This was Friday over a week ago when we had to go to one of the mega-malls in town to wait for my daughter who would be coming back for the weekend with her colleague from her school in Selangau…and good grief! November had just started and they were already ready for Christmas…

X'mas at Star

…with Christmas carols filling the air in the mall.

My missus was there sometime ago and she was telling me about the Bintangor rojak stall at the food court…

BR stall

…and she said that it was like the real thing. I think I had that before but I did not think it was all that great and that was why I never bothered to blog about it.  Well, who knows? Perhaps they have improved since so I decided to give it another try…


…but unfortunately, though it wasn’t too bad, I did not think it was anywhere near like what I had in Bintangor. Maybe they were scrimping on the rojak sauce but I thought it tasted kind of different and the sweet potato fritters were somewhat overdone. Still, it was quite nice and they even sell the sauce at RM9.00 a bottle…but it did not impress me enough to make me want to buy a  bottle home, unlike the authentic one in that little town less than an hour away.

We also tried the sotong kangkong


…and again, I thought it was good – the sauce was different from that of the rojak unlike what we had in Binatangor where they seemed to use the same sauce for everything – but I would not say it was the best in town.  I think the one here has an edge over it.

Ah well, at least I have tried (again) and now I know…so should I be going by that way anytime in the future and stop by for these, I would not get my expectations up too high. Like I said, they’re not bad, just not great.

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17 thoughts on “Expectations…”

  1. My daughter and I went to the mall today, and I saw a few people walking around with reindeer antlers on their head. Turns out there was a children’s performance on the bottom floor and yes one of the performers was dressed in a Santa suit. It looks like Santa went on a diet, since he was very thin. I like the fat Santa better, although that’s not very “health conscious” I guess…

    Too bad you weren’t blown away by the food you ate. 😦

    Santa has to be fat – wouldn’t be like Santa if he isn’t. I’d make a rather good one! 😉 A friend of mins just shared photos of the Christmas Parade in Adelaide, Australia!!! Good grief!Talk about being early!

  2. Xmas is not far.

    I must make another trip to Bintangor one dayto taste the rojak. Went there once in August but the stall wasnt open. Hope thenext time we are there, we hope we are lucky. 🙂

    They close? Gee! I’ve been lucky. Both times I went, both times open… 😉

  3. Oh yes sotong kangkung, me likey, there’s one stall here in penang adds jellyfish to sotong kangkung too

    I don’t mind jelly fish. It’s tasteless anyway – all would depend on the sauce.

  4. Christmas comes early. Some of my neighbours are already putting up their Christmas tree too. Wow, rojak & jui hu eng cai looks good. Would be nice with lots of peanuts toppings. Have a blessed Sunday.

    I prefer the original Bintangor rojak but the jiew hu eng chai here is quite good.

  5. This post makes me miss the Christmas atmosphere in the Philippines. 😦
    The food sounds healthy but definitely looks yummy. 😉

    You’re in Korea, right? Lots of Catholics there too – I’m sure you will have the spirit there as well…but maybe not as much as in the Philippines. I was there a long long time ago in December….lots of Filipinos coming home from abroad, airport was jam-packed.

  6. Talking about early Christmas, My cell group will be celebrating this event next Thursday…. All are welcome! 🙂

    After that, everybody’s running away for the holidays…nobody left?

  7. Haha yes, at least you tried la! If not how can you compare right?

    Yup. But Bintangor is less than an hour ago, I thought maybe this place is run by the same people so they would be the same. Unfortunately, they’re not.

  8. Christmas seems to come early at the malls. Wow, they have the famous rojak there! But I am not surprised that it did not taste the same as the real thing. Disappointing isn’t it?

    Yes, VERY!!! No choice…would have to drive to that nearby town if ever I feel like eating it.

  9. come come….we go eat the one in Damansara. Best

    Damansara one? High class one kah? Come, come…we go Bintangor and eat – best in the world. You will never look at rojak the same way again. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. Star Mega mall food court? Ok, shall try that next time, if not, i shall make a trip to bintangor to have the real thing and to Sarikei for the tom yum prawns noodles?

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Let me know, I wanna follow… 😉

  11. I remember us going to Bintangor to eat the rojak together (but you always told me I was mistaken – or was that Sarikei?)

    I’m quite sure it was you, me and Clare that went and the rojak place is very good, as is the orange juice!

    Nope, it wasn’t me… That was another guy.

  12. What a lovely holiday scene! Very nice! I can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner again…where does the time go?

    Yes, time certainly seems to fly these days. One more week and my girl will be home for the holidays – hope to do lots of stuff together, looking forward to whipping up a few nice dishes to share.

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