Nope, that’s not the name of the place, not as in that Katy Perry’s song but actually, it’s…

Oreo shake

…and we’ve been there twice before here and here and we went there again last Saturday night as after the sunset evening service at the cathedral here, I asked Melissa what she wanted to eat and she said she was thinking of having some pasta carbonara after seeing Jamie cooking something like that on tv that afternoon…and she could remember I had that before and it was pretty good.

Of course, she ordered their spaghetti carbonara (RM15.90)…


…which came very quickly. I was somewhat surprised that she wanted that as she really isn’t into the creamy sauce and is usually more into bolognaise. True enough, halfway through, I noticed that she was struggling already and I knew that the richness of the sauce had got the better of her so I offered to finish off the rest for her and she happily gave me what was left of it. The serving was kind of huge though – should be enough for two to share.

We ordered their very nice mushroom soup in a bread bowl (RM8.00)…

MS in BB

…and it was just as nice as always.

Melissa did say that she was torn between ordering the pasta dish or their mixed grill so you can jolly well guess what I had that night (RM30.90)…


…so that she could have some of the goodies on the plate as well.

She wanted the calamari Ceasar’s salad (RM14.90)…


…and we had that too even though personally, I would prefer the one with smoked turkey ham. This took a rather long time before it was served and I was wondering why – I am pretty sure it isn’t so hard to chop up some vegetables, squeeze the dressing over it and fry a few bits of calamari to put on top. As a matter of fact, I would expect the soup and the salad to be served first but they all came in no particular order…according to the whims and fancies of the people in the kitchen. Perhaps we were already very full by then but we did not think the salad was all that great and we certainly would not want to order that ever again – it was nowhere near the very nice and a whole lot cheaper one that we had here…and there wasn’t any hardboiled egg in it either.

Then we had to wait  a very long time for my missus’ order – the so-called special of the day, the sambal chicken chop  (RM16.90)…


Well, it is, after all, a fusion café but I would think that if it had been that day’s special, they would have got everything ready and it would be served in no time at all but obviously, I was wrong. I did not get to try it as I was already too full by then (and not in a very good mood anymore) so I did not bother to do that.

But other than the sad fact that a couple of the dishes were a long time coming, service was all right…except for how they took a long time in calculating the total on the bill despite having had a calculator at hand and would have given me the wrong change had I not pointed it out to them. What pissed me off was how they were discussing it among themselves and could not seem to work things out at all and they simply ignored me when I kept telling them this was what I paid and this was the change they should give me. Young upstarts!!! You think I cannot count or what? I sure do not need that miserable calculator to work out a simple sum like that. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, the food’s not bad – maybe that’s why business at this place is quite good…but if you’re thinking of dropping by, I would suggest that you go early when there will not be anybody around…so you will not need to wait too long for your orders to be served.

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28 thoughts on “Roar…”

  1. Certainly looks like some interesting dishes! Love the Katy Perry reference, too! I not as up-to-date on current music these days but I do like some of her stuff!

    I think she’s the better one among those current ladies in the music scene…

  2. Yes, that’s what I thought of when I read the title Roar, Katy Perry’s song, but I thought you won’t know who is Katy Perry, looks like you know! Not bad~ xD
    That’s lots of fries in the chicken chop, nice~

    Oh? Surprised, were you? Don’t think that I’m old I would be over the hill already… Dunno if you get to see the links that I share on Facebook – I’m probably more current than you when it comes to the latest songs.

    Have you seen the cast of Glee’s cover of this Katy Perry song…and Wide Awake too? And Lady Gaga’s songs as well? Oooo….I love Adam Lambert in it doing “Marry the night”. He should have won that year! So pissed off by the result…and come to think of it now, I don’t even remember who was it that won! Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Salad served after the main course? That’s not acceptable…

    Katy Perry? Last heard she’s getting married… 😀

    She is? Not really into entertainment gossips unless you’re wrecking balls or going around sleeping with Brazilian prostitutes. Muahahahaha!!!!

