A long long long time ago…

…around the mid-70’s, I was in the college nearby and I used to frequent the open air stalls here…

BL open air

…at Batu Lintang in Kuching.

Melissa wanted Chinese and I, for one, would know that she would love the or-chian (oyster omelette), Kuching-style…


…so we had that for dinner that night with my aunties, cousins and nieces. Some call it the “Kuching pizza” and the TWO we had that night were very nice indeed.

I can’t remember which stall I used to frequent for their tomato crispy fried noodles or kway teow (flat rice noodles) way back then but that night, they ordered the food from this one…


…which seemed to be the most popular around now.

The drunken prawns were superb…


…very fresh and succulent and so very sweet…and I loved the fish too…


I think this was what they call “Soon Hock” so hopefully, I would have some hock (good luck) soon. LOL!!!

There were two plates of midin (wild jungle fern)…


– one with belacan (dried prawn paste) and the other with red wine or something, I’m not too sure…mainly for the benefit of my cousin and her daughter from KL as they do not have this there. Actually, I did not have any as I was too lazy to reach across the table to help myself and besides, we can get that anytime and have it so frequently back here in Sibu.

I tried the Nestum pork…


…but it wasn’t really nice so I just had that one piece, that was all.

The Foochow-style fried noodles…


…were pretty good and I had a lot of that though I could detect a difference in the texture of the noodles used – ours in Sibu would be softer, not so firm but these were very nicely done nonetheless.

The total came to over RM200.00 for 11 people, inclusive of rice, and everyone said that it was so very cheap. Well, with fish and prawns and oysters, I would think that was a steal too. Personally, I do feel that it makes a lot more sense to pay less to come and eat at places like this and enjoy the food a whole lot more. What do you think?

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38 thoughts on “A long long long time ago…”

  1. I agree, sounds like most of the food was really great and made much better since you were with loved ones.

    Yes, I do enjoy our get-togethers every time I go over to Kuching.

  2. Oh.. so it’s called Or-chian? Now I know. hehe. I always wondering what was that food, looks tempting. . The malay stall at the corner was not bad. Used to have dinner at that place long time ago. The fried mee was marvelous back then.

    I remember there was an Indian shop there, Indian Muslim…and I used to go for the Indian rojak – red and sweet…nothing like Kassim’s but this was very nice too. Great for a change from the usual. Can’t remember ever trying the mee.

    1. Rojak Kuchey was the name. Already burnt last year..

      Awwwww….no wonder no shop in the corner of the block where I remember where it was. It has connections with Tok Janggut, right?

      1. Eh, the stalls have all been newly built and rojak kuchey is back in action la. They don’t open at night.

        The whole place was burnt or just a face lift for the place? Indeed, much nicer now…compared to those days. The Indian place’s a stall now? I remember in the 70’s, it was at the shops…the corner shop nearest to the traffic lights – facing the stalls and the main road parking space, not the BSB (Blue Sky Bar) side, never took note of the name…but I did hear they’re related to Tok Janggut.

  3. The best in town back then and still is popular
    now. I also used to go there as a child because of family dinner. It really has been a long long long time I have been there. We always go to the stalls at the back (facing government houses). My hubby likes the stall at the main road traffic light. I don’t remember the stall’s name.

    We went to the ones at the back – in the past, only those at the back, none in front.

  4. Definitely! It doesn’t matter whether got air con or not.. as long as the food is yummy and the price is reasonable, the crowd will be there.. sweating or not.. hahaha.. Really nice food there, Arthur!

    One place to consider for this kind of fare. There’s another place, very famous and popular…but that one is halal. Very nice too…

  5. Sharing good food with family is always a lot of fun. Food at the open air stalls are value for money. In fact, some of their dishes taste a lot better than at the expensive restaurants.

    Precisely. Some people go for class, not too particular about taste.

  6. I believe that was nestum chicken, not pork. Not sure if the stalls there sell pork or not.

    Oh? It was chicken? Hmmm…no wonder it wasn’t nice. Hehehehehehe!!!! So this place is now halal like Top Spot as well?

    1. I wouldn’t know if it’s halal or not.

      Here, for food like this, the only one is at Bandong. Heard the ikan bakar is nice, never tried – also Chinese-run stall.

  7. Cheap!!!.cheap !!!..Nice dinner indeed with all the scrumptious food and prices are reasonable. Batu Lintang open air stalls serves nice food and is a popular place. Bukit Mata is another nice place but prices there are a bit steep.

    …and that one’s halal – a tourist trap. I hear they’ve nice places at Pending too. One time, we used to go all the way to Buntal…and I went to Green Mountain once, so far!

  8. oh, the kuching-style orr chien looks interesting, it’s more like pancake style rather than the scrambled-egg style over here.. and i also like the prawns and fish, yummy yummy!! 🙂

    Yup, nice and crispy. Everything was nice…just the pork. We can have much better ones at a few places here in Sibu.

  9. Is this the upstairs open-air place? The restaurant name does ring a bell. Anyway, we were there for dinner one of the evenings and I was surprised to see the ochien done this way. I must say it wasn’t as good as the one I’m more familiar with, the scrambled egg version. I don’t remember what else we ate but the food that night was just so-so only lah. Had a much better dinner at Bintangor and Sibu too, of course. 😀

    Nope, the upstairs one is the tourist trap – TopSpot at Wisma Bukit Mata…in the city centre – went there once or twice, so long ago that I can’t remember when and with who. This one’s out of town.

