Kawan in Malay means friend…


…and when my friend, Philip, in the US was home earlier this year, he kept telling me how nice the coffee at this place in Rejang Park here was…

K coffee

…and indeed, it was really great.

An ex-student of mine was home from Kuching and he shared a photograph of the kampua noodles that he was having here…

K kampua

…and he said it was good. I mentioned that I heard the coffee was good and he said that his father was drinking that and loving it.

Prior to this, I loved the noodles at this coffee shop directly opposite but I can’t remember much about the coffee at that one. I would say that the ones that I had here was good, though not exactly the same and the pian sip

K pian sip

…soup wasn’t too bad either. I could detect a hint of either Foochow red wine or vinegar and I quite liked that – I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if it had been stronger though as I would not want anything to drown out the original taste of the clear soup.

So, if you’re looking for really good coffee, this is one place that you can check out…and while you’re there, you can have the kampua noodles and the pian sip too – I’m sure you’d enjoy them as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Friend…”

  1. wah, Kawan. that’s a perfect name for a malaysian cafe. waiting for a Kawan coffee outlet to open in KL πŸ˜€

    There’s a Kawan Hotel here too…quite a big one but the location’s a bit off, not quite walking distance to places in the town centre.

  2. Glad you liked the coffee too, Arthur. No need to go to Sungei Merah anymore. Next time, will have to try the kampua and piansip.

    The kampua’s good, the pian sip’s just ok – there are better ones elsewhere.

  3. So this will be in your good makan list ya.

    Many good or even better ones elsewhere…but the coffee’s among the top – hope they’re consistent. Some places, it depends on the barista.

  4. My parents are coffee drinkers, me not so much. I have not drank coffee in years. What’s int he last dish, look like some type of dumpling?

    I’m a coffee person, no tea for me… Those are dumplings all right, our local version of the wanton or the ravioli but it has its own special skin – very thin and not firm so cooking would have to be just right or it would render it too soft and not so nice and there’s minimal meat inside – they actually apply it like a thin spread of butter.

  5. A nice glass of kopi-o (with milk) would boost up my day. 1st cup in the morning. Owh!!!..that lady at the stall is sweating all over. Good business, eh?

    Not really. Maybe she’s like me, sweats a lot…but not as bad. Mine would be dripping away – adds extra flavour to what I cook. Muahahahahaha!!!!! No milk for me – makes me sleepy. 😦

  6. U drink kopi everyday?

    A mug in the morning, Nescafe…no sugar and no more unless I go and eat something outside which isn’t every day. I saw somebody sharing on FB the other day – three cups a say is good?

  7. Next time you dropping by here, do find me for a a glass of coffee (for my case, a glass of iced tea)! I am nearby! hehehe! I like the pian sip soup.

    Oh? You’re staying around there – pretty near where I stay then. I always go to the post office there to pay my bills…

    1. is it? My SIL’s shop is there. I stay in Lorong Merdeka.

      Good good. Can yam cha together. When are you free??? πŸ™‚

      That’s nearby. My friend, Philip…his mum’s house is in that area too.

  8. I don’t really like kopi-o. Maybe I am too used to Nescafe instant coffee. But I did have lots of kopi-o when I was a child as my grandma would always make a pot everyday and keep it in the fridge. My late grandpa likes his coffee cold.

    Not the ones over there – I’d rather have Nescafe but one time in Kuching, I ordered as I thought they simply could do no wrong with that…and they did!!! Tsk! Tsk! You should come over and try the ones here – so very nice…but like everything else, you need to know where to go. Same here, my mum would make a pot of kopi-o…and we would be drinking that throughout the day and any leftover would be kept in the fridge…and she would have a pot of tea for my father – he wasn’t into coffee.

  9. Oh Kampua again haha, gosh, guess i have to try this out, quite curious about the taste and texture actually 😑

    Ask your friend, Constance…she loves it to bits!

  10. I m always proud of our local kopi… intense flavors, great aroma and cheaper than all other fancy ones… hehehe…

    You must try the ones here – much nicer than the kopitiam ones in the peninsula.

  11. That looks like a mighty strong cup of coffee!

    Just the way I like it – I would always order kopi-o peng kau kau kau…yo make sure they make it the way I want it. πŸ˜€

  12. Mmm.. that sure looks like a refreshing iced cuppa.

    You know when I was in Kuching, I had a few giggles from the shop names. Nothing bad or anything like that but they sound so sock-it-to-you sort of that just brought out the laughter.

    They’re not so creative in KL? I think there’s a place called Three Little Pigs – I like that…and you can bet I would like what they sell too. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Kawan at Rejang Park? Facing main road? Only coffee nice? As good as the one at Choon Seng?

    You haven’t heard about Choon Seng? Not good anymore – the son is making the coffee now. It seemed that they saw the lady at the char kway teow stall enjoying brisk business so they got rid of her…and the father is there at that stall now frying kway teow and the son has taken over his work. Now, the coffee is not nice…and the kway teow isn’t nice either. I don’t bother going there for the coffee, anymore. Philip and I were quite disappointed the last time we went there. 😦

  14. My hometown (kampar) has a kawan coffee shop too. My parents loves to go there every time we go back. I really hope that I can visit Sibu one day to try out those kampuas in your pictures.

    You’ll be most warmly welcomed – would love to have you here! πŸ˜‰ Oh? You’re from Kampar? Love the chicken biscuit!

  15. I like the shop name too, cause seldom people would put something like this!!! =]

    Ya? I thought this would be pretty common…and now that you mentioned it, ya…I don’t think I’ve seen it any place else other than this one and the hotel in Sibu.

  16. Strange but when I saw the signboard, I thought of an old TV series Empat Sekawan πŸ˜€

    Oh? Don’t think I ever watched… Not a fan of the local shows.

  17. Used to be addicted to caffeine. Now that I don’t have to force myself to wake up at certain time anymore, I no longer drink coffee, unless I go to a nice cafe then will sample their espresso. Hehe

    I wouldn’t say I’m addicted but I would enjoy a cuppa when I wake up in the morning, fine without it…and no sugar, not anymore…and when I go out, I don’t mind another round if the coffee’s good or I’d just order water. None of the other kinds of drinks for me, thank you.

  18. The noodle looks good especially with the fried shallot… but the char siew colouring looks very artificial! πŸ˜€

    Make no mistake, that’s NOT char siew! It’s BOILED meat, coloured red with whatever sauce. This isn’t so bad, more or less the same shade as what we grew up eating…you should see some of the rest! Yucks!!! Even I get put off by it.

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