Sometime last week, my missus and I went around looking for some new places in town to eat and we ended up in the vicinity of Ulu Sungai Merah, past the Giant Hypermart if you’re coming from the town centre, to this coffee shop…


…opposite the Wonderful ย Supermarket and Departmental Store.

It certainly seemed as if there wasn’t much life around there at that time of the day but we managed to find a stall that was open and my missus had the ayam penyetย (RM6.50)…


She was thrilled to see the chili dip as the colour gave her the impression that they made it using cili padi but unfortunately, it was not hot at all…or at least, not to her. What she ordered was all right – I would not say it was all that great compared to the rest that we had had before at some other places in town. They certainly were very generous with the meat though – one whole drumstick, thigh and all.

I decided to give their sour duck rice (RM4.50) a try…


…as I love duck and it sounded like something I would enjoy.

Well, it was nice – the duck cooked with a lot of ginger and I guess it got the slight sourish taste from the preserved vegetables in it…


…but I would prefer the meat in bigger chunks or slices as it was quite a hassle going through all those little bits and wondering whether it was meat or ginger.

It turned out that the young man running the stall as an ex-student of the school where I was teaching before I retired. He said that he could recognise me even though I never taught him way back then. Hmmm….unfortunately, there wasn’t any special discount nor a special lunch treat seeing that it was my first time patronising his food stall. Sigh!!!!

All in all, I thought what we had that day was not too bad but I sure would not want to go all the way to eat that. Perhaps, the next time, I would venture there at night as I think there would be a lot more life then with most of the shops in the area going full swing till late and there are also some hawker stalls around that look quite interesting.

Moving away from the post proper, the postman dropped by sometime last week and passed me this…


…and inside, there were these…


– my favourite meatballs gravy from IKEA!

Thank you so much, Melissa – you shouldn’t have troubled yourself getting me those and sending them…but it is certainly most appreciated, of course.

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31 thoughts on “Stars…”

  1. go giant get some Marina Beef Balls… quite nice, 50 sen satu, sold in RM10 for 20 bijik… sodap …!

    They’re good? Can’t remember whether I’ve tried, maybe I have but I love their sardines and their patties. IKEA ones like those too? Hmmmm….then I wouldn’t bother to go all the way to try. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ah yes! I had those balls before:
    and their Salisbury beef is nice too!

  2. Is that cabbage in the second photo? Yesterday, I made a cabbage dish.

    Oh you would have thought he would have given you a tiny discount, especially since you could refer people to his stall through your blog post. If I lived anywhere near you, I’d be tempted to check out a few spots or at least recommend them to loved ones.

    Yup, that was cabbage, raw. Ya…that’s what I’m doing but some things that I like, others may not…and vice versa – all my opinions are solely my own, and to each his own.

    Too bad, no discount…nothing but I’m not surprised. Young people today, it is more an “I” generation…and they do not seem to realise the meaning and the importance of goodwill. In the old days, they would give you a treat the first time around or a discount perhaps…or a bit more of what they were selling and these gestures were more often than not very much appreciated and you would surely come back again and again. Those who do that around here would usually be the older ones…and they’re few and far between.

  3. RM5.50 for nasi ayam penyet. That is cheap!!!

    yummy. I love Ikea meatball gravy too.

    Ya, it’s nice. Great on mashed potatoes as well. BTw, the ayam penyet was RM6.50 – better ones at Bandong & elsewhere.

  4. No special discount for an ex-teacher! And a famous food blogger at that. He’s obviously not going to go far. Well,that’s the problem, if you had taught him, he probably wouldn’t be selling sour duck (not that there’s anything wrong in selling sour duck).

    He would go far if his business goes well…but I do think he would need a few pointers on customer service and relations. For one thing, he told me he was an ex-student much later when I had finished eating and was asking him about the other things he was selling. He should have acknowledged me the first instant he saw me, never mind any discount or special treat or not – that, at least, would be good enough.

  5. Got tell him don’t chop the meat into so tiny pieces or not?

    I preferred roasted duck . Habit die hard. Still prefer the one in petaling st though had tasted many. Second favourite is the one at ampangfoong foong ytf place

    There’s a “herbal roast duck” place in town – can’t go and try as missus doesn’t eat duck. Maybe one fine day, I’d go alone… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. I like duck too especially “pak lor ark”. Maybe can try cooking the sour duck rice. Looks good. Waiting for your post on the meatball gravy.

    Ya, I like phak lor too. Like the beef noodles I had recently, the preserved/salted vegetables killed the nice taste and fragrance of the duck. Could have been pork or any kind of meat, no difference.

    As for the gravy, I had blogged about it here:
    and also here:
    and here too:
    Take your pick!

    1. Thought you have new recipe coming up to do away with the meatballs gravy.

      Dunno, no inspiration…and my girl loves meatballs, so I guess that will just have to do.