    Ya, I wonder which cooking school the chef went to – doesn’t seem to know this basic thing even. 😦 The soup should be served early in the meal too if it’s western. My father hates that – he thinks it is silly of the ang moh to have the soup first as after that, one would be too full and would not be able to eat anymore.

  4. lol, you tell them. I hope they felt embarrassed when they realized that you were correct. I also hope they improve their math skills. How are they dealing with money and not able to figure simple sums? I remember you posted before that some fellow had a time coming up with the correct change. I don’t understand that at all, in school we were required to figure out sums in our head and had drills against the other students up at the blackboard. My daughter still has to work problems out in her head. These days, they use ‘smartboards’ not blackboards.

    The mushroom soup looks quite tasty. I might have to make some soon, hmmm maybe I’ll make some today. That spaghetti carbonara does look very rich. I’m afraid that I’d only be able to eat a tiny amount of that, before I’d have to push it to the side.

    What’s the mixed grill? A meat combination? It sort of looks like pork, beef and chicken.

    That’s unfortunate they didn’t have all the food ready at the same time.

    These days, electronic calculators are allowed in school so mental arithmetic has gone to the dogs. We had that in primary school – the teacher would make us stand at the back of the class and ask questions and we would have to work out the total and say the answer out loud. I think that was a subject by itself and the mark would go into our report books each term…and corporal punishment was an accepted practice and generously implemented then.

    Yes, the soup at this place is probably the best in town – we all love it…and yes, mixed grill is an assortment of meats. At some places, they give more – a slice of ham and bacon, a sausage…and even a fried egg. Too bad they do not have all those here especially at THAT price. If I’m not wrong, it’s cheaper elsewhere but perhaps, they are not as generous with the meat.

    1. My daughter gets taught both places school and home. Well, I started with her before she went to school, so she was able to read and write and do simple addition when she went to kindergarten at the age of five.

      Corporal punishment was acceptable discipline when I was in school also. Well at the private schools I attended they were, most public schools had abandoned that form of discipline. I never got whacked in school, but I can think of several of my Facebook Friends (old school pals) who did. 🙂

      LOL!!! I had my share of that but not much – I was a good boy! 😉 Ya…these days, mental arithmetic has to be taught at home, it seems. They’re quite comfortable with their calculators in school, it seems. 😦

  5. No too cheesy or saucy food for me too. Would feel “jelak” if taken too much. Melissa is lucky to have you to finish off, otherwise it will be wasteful. Mixed grills & salad looks good among all.

    The salad wasn’t good – I would not want to order that again. Ya…my missus too – she’s not into anything creamy or cheesy – in fact, she’s not all that fond of western cuisine, just ok with it. What to do, anak loves to eat…so just ikut lor.

  6. The sambal chicken chop is tempting me.

    Oh you listen to Katy Perry huh? I like her some of her songs. Very catchy lyrics.

    I’m ok with some of the songs by these young singers and groups though I can’t say that I like them all…nor is there any this year that made me go, “Wowwww!!!!”.

  7. wow. ROAR!! hehehehe, how did the Sibu Food Mayor know that the first thing that came into my mind was Katy Perry’s song?? oooh, he is not and old man who is not keeping himself updated with the pop industry wokay, no play play~~ 😀

    As they say, age is just a number. You’re as old as you think… Have a look! 😀

  8. fuyoh, so rich lah Sibu Food Mayor went to have this sooooooo expensive meal!! i just love that mushroom soup in a bread bowl!! looking at the photo alone already makes me drool, all over my desk!! evil STP~~

    Come on over, I’ll treat you to the soup and more here. See! I’m soooo nice! 😉

  9. They don’t have a computerised system to calculate the amount?

    It’s just a small cafe…but they had a calculator, just that I gave them extra so they would give me back a round figure as change…and I guess that confused them completely. Too complex for their little simple minds…

  10. The food looks interesting… yes, where there is good food, the crowd will be there.. worth the wait… otherwise have to go early as you said…

    Yup, previous occasions we went at 6.30 or 7.00, just nice. That day was after the church service…and we got there at around 8 something… A number of big groups which would mean a lot of orders waiting in line….

