First time…

This was my first time here…


…though I’ve been to their main outlet in town many times. “Served no pork”, you say? Now, do you mean that you do serve the meat now? Hehehehehehe!!!!

This one is located at the mall where the Giant Hypermart is and though I’ve been around there a number of times before, I had never dropped by for a bite until that afternoon last week when Melissa was home in Sibu and it was a public holiday so we had some time on our hands. It wasn’t her first time though – she’s been here before…


We chose to sit on the other side…


…behind that wall on the left as you enter and since we were early, there were not many people around.

Melissa had the crispy chicken chop with maltaise sauce (RM19.00)…

CC with MS

…something that she had had before and liked a lot so she wanted that again. However, this time around, she thought it was a little too sweet, especially the potato tuna salad, so she did not enjoy it as much as on the previous occasion when she had that.

The mum had the Kapitan chicken set (RM15.00)…


…which was all right. I think I had nicer Kapitan chicken curry elsewhere, like here for instance…but this one was a dry version so I would not think it would be all that fair to make a comparison. Let’s just say that it was nice and we’d leave it at that.

I decided to try their masak hitam beef so I ordered the set (RM16.00)…


…and I must say that it was very good. No doubt it was a bit pricey but the serving was big and it could easily have been shared by two though I would not mind an extra mantao, lightly fried…


They only gave a cute and tiny one by the side, along with a whole lot of other things like these fried brinjal and lady’s finger fritters…

B&LF fritters

…and some very nice sambal and a handful of (not very nice) keropok (prawn crackers) and also one big bowl of watermelon.

I would say that it was a delightful lunch, the service was great and parking was easy…


…unlike at their outlet in town where I had often given up and gone somewhere else as I just couldn’t find a parking space despite having gone round and round several times.

It probably would be a good idea to go a little early though as by the time we were leaving about an hour or so later after browsing around the shops and the hypermart there, I noticed as we walked past that the place was packed. Maybe it was because it was a public holiday, I wouldn’t know…

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29 thoughts on “First time…”

  1. The food really looks great. I don’t think I’ve ever had prawn crackers before. I’ll put that on the list of things to make and see if my daughter likes them.

    I’ve had a variety of fritters, in fact the first fritters I made were banana fritters. I think I was eight years old. I started cooking when I was four.

    Yup, we grew up eating banana or prawn fritters. These days, we have vegetable fritters which I find in Japanese cuisine, the tempuras – probably the influence came from there. Prawn crackers are very common around here, great snacks but not my favourite when served like this. I prefer the Indian papadums.

  2. Hiya! Thanks so much for ‘checkin in on me’…it means a lot! Yup! I got back to posting today and today and tonight will catch up with your blog! So sorry it’s been a while πŸ™‚ I did have about 4 or 5 posts today too!

    I love the look of this place! Love the sign and the entrance! The decor is neat, too! Fairly Feng Shui with the walls/lines/knick knacks

    Oh? I don’t really know much about this feng shui stuff *face palm*. No wonder the place is doing well, the vibes must be great. Ya, it does look tastefully done and the food there is pretty good too.

    1. I should get back into feng shui it’s been years I need a refresher course

      My missus will buy those feng shui books, come New Year but I don’t think she practises it – nothing ever changes around here. πŸ˜›

  3. cafe-cafe? sounds familiar..

    wait..i been there too! at Jalan Chew Geok Lin one..i had their cincaluk fried rice.. tasted meh but portion was HUGE! πŸ˜€

    Yup! That’s the main one, the original. The servings are all very huge – big enough for two or three. This is a newer outlet…and they’re opening a branch in Kuching today – I hear the official opening will be on the 5th of December.

  4. The food looks good especially the kapitan set and the masak hitam set. I like big portions (hee…hee…) provided if the food is good πŸ™‚

    The servings at this place are always huge – people often share, one order between two persons…

  5. The food certainly looks great! A very large portion, I can say… I don’t think I can finish the whole plate.. yes, definitely will need to share…. πŸ™‚

    No problem, can’t finish, can always pass to me. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. i like to dine in the building where hypermarket is so i can save up parking money (normally free parking) and eat as slow as I want !

