More and more…

Oh me oh my!!! When my daughter and I went over to Kuching that day, I brought along a few packets of my newly-discovered instant Sibu kampua noodles each for my cousins and my friend, Jimmy, for them to try…

Instant Sibu kampua

…and the next thing I knew everyone was placing orders for more and more of the same…


…so I had to go back to the place to get it for them.

I met my paternal cousin there – he had read the post in my blog and had dropped by to try their fish head noodles that I said were good and he quite agreed with my opinion…and he promptly picked up the tab for what we had, thank you so much, coz!

This time around, I had their mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup…


…and I would say it was very good though I thought the serving was a little small, a bit smaller than those at the regular stalls in the coffee shops.

My missus had the tom yam hung ngang (the big mihun)…


…and she loved it. She said that it was very nice…


…but not as nice as the ones here or here – theirs, according to her, are very much nicer…

Payung's TYP

…and they had prawns, not fish…but of course, their price is about 2-3 times more so the choice is yours – cheap and nice but not as nice…or a lot nicer but very much more expensive.

Gosh!!! I saw on their Facebook page that they had an order for 200 packs to go to New Zealand…and over 300 packs  bound for Kuching, out of which 25 were my order and I heard that 5, plus 10 more on a separate order, would be going to somebody in China…and somebody in KL has managed to get hold of some and would be getting some more, a lot more as everybody there wants it too! Good grief! It certainly looks like our celebrated Sibu kampua noodles have gone global, believe it or not!!!

A cousin of mine in Kuching sent 5 packets of the Sibu kampua noodles to her son in Liverpool in the UK and he received it in 4 days, the same as when I sent something to my friend in Seremban via our “POSLAMBAT” (Tsk! Tsk!)…and of course, he has starting feasting on his most coveted treasure.

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23 thoughts on “More and more…”

  1. Has me curious what makes these noodles so special? Interesting indeed, perhaps someday I’ll get the chance to try them myself.

    The broth in all those dishes looks very flavorful. Any of them spicy?

    The tom yam should be spicy but not the one here – toned down to suit the local Chinese taste as they’re not into really spicy stuff. You can try cooking the noodles using whatever noodles you have there – maybe the texture’s not the same and the taste not exactly like it but you’ll get a fair idea what it’s like.

    Just fry some sliced shallots in cooking oil, peanut or palm oil…not olive oil as the smell is too strong. Add soy sauce – you can use dark or light. Here, they add msg, lots of it 0 but you can leave that out. I usually add Bovril (it’s yeast now…no beef extract anymore) and pounded chili and garlic. Add pepper, if you wish. Boil the noodles till cooked and toss. That would be a little similar to these noodles, the way we have it here. Over there, you may be able to get the distant cousin – wanton mee at the Chinese shops but it’s not quite the same.

  2. Everyone is going global and soon everyone knows what is kampua. Very thoughful and enterprising whoever first thought and produce this instant noodle.

    Do they sell in supermarkets yet or I need to go to their shop only to buy the noodles?

    Nope, you’ll have to go to the shop and now that they’re selling so well…you may have to order first…especially if you want a lot at one go.

  3. Ahah! Soon they can expand and distribute over here too! I am looking out for that 🙂 They should appoint you as the Kampua ambassador!

    I know people ordering and arrange for friends or family to bring over. They do not make a lot so pre-orders would be necessary esepcially when buying in bulk.

  4. You have influenced all the people and make the kampua noodles gone global. Very geng. Soon all will be out of stock. All the food looks good. Salivating!!!!!…

    Yes, when I first bought it, I could just pick one off the counter – now I would have to pre-order. 😦

  5. Gone global thanks to you i guess? haha, i remember seeing them sharing your blog link on facebook (shared by you anyway); they should hire you as ambassador :p. Did i just see bitter gourd in tom yum ?

    Nope, that was tomato, not a very ripe one at that.

  6. The other noodle don’t seem appetizing to me, strange. But the Tom Yam looks very delicious. Maybe because I haven’t had one in a long while.

    That’s a traditional Foochow delight…and typical of Foochow cuisine, they’re usually very simple, not really attractive looking…but VERY VERY nice. Just try it – I bet you would not want the tom yam anymore after that. As they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating! 😉

  7. Would bet my bottom ringgit you would say “oh the instant Sibu kampua noodles from Sarawak no way can beat Sibu kampua noodles, Sibu’s still the best” haha.

    The instant ones are also from Sibu, Sarawak, what are you rambling about? And just as instant curry mee cannot beat the freshly-cooked ones at the shops, the same applies here.

    They’re pretty good though – the taste is there, just like the real thing…and it would be ideal for people living outside of Sibu who cannot get hold of any or any that’s good. For one thing, one serving is small…and I would need two and that would cost around RM2.20…and for that kind of money, I can have the same or maybe, something even nicer outside + with meat.

    1. Oops thought Sibu is in Japan lolz haha. Yalah sorry got confused thought saw you bought instead of brought it from Kuching..:),

      How did Japan come into the picture? You’ve been drinking?

  8. Tsk tsk tsk, now everyone know this instant kampua and it is always out of stock!!! My mum had to order in advance, in order for her to try the taste! I must get it!!

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! They should give me a treat for the promo – now so famous! 😉 I suppose she says it’s not bad?

  9. ooo, maybe one of these days, someone might walk into a malaysian restaurant in new zealand or england and see sibu kampua noodles on the menu! 😀

    Why not? Nothing’s gonna stop us now! I do know of places in Perth and Melbourne selling Sibu kampua, not cheap – almost AUD10 a plate! You can google – you’ll find them all right…and I did go to a place in Auckland once – nothing like the real thing and the only saving grace was it was nice and they gave real char siew. Heard the place has closed down now though. NZ$8.00 a plate then, went up to $10…but serving was huge, enough for two. Then, of course, you have all those places in KL and Penang and even in Singapore – good enough to appease one’s craving, I guess. 😉

  10. Grrrrrrr my comment hilang again…

    Was saying what ah….lupa….

    Mi suah looks good. Good enough wine ka?

    Yup, cukup…just nice but if missus, I think she would want more. She always adds so much, might was well drink the wine straight… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  11. I’ve gotta get a whole box of these noodles next time I go back home!

    I wonder if they’ll pass Singapore customs…should be alright, they’re not as strict as Australia with the “nothing with eggs shall pass” rule.

    It got through NZ and they’re helluva strict…and no problem getting into the UK too. Singapore would be a breeze.

  12. Arthur… maybe you can do side business…. start taking orders for us here for that Kampua noodle and we pay you to ship it over…. lol…. what do you think?? 😉

    No, thanks. I’m basically….VERY lazy! Hehehehehe!!!!!

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