Time to go home…

We were in Kuching for two nights only and there was hardly time to do much really…other than going around to eat and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go home.

I don’t know what got into them but it so happened that so many of my cousins bought me packets and packets of bee pang (fragrant rice)…

Gifts 1

…which are actually cakes made of rice bubbles with fried shallots added to give it its nice fragrance but these days, there are other flavours available, it seems. Another cousin gave me some of the bak koi (meat cake, which is actually steamed egg cake with meat and fried shallots added) that he made for our little gathering the first night Melissa and I were in Kuching…and somebody gave me the M&S shorties though I can’t exactly place my finger on who right now. Sigh!!! There can be no denying that I’m getting old and my memory is starting to fail me sometimes. Sobsssss!!!!!

Yet another cousin went some place for tea and he thought that I might love the scones…

Gift 2

…so he got me two to try. Ooooo….they were really very good even without the clotted cream and homemade fruit jam – I certainly would want more than two if ever I could lay my hands on more.

Remember Ma Baker? My cousin who’s into baking artisan breads? Well, she gave me some of her muffins…and also a bit of whatever bread that she had at hand.

Gifts 3

At the time of writing, I’ve yet to try them but no worries, when I get round to doing that, I certainly would blog about it. Then there was this cousin of mine, home in Kuching for the weekend from KL and she gave me those M&S biscuits to take home. I certainly do not seem to ever run short of a regular supply, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!

Wait a minute! That’s not all, no siree…for there was yet another cousin of mine who promised to go and buy the nyonya kuihs…

Gifts 4

…early Monday morning so that they would be nice and fresh and I could take them all home to enjoy…and she managed to get some kee chang (plain dumplings) for my mum (She loves them!) as well.

Last but definitely not least, there were also those lovely cakes that my friend, Jimmy, gave me. We’ve finished all of them now and I was so engrossed in enjoying his carrot cake…

J's carrot cake

…that I almost forgot to snap a photo of it before it was all gone. Hehehehehe!!!!!! This was the last one we tried – his triple cheese butter cake…


– parmesan and cream cheese in the cake and cheddar on top and it goes without saying that it was just as rich and as nice as all the rest. Yum! Yum!!!

Well, to whom it may concern, thank you for the gifts and thanks so much also for the treats and everything. It certainly was a great weekend getaway…and we do hope to do that again sometime. Ok…ok…no need to run and hide now! Muahahahahaha!!!!!