    This version is nice, good for a change but of course, it is up to the individual to have one’s own preference – which one he or she likes. Personally, I prefer the omelette one too…but I don’t mind this crispy version and if you ask my daughter, she’ll tell you she likes both.

    Have not eaten in Bintangor for a long time – not since that time when my girl was small and I used to drive to Kuching. I remember food was so cheap and so nice…and so much then, dunno now. Sibu food…of course lah, nicer. That one, no need to say one… Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  10. Well it sounds like a good time. I would love to see ‘the air stalls’ we don’t really have them here but it sort of reminds me of food courts but those are inside, mostly…the ideas of it tho, I guess

    They’re in a way, food courts with all the stalls lined up for you to choose – just that you sit in the open. Such hawkers centres are very common in this part of the world.

  11. Looks like you already have a lot of hock, good food, good company, and family all around — that’s the life. Will have to spend a little more time in Kuching next time.

    It’s different, but nice too if you know where to go…and if you have your own transport. Ya, I am indeed blessed. 🙂

  12. Wow Arthur! The dinner looks awesome. Oyster pizza sounds very interesting. The prawns and fish look great too! We come here again ok?! LOL!

    You’re hopping over? Let me know, I’ll join you there and I can show you around – I do know places with the best food in town. 😉

  13. That’s a steal indeed! Interesting Kuching pizza. The drunken prawns look so yummy and I love the fish, especially with the kerabu mango on it! 😍

    Yes, and the best part, most of what we had tasted really great! Wouldn’t mind going there again.

  14. RM200 for 11 people, not bad, in KL normally Rm200++ for 7 to 8 people for someplace like this!!! =]

    I guess there are some cheap places too…but generally, it certainly is a bit more expensive there especially if you’re having prawns and fish.

  15. Totally agree with you. RM200 for 11 people and everybody goes home happy instead of forking out a fortune at some plush eatery only to go home dissatisfied. I wonder how nestum pork tastes like. I always have nestum or oat prawns but never with pork.

    It’s chicken, I gather…but we do have Nestum pork here. Nice! We have the prawn version as well.

  16. The oyster omelette looks something different from ours, but one thing in common- oily. LOL i’d go for the drunken prawns, anything soak in chinese wine is good for me, chicken too 😀

    This is as oily as keropok and all those deep-fried things – most of the oil is left behind in the wok, not like the Penang fried ones…but whatever, it is not for you. Wine is good for you kah? Not if you have high blood pressure, fat guys usually do…and prawns have high cholesterol content too, not for you as well. Can’t have anything at all, it seems…not even plain rice – watch out for the hidden sugars. Maybe you can chew on the strips of ginger? That should be fine! 😀

    1. Not to that extent, i do eat once a while but even if i do, it won’t be in a huge amount. I don’t really care about cholesterol or whatsoever, but I’ll avoid fattening food, it’s inevitable for me to eat some due to food blogging but yea, trying to minimize 😀

      Never mind, I’ll help you…just nibble a bit, send the rest over. I’ll just ignore the missing corners. 😉

  17. the kuching-style oyster omelet sure looks different from what we’re used to! it’s like a cross between keropok and pizza and sui kow and karipap, etc. pretty cool 😀

    I would say yes to keropok…as in lekor…with oyster topping and it does look pizza-like. How do the other two come in? 😀

  18. Or-chian here looks more oily compared to yours, but still taste good!

    I guess here, they deep-fry and lift it up out of the oil and drain before serving whereas the ones over there, they fry the egg in a lot of oil with all the oysters and everything else and serve…so more oily.

  19. Aicks, my comment went missing again! Wonder is it my laptop or wordpress problem?

    Your or-chian looks less oily, compared to what we have here, I guess it’s healthier that way, hehe~

    I haven’t the slightest idea why it went to spam – I’ve retrieved it already…

  20. Kuching style oh chien looks interesting. At first I thought is pizza..hehe

    You’ve never been to Kuching. Must ask HB to take you there – different from Sibu, including the food – and city, of course…bigger and nicer.

  21. I love soon hock! Never tried it fried though. Its always been plain steam only.

    Don’t mind fish steamed but I think I prefer it this way… My girl would definitely want it fried wand served with sauce like this too, she’s no fan of steamed fish.

  22. i don like or take or-chian, give me all others, all looks superb. Midin, fish, prawns, pork and noodles, yum!!

    You don’t like oysters? Hmmmm….I don’t either but I love or chian – this way or the peninsula style.

  23. Lok Garden is the place we always frequent as well when we are back in Kuching. Miss their Or-Chien and Mango fish. Never tried drunken prawn and Nestum pork though. However, I will spend longer portion of my holidays in Sibu and only around a week in Kuching.

    The fish was good, and the prawns too. That was chicken, it seems…not pork…but I think we’ve better ones in Sibu e.g. at Ruby Restaurant and elsewhere.

  24. I know this place too! 🙂

    A frequent haunt when I was working in Kuching as well – this place and Bintawa is a lot cheaper and more reasonable than Medan Pelita (the open air car park seafood place which is always packed).

    Yup! Top Spot, the tourist trap. I think I’ve been there once a long long time ago.

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