  7. oh, sour duck?? this is something new to me, hmmm, sounds nice cooked with pickled veggie huh?? only found in Sibu?? i am Teochew and when it comes to duck it would always be the braised duck at home, haha, love the gravy to go with rice (not the meat though unless i get hold of the breast), definitely yummy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, I’m like you – would rather go for that anytime…and with stewed eggs, so very nice. This is probably Foochow, I wouldn’t know…and I think I’ve eaten pork cooked this way before – pretty much the same.

  8. Sour duck rice? That’s something I haven’t heard of before! I’m more interested in your post on using the Ikea meat ball gravy ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My first time too, ok with it…still prefer the 5-spice stewed duck with eggs. The gravy? See my reply to Irene – don’t think I’ll be blogging about it anymore.

  9. Interesting dish- Sour Duck Rice. I would expect the taste to be quite similar to Pork Trotter Vinegar?

    Nope! The black vinegar has its own fragrance and taste, really quite different.

  10. Ahh…no wasn’t troublesome ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think I’ll prefer roast duck and stewed duck! hhe….
    I remembered I had this ayam penyet with rice from a coffee shop opposite Wisma Sanyan. It was quite nice… and the chili was quite spicy. I wonder if that stall is still there.

    Oh? Just tried the laksa at the shops there – hardly ever go to that area as very congested, parking is such a pain. I love the one at the so-called nyonya cafe…but that’s so expensive. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. I like IKEA curry puffs and the cookies sold there… yes, taken the meatballs before too but I didn’t know that they have these meatballs gravy for sale… next time I will get some and try.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Heard so much about it but never been there… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  12. Hahaha somehow sour duck sounds so funny. Is the preserved veges Kiam Cai (Teochew) or Zao Cai (Foochow)?

    No idea? Usually, here we use the local kiam cai – the one the vegetable sellers will make themselves…and I’ve heard of the usual kiam chai used to cook soup with duck and chao chai with fish for soup. I’ve had pork cooked this way – maybe it’s because my missus does not eat duck and other people do cook it like this and I didn’t know.

  13. food hunter! I love what you’re doing, hunting for new eateries and sharing it here for the “tam chiak kui” ppl like me ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good things, must share mah…and it may help the businesses a bit during these not very easy times.

  14. Sungai Merah, sounds so familiar to me, I have an ex Uni mate who lives there la! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Another food posted to you? So nice!

    You have? I wonder what his or her name is…

  15. ooo, i’d be relieved that it’s not cili padi. i can’t handle too much fieriness in my food, heheh ๐Ÿ˜€ and yay, pos express did its job this time! nice of melissa to send you that ๐Ÿ˜€

    This was posekspres – the cheaper version, not poslaju…and yet, Melissa was surprised that I got it so quickly. Obviously, expensive does not necessarily mean better…or maybe the people here are more responsible and efficient? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Wow..u also venture to this area? hahahahhahhaha

    Go there at night, love the restaurant/coffee shop, night time got tai chow, food was not bad, went there on my last trip back. The one facing the sungai.

    I could see that place must be very much alive at night but I seldom go out at night. Maybe one of these days…

  17. I have heard of Ayam Penyet but haven’t had a chance to try it. Apparently from what I read, they boil the chicken in spices, fry it and then smash it hence the name penyet. Definitely a hassle to prepare in my own kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

    No idea how it’s cooked but the main thing that separates the men and the boys would be the sambal dip. Chicken is after all… just chicken.

  18. I love to find new places to eat even if it’s just a social thing. Always nice for a change of scenery

    Yup, and I get bored going to the same places all the time. Will always try different places, never mind if the food ain’t that great – you’ll never know unless you try, right?

  19. wooo sourish dish is always appetizing! can finish a big bowl of white rice!

    Yup, it was good…just not really outstanding – I would want to enjoy the taste of duck if it’s duck I’m eating. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. Meatball gravy! I love them with mashed potatoes ๐Ÿ˜€

    Me too. Gotta make some and serve with the gravy. Slurpsssss!!!!

  21. Haha.. I remember you mentioned before that you dislike ginger…

    What are you going to do with the brown sauce?

    Yup, I don’t mind the tatse – all depends on what’s cooking but I really hate biting into it so there I was busy trying to distinguish whether it was duck or ginger and pushing the strips of the root to the side and hating it when I bit into one. I wish people would cook ginger in chunks or slices so I could remove it easily….

  22. Sour duck ? I never heard it before. Wondering how it taste like.

    Meatball….not a fan of beef but certainly like their sauce

    Fried meat with lots of ginger and preserved/salted vegetables…and soy sauce, I guess.

  23. Oo…forgotten to tell u normally I read ur post from the last post I read…I just take a glance on ur first post unless something interesting…ehheheheh

    I see. You’re way behind then – this is a few days old already, at least.

  24. Sour duck? Hmmm, interesting. Prefer roast duck anytime. Stewed ginger duck also nice ๐Ÿ˜€

    Phak lor for me – five-spice stewed duck…with the eggs. Mu favourite but missus doesn’t eat duck…so she hardly ever cooks. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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