mixed rice) so I made up my mind right away to have that and then I saw this…


…and I just could not resist asking for a serving of it. I had not had it for a long long long time as this, among some other things (like duck, for instance), is in my missus’ black list – she does not eat it so she does not cook it and I do not get to eat it, simple as that.

I remember the last time I had that was in KL in 2009 at a shop opposite Low Yat where I stopped by to have some porridge for lunch and I ordered a bit of it. I did hear them say that one should eat it at the beginning of the month and not around the middle of the month as that would be when they would be having their period and it would be unclean – I don’t think there is any truth in that though as it can’t possibly be possible that they will all have their period at the same time in a month. Ummmmm….they do have their monthly period, don’t they?

Anyway, back to what I had, besides the stewed pork leg and the yummy pig’s blood, I also had some sweet and sour chicken…


…and fried paku (wild jungle fern)…


…and I would say that they were all very good! For one thing, usually what they have at such chap fan places would be oily, salty and overloaded with msg – this one was different and I enjoyed what I picked so much that I surely would want to go back there again sometime. Well, I paid RM5.50 altogether for 3 meat and 1 vegetable – you reckon that’s cheap or expensive? I seldom have this when eating out so I am not too sure of the current prices around here or elsewhere at this point in time. I did think that they gave me a little bit too much rice though – I am not accustomed to eating so much – so I would have to remember to ask them to reduce that a bit the next time I go there again.

As I was leaving the place, I saw that one of my favourite bakeries in town has opened an outlet right next door so I stopped by to see what they had. They did not seem to have a lot then, unfortunately – probably, this place only does retail so they would have to wait for their daily supply of breads, cakes and whatever else from the main bakery in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal. I did manage, however, to get a pack of these cream puffs…


…which were nice though not much nicer than the ones I bought the other day here but at least, these were cheaper – 4 for RM2.00 so that would work out to 50 sen each, 10 sen less than that other place.

I thought these were kind of pretty and cute…

WC cakes

…and I could not resist grabbing one to try. They were not all that cheap though – 4 for RM3.20 so that would be 80 sen each for that little thing. I think they were some kind of cake but they were a little bit crusty, not soft and not hard either and they had different kinds of creamy filling in them. The purple one up front (though it looks like blue in the photo) has the taste of peanut butter. On the whole, I thought they were very nice and I would not mind ordering that for dessert should I happen to be having a dinner party at home. Unlike a cake, it sure would save me the trouble of having to cut it and making a mess with the icing and all and these are rather dainty, sort of elegant, don’t you think? For RM80.00, I would get 100 and that would be more than enough to go round.

Incidentally, I went back to this shop recently for the kampua noodles (RM2.40)…


If you remember, I liked it the first time I had it there but I did not bring my camera with me so I did not blog about it then. The second time around, I ordered the noodles with pian sip but it was kind of diluted probably because the lady…


…did not drain the pian sip well enough before adding them to the noodles and I was disappointed with what I had that morning. This time around, it wasn’t really dry enough but it was all right as it did not affect the taste of the noodles and I thought they were nice enough. I was kind of put off by the bleeding red colour of the imitation char siew (barbecued meat) though so I think if I were to go there again, I would ask for the noodles mai eng nik (Don’t put meat). For one thing, it was cheaper than many other places in town – 10 sen cheaper than most and in fact, I have heard of people selling theirs at prices ranging from RM2.60 to RM3.00 a plate now. No, thank you very much – they can all jolly well eat their kampua noodles themselves as I, for one, would not be a willing victim to be fleeced like that. Tsk! Tsk!

I did notice, however, that same day that they had a stall at the back of the coffee shop selling those fried noodle dishes and the like so perhaps, I would want to try those instead. We’ll see…

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24 thoughts on “Bleeding love…”

  1. Somehow I never took to blood…a bit geli to eat…

    I grew up eating that – like I said in the post, once a month…and I grew to like it. We do not get to see it much around here anymore…anywhere unlike in the peninsula. I think it is a regular feature in curry mee there, right?

    1. Not regular feature in kari mee here. Some stall / restaurant kari mee doesn’t even hv kacang panjang anymore , let alone the blood. Only taugeh n tiny pcs of meat rm5!

      Oh dear!!! I never had curry mee in KL (or did I?), just in Penang…and they will always have the pig’s blood…or at least, at the places that I went to.

  2. eeeeeww! No thanks! haha.

    If you ask me to take the blood i would just swallow it together with my drink. Dont want to taste it. lol.

    I didnt know it has myth of when to eat and not. Probably my mum doesnt cook at home. hehe.

    It hasn’t got much taste of its own – mostly depending on what ingredients are used to cook it. Well, there are people who love bone marrow – they give a straw for them to suck it out of the big chunk of bone – I guess this is more or less the same.

    1. I love pork but I dont take its internal organs. Same goes to chicken’ s organs.

      I love the innards…but I don’t take them often. Only once in a while when I have the chap chap soup outside.

  3. It has been a long long time I haven’t eaten this pig’s blood. Last time my mum used to cook for me every beginning of the month for cleansing as what I was told. Only RM2.40 for the kampua, so huge portion, looks like a mountain. Need someone to share. Cream puffs looks pretty good.

