Keep tryin’…

I don’t have any problem cooking poached eggs with my instant noodles. Once everything is done, I would just crack an egg and drop it into the soup and cover the pot for a while to let the egg cook and that’s it! Somehow, however, I can’t seem to be able to come out with a poached egg, one that is nicely done, to be served on toast like in an Egg Benedict but nonetheless, I kept trying and trying.

This was what I did. I cracked the egg into a bowl first…

Step 1

…and then, I boiled some water in a saucepan…

Step 2

…and once it had started boiling, I stirred it vigorously and dropped the egg into the “whirlpool”…

Step 3 & 4

Then I covered the pot for a while to let the egg cook…and once ready, I took it out…


That morning, I had some Italian Milano bread from a local bakery and I toasted that and placed a slice of cheddar cheese on it and the egg on top…

PE on toast

I tried making some Hollandaise sauce to pour over itΒ but nope, I did not check the recipe and left out a few crucial ingredients. Never mind, I’ll get it right next time!

Unfortunately, we did not have any lettuce or tomato or whatever in the fridge that I could serve with what I had but at least, the egg was nicely done. One poke and the yolk oozed out ever so slowly and gracefully. Beautiful!…

Runny yolk

I’m afraid the whole thing did not look as good as those we get at the fancy cafes and restaurants, that I must admit. Well, I do know of some plastic pods available commercially for cooking poached eggs and in the absence of those, I saw on a video clip how they trimmed the edges with kitchen shears to get it nice and even. I wouldn’t want to bother doing that as it would be such a waste of the egg white – after all, it’s for my own home consumption so never mind the appearance. As they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating.

A couple of days later, I tried it again…


…with the whole works this time, a slice of SPAM and the melted cheddar cheese on top of my cousin’s own home-baked muffin all the way from Kuching plus all the greens and tomato and I even managed to get hold of some fresh button mushrooms but unfortunately, my second attempt at making some Hollandaise sauce did not turn out too well – in fact, I thought it tasted nicer the previous time when I “forgot” the lemon juice and it wasn’t so sour and that watery.

Anybody wants to give this a try? As for me, I think it is way too much work…and I’d just wait till I’ll hop over to KL or some place where I can just order this at some cafΓ© and enjoy myself, minus all that hassle, thank you very much.

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35 thoughts on “Keep tryin’…”

  1. improvisation! love it πŸ˜€ and i guess as you keep experimenting, you’ll find the perfect style of egg and sauce that suits your taste buds. the egg looks great, rich and creamy, and i bet it tastes better than some of the poached eggs we get at cafes πŸ˜€

    The egg is…egg. I need to work on the Hollandaise sauce, that’s for sure.

  2. Poached eggs are my favourite too. Ur version looks good. Professional chefs add some vinegar into the whirlpool so the eggs coddles as well – u might give that a go.

    Yup, I’ve heard that to but I left it out for fear that the egg would have a sour taste. Maybe just try one of these days to see how it goes.

  3. The mushrooms look really yummy. How fresh are they? I love freshly harvested mushrooms.

    I’m never was a fan of poached eggs. Neither is my daughter, although I’d make them if she did like them. My dad likes them poached eggs and occasionally I’ll make them for him. The things we do for those we love… sighs. It looks like you did a great job here. Which isn’t surprising. Bravo!

    The mushrooms certainly looked nice and new – I hear they’re not imported, from our own highlands but they’re by no means cheap though. 😦
    I’m ok with eggs in any form so I would try different ways of cooking, something different for a change – poaching and boiling would definitely be healthier than frying.

  4. Believe it or not I also poached my eggs this way! Haha! But I called it Lorng pou not so classy πŸ™‚

    That’s the Chinese name – egg course…brings good luck, contains lots of gold!

  5. Went through a poached egg phase at home but nowadays no longer crave for it. Prefer ajitsuke tamago now. As for hollandaise sauce, there is an easy way using blender but it’s so super fattening!

    Aiks!!! I’m old school…and so lazy to take that out to use and clean it afterwards and put back again, plus I don’t make much, just enough for one or two servings. Maybe I’ll try some other sauces instead, whatever I like. Ahhhhh!!! Your Japanese egg, the one you boiled for 8 hours or something like that? Ummmm…I think I’d pass. πŸ˜€

  6. Arthur, you bought organic type of eggs? I notice the yolks are deeper yellow in colour.. So now I know this is the way to get it done…

    Nope, ordinary eggs. Not a fan of those organic or Omega 3 ones – do not have the nice egg smell, kind of tasteless…even though people say they’re healthier…and they’re so much more expensive too!