  11. so cheap RM8 for the mushroom bread soup. The one i had was RM12 . tu pun belum kira the tax

    Ya, that was definitely value for money – a must have when dining here. Other things, not bad…generally.

  12. Dishes look good except….carbonara, which looks sad and yea, bread bowl mushroom soup at rm8 is reasonable and cheaper compared to many restaurants/cafes here in Penang

    The carbonara’s ok by me, tasted great but yes, I do think they need to work on their presentation. Other than that, the salad was an utter let-down and I thought the mixed grill was too expensive too, could have more things in it for that price and the beef wasn’t all that great – the chicken was good, thankfully, while the lamb was just so-so.

  13. The soup in a bun looks delicious! Kinda reminds me of curry mee in a bun a former cafe here used to serve. It was truly very good curry mee but alas the business wasn’t able to sustain and it had to close down. Now, I miss it.

    I like that curry in a bun thing – had that at Red Garden, Penang sometime ago.

  14. That salad is so not a Caesar salad! Dislike places who clearly don’t respect the actual concept of dining. Just want to make a quick buck I guess.

    Exactly what somebody said on Facebook – we just ate the calamari, left most of everything else behind. The dressing wasn’t anything much more than mayo straight from the bottle… Tsk! Tsk!

  15. Soup in a bread bowl is always a nice idea if one loves eating up the bread…though most days I wish there is more soup that bread 😀

    Exactly what happened that night. We were refraining from eating too much of the bread for fear that we would be too full so in the end, we only finished the soup and left most of the bread behind. 😦

  16. The mushroom soup looks nice. The carbonara spag looks very creamy n cheesy huh. Sure Melissa feel jelak half way thru.
    Sambal chicken chop nice? Somehow it reminds me of Sambal Ikan Bakar. hehe….

    LOL!!! My missus said it was nice, I didn’t try. I don’t mind creamy pasta, will not get jelak – in fact, I prefer it to the tomato-based sauce.

  17. i love western food but they are too high in calories ! haha….. the sambal chicken chop is quite unique. Normally, won’t be able to see such flavour in the menu.

    Yup, my missus is not into western so I guess this fusion kind of thing is more to her taste. Not spicy enough for her, that’s for sure…she likes everything extra spicy but she said it was nice.

  18. Raro, love that mixed grill, look yummy. I love cabonara, but cannot take too much, most of the time sharing. Next time got chance let me cook my version. Is that cabonara serve on a plastic plate? Or it is just the colour?

    I don’t think it was plastic, didn’t strike me as one – it was heavy. Ahhhhh!!!! You can do that the next time you come back…and I’ll invite myself over. 😉

  19. Not bad, mate. You’re really up to date, you even know our latest winner Dami Im for the Australia X factor. She will be at Garden City for the launch of her debut CD.

    Ya, I like her rendition of Roar too! In fact, I like all the songs she sang in the contest. Go glad she won! I watch the reality shows all over online – that way, I can choose who I want to see – only those that I like, and maybe just a bit of all the rest to see if they’ve got any better. Right now, I’m keeping tag of The X Factor UK and the USA…and also The Voice US – these are the ones going on at the moment.

    Your first time here, I guess? If it is, thanks fro dropping by and for commenting. Do come again. 🙂

  20. Mushroom soup in bread bowl certainly worth the money and looks nice.

    Too bad they did not invest in a simple cash register. Embarrassing to have staff poking at a calculator and consulting a fellow staff over a simple calculation 😒.

    Yup! That’s pretty cheap, relatively. Dunno these small businesses – I think they do not accept credit cards either. That can be a real put off when people eat a lot and have to pay that large amount in cash. 😦

  21. mushroom soup in bread bowl.. Aaww.. I love it too.. just that I’ve trouble eating the bread when I drink the soup.. haha..

    Yes, after eating everything else, we could not finish the bread. Too full!!!

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