    Then this is one place you would like. Very easy to get parking and it’s free!

  7. oh looks like a very nice place, and i love that brick wall they use to decorate the cafe.. what are those things they placed in the holes on the walls?? they look interesting and nicely spice up the dull wall.. the food looks nice also but slightly expensive, nvm lah, our Food Mayor is rich~~ :p

    Not rich, just have money but nowhere to spend. If I live in KL, sure will not survive – have to go begging in the streets. In the holes? I think they have those glass holders with oil inside and wicks that they light up at night…like candles. Not bad, this one…but the main one is nicer – very well designed and decorated….but I don’t like the place as it is always packed and it gets VERY noisy. Spoils the pleasant ambiance…

  8. Food looks tempting and I specially love the kapitan chicken set. Worth the set as they give alot of extras. Watermelons for cuci mulut.

    They’re opening a branch in Kuching today – the car wash place at Rubber Road. Go and give it a try! If it’s as nice as whet they serve here, I would say that it is good.

  9. I thought what “first time” you are posting here so publicly?!!! Heehee…

    Sorry pal for missing for a while… I am going through, what I think, a period of “blog fatigue”! 😦

    Nice setup here… food and surrounding.

    My first time? Aiyorrrrrr!!!! That was so long ago I can hardly remember a thing! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Glad to have you back, been missing having you around…but I guess end-of-year is a busy time, counting all the money…c losing accounts for the year. πŸ˜‰

  10. there’s also a cafe cafe in KL, though I think they’re probably not related to each other

    Nope, no connection whatsoever, of that I’m pretty sure.

  11. Aiyo, grammar police, too scary. Must be_careful of the my grammars when i I get to meet up with you next time 😑

    Gotcha!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. oh…didn’t know they have another outlet. Should go and try next round. Love the kapitan chicken set and your masak hitam beef. Melissa’s chicken chop look smaller portion and so expensive RM19! What is that maltaise sauce?

    Don’t know, some sauce with honey, if I’m not mistaken. I tried a bit – not bad…but not something I would be dying for. You can drop by next time you’re home, not far from our houses.

  13. Nice dining environment. I agreed that the food portion quite big. πŸ™‚

    Not bad too. You’ve been here before? Or the main one in the town? You can give it a try the next time around.

  14. Sometimes when go makan also hv to think of parking. Hate it if the plc doesn’t have ample parking. Pusing punya pusing kepala also pusing. No more mood to eat.

    That’s the problem with the main outlet in the town centre…and that was why I did not take you all there when you came. Parking can be such a pain! 😦

  15. Looks like a very good place to be. I tend to avoid crowded areas and places where parking is difficult too, especially when my boy is in the same car. He is extremely cranky when meal time is approaching.

    Hahahahaha!!!! The joy of fatherhood! Gets hungry, can;t wait to eat? Waiting does not exist in a child’s vocabulary. Not good to bring to crowded places also, their resistance not so high.

  16. The food looks great…I also never try this cafe although always passed by when I went to Giant hypermart.

    You have not been to many places, it seems. Have you tired the Indonesian food at Cafe Ind?

  17. Wah all also meat one!! Hehe, must eat more greens la! xD

    I’ve a friend in KL, she does not eat greens and is soooooo thin. When we asked her to eat, she retorted, “You ingat saya ini kambing kah?” I had a good mind to reply, “Ya, so kurus, memang serupa dengan kambing!” Muahahahaha!!!!!

  18. I thought that kind of parking service was kinda great last time, but gradually I found that sometime it wasn’t that accurate cause it can’t detect some small car so light just remain green all the time!!!

    They don’t have that here…just that there are lots of parking spaces, absolutely free of charge. I do know what you’re talking about – they have that in Kuching – not sure if I’ve seen it in KL, maybe I have at Sunway Pyramid. For one thing, it may have its weaknesses but it sure beats going round and round blindly in search of a space. Appreciate it!

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