    Yes, the kampua at most places here would be like that – like a mountain, as you said. 😀 Not bad, the puffs but I liked the other whatever-it-was more.

  4. Now I know wats wrong wt the kampua. Too pecah pecah, easily putus…

    The instant one? Cannot cook too long – best if rinsed in cold water as soon as it gets soft (very fast one) and put back in hot water again to heat it up…and then drain 100% and toss with the ingredients. You dunno how to cook it properly lah, you can ask Annie-Q how she does it…or just come here and eat, end of story.

  5. Having period at the same time sounds so wrong LOL! I don’t eat blood either, will ask them not to add into my curry mee :p

    LOL!!! Old wives’ tale! I think I had it in my curry mee in Penang – didn’t feel anything. I guess it wouldn’t affect the taste as it’s tasteless. What makes is nice is how it’s cooked.

  6. hey it’s up! the oink oink blood.. I found an economy rice stall 2 days ago serving this. When i took it, my colleagues were giving me the weird look. Whyyyyyy.. they’re tasty!! 😛

    LOL!!! They don’t know what they’re missing! Yum! Yum!

  7. Those days my mom did not waste the chicken blood, not the pig’s one… yes, long time for me too I have not tasted that already…. for a plate of chap farn RM5.50, it is more or less than same with Ipoh here… maybe the blood is costly? hahahaa…

    We never ate chicken’s. Or the stewed pork leg perhaps? The price just went up recently, not cheap anymore.

  8. Hi, everything look so delicious and inviting. I love the pig blood but don’t eat often. That’s what our grandma times used to tell us barbers and hairdressers need to eat pig blood to absorb the hair they swallow but how far it’s true. 🙂
    The sweet and sour chicken, cream puff look very good. Nice pictures.

    Have a great weekend.

    You too, whatever that’s left of it. Ya, my father used to say the same thing and would insist on my mum cooking that once a month even though he was not a barber. Hardly eat that now though…

  9. Ewww.. pig’s blood, I just cannot swallow them, feel a bit too disgusting and not good la eating blood, hehe~

    Not half as bad as eating chicken feet or drinking coffee that came out of the shithole… 😀

  10. Oh dear, no oink oink blood for me! I may have tried that when I was very young (seem to recall but quite fuzzy about it) but I definitely had one bite a few years ago.. and I couldn’t seem to get the taste off my tongue for hours 😜.

    It has taste? I thought it’s tasteless and is dependent on the ingredients used to cook it? Some people love the bone marrow and will bite the bones for that when they go for chicken rice. Do you? I think they’re about the same.

  11. Rm5.50 for all those dishes, not expensive lah..

    And the colorful puff thingy looks interesting. Haven’t seen before over here.

    I enjoyed those but at 80 sen each, I thought they were kind of pricey. Will save them for special occasions.

  12. For the item in the first picture, the one and only time I actually tasted it was during my trip in Taipei, and that left my Mom cringing.

    STP, RM 5.50 for that plate is cheap. Yummy puffs there! =D

    LOL!!! We grew up eating that so we’re fine with it. Dunno why my missus doesn’t eat it but anyhow, she does not eat a lot of things… 😦

  13. I could not help chuckling about the pigs having their period all at the same time hee..hee…so funny 😀 I tried pig’s blood once long, long ago and I am afraid that I don’t like it. Your chap fan at RM5.50 for 3 meat and 1 vegetable is cheap. Here I take 1 meat and 3 vegetable and it costs between RM5.50 to RM6.50 depending on which stall I go to.

    That was what the old folks used to tell us…and we believed! Wahhhhh!!!! 1 meat & 3 veg!!! You’re my direct opposite. LOL!!! 😀

  14. eeeeeeeeeeeee..i won’t touch that, i no vampire!! hahahhahahah! Give me sweet and sour meat and vege anytime. 3 meat and one vege RM5.50? Cheap! The other day i bought chap fan from malay stall, small rice with 2 vege only, he charge me RM4!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Malay stalls, in my experience, can be very expensive especially here. I thought that’s because there are not so many Malays here so they need to charge more to make ends meet. Didn’t know over there also like that.

  15. So do they only kill the female pigs for this? Since males don’t bleed monthly? In my pre-veggie days, I never had pigs blood like that. I did like the internal organs, and prepared them now and again. Occasionally, I still prepare them for my father. He’s especially fond of liver. I make it with rice and also fry the liver.

    I haven’t the slightest idea! But I’ve heard of how the meat of the male has an unpleasant smell when they do not know how to go about slaughtering them. I dunno much about that either.

    The innards have high cholesterol and uric acid content = may trigger gout attacks so I seldom eat and when it do, it would be in moderation. So far, so good.

  16. Oh.. i never knew there is such believe.. but now i know.. haha.. thank you for sharing.. and this quote made me LOL !! “she does not eat it so she does not cook it and I do not get to eat it, simple as that.”

    What? Funny kah? So kesian…no duck for me to eat unless I go outside or maybe Chinese New Year, once a year, she may cook. 😦

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