After having enjoyed our very scrumptious banana leaf lunch, we headed here for some sweet dessert…


…somewhere in a lane off Jalan Haji Taha in Kuching.

If I’m not mistaken, they had a stall once at the Open Air Market in Kuching but the place was closed down for a while for renovations and when it was completed, they never moved back. Instead, they set up a shop here, occupying two shop lots and they also have a stall at a house nearby, around a hundred metres away…


…which belongs to one of the brothers or something…and both venues were equally packed!

My niece had this with the sweet corn…


…while Melissa had the cendol


…and I had the ang tao peng


…which was very very nice. It had its own special taste, different from the one that I like a lot in Sibu and even the red beans used were not the same…but personally, I think it could do with either a little less (sugar) syrup or a lot more ice as it was a bit too sweet for me.

Another cousin, back all the way from KL, dropped by here for that special Swee Kang sweet treat and was leaving just when we got to the place and she said that the fried carrot cake/chai thow koi/koay kak


…was very nice but we couldn’t possibly eat anything anymore. I guess that would just have to wait till the next time I’m in the city…