  7. Nice! It’s not easy to make a perfect poached egg, you did well here. Did you add in some vinegar to the water? I’ve seen some recipes with vinegar though, maybe next time you can try smoked salmon instead of ham? πŸ˜€

    Don’t think we can get smoked salmon here – my daughter would love that but I’m fine with ham…or bacon. Slurpssss!!!! You can try cooking poached egg with vinegar and blog about it – let’s see how it turns out. πŸ˜‰

  8. Looks good. Nice presentation. Always fail big time to get the poached egg like yours.Yummy!!!!…Slurppppppp!!!!

    Not too difficult, actually…just that it does not look as nice as those in the cafes and restaurants. 😦

  9. I am not particular about my egg. After all in the end it ended up in your stomach. haha.

    Keep on trying Arthur!

    It’s ok now…or at least, it’s good enough for me. πŸ˜‰

  10. It looks nice to me. Practice makes perfect.
    I hardly spend on these kind of breakfast in cafes although they are so many choices here T_T

    For one thing, they’re not cheap. Once in a long while would be fine, I guess.

  11. heyyy i think thats good enough already!! look at the runny egg yolk! yummy!!

    Yup! After all, it’s just for own consumption…and we can’t get such western breakfast fare here in Sibu. 😦

  12. Try add some vinegar or lemon juice within the poaching water, it make the egg white clog and not spread away…

    Ok, will try that next time. Thanks for the tip. Not much white floating away in the water, just a negligible bit but the egg did not turn out nice like a pouch or a purse.

  13. Not bad! Not bad! Last pic looks pretty good with so many ingredients πŸ™‚

    Yup, tasted great too – too bad about the sauce but that was a hell lot of work. Will think twice about going through all that again. I’m basically lazy, VERY lazy. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. I love eggs. And if there’s one thing I could put in my resume, that would be “skilled egg poacher.”
    Hey, a tip. Before dropping your egg, throw in a teaspoon of vinegar. It helps your egg whites to come together. And it’s crucial to use a slotted spoon.

    btw, new reader here. Hope you can visit and comment on my blog too. See you. πŸ™‚

    Ahhhh!!!! An eggspert!!! πŸ˜€ Yes, I was using a slotted spoon – will try cooking it with the vinegar and see if it looks better or not, thanks so much for the tip. Been avoiding that for fear it may taste sour.

    Yes, saw your blog via
    A warm welcome to you, thanks for dropping by & commenting. Will link you in my blogroll. Do come again.

  15. wow, nice!! if i’m gonna cook sunny side egg, it will end up as scrambled egg.. if i’m gonna cook half boiled egg, it will end up as full boiled egg.. if i’m gonna cook poached egg, it will end up as egg soup!! muahahaha~~ πŸ˜€

    So all your attempts turn out to be disastrous egg-cidents then? LOL!!!

  16. Looks good. Great to know that it’s doable without mixing the water with vinegar, like what most cooks do.

    Worked fine, just didn’t look so nice.

  17. It still looked good and I bet tasted awesome too even though you missed some ingredients!

    Yup, tasted great…just that it did not look all that great – the sauce was so watery. 😦

  18. Bravo Bravo!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!! (Standing!!!)

    Well done Arthur! I can have that for breakfast everyday! πŸ˜€

    *takes a bow* LOL!!! πŸ˜€ No lah, still not good enough, will have to work on the look, see how I can make it look nicer. πŸ˜‰

  19. Yum, that yolk oozing out! I do that with that ‘plastic pod’ as you put it. It’s more for soft-boiled eggs but works just as well. I let the egg stay in there longer to cook the egg a little more.

    The soft-boiled egg-maker is a wonderful gadget and yields the best result. Cheap too. Some places sell it for RM6.50, others a ringgit or two more but probably cheaper in Sibu. It’s yellow and white, in case you’re looking.

    I’ve seen those. My school canteen people used that to cook half-boiled eggs. No, thank you…I’m fine without it – just working on poaching eggs and getting them to look nice. I’m perfectly ok with all the other ways of cooking eggs.

  20. Your poached egg looks good!

    The trick to making it is to have a really fresh egg and drop it right at the whirlpool and the “updraft” (except this refers to water) will do the rest.

    My better half can consistently cook a perfect poached egg for Eggs Benedict so I let her do it coz I used to be better at all things egg but now the student has surpassed the master by far. Haha!

    That special gentle touch, I guess. Too bad we men are not so good as such delicate things. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!! I just use the eggs we have in the fridge, not too sure how fresh the ones at the shops are, anyway.

  21. Ok, today I learn how to make a good poached egg this way πŸ˜€. Thks for sharing. Next time I try this, I’ll put some vinegar in the water as suggested by a reader here.
    Hey, your breakfast looks good. In fact, looks better than what is served at some cafes here especially the one with mushrooms!

    I hear they’re from Cameron – cheaper, and white and nice, fresh – usually, the imported ones would be dark and mushy-looking…and expensive. I never bothered to buy those. I would try with vinegar too the next time.

  22. It’s quite interesting to cook a poached egg even though at times, it might not come out perfect. Yours is perfect! I remember I added some vinegar to the water too.

    That’s what everybody tells me. Yet to try that.

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