She said…

One of my cousins in Kuching went for a banana leaf lunch and she shared about it on Facebook and Melissa, being really fond of that, could not resist posting a comment on it…and my cousin said she would take her for the same when she came over to Kuching and she did…and needless to say, I had the pleasure of tagging along! LOL!!!

So there we were at this place…


…somewhere among the shops in the vicinity of Nanas Road & Rubber Road in Kuching.

I had their mango lassi…


…which was so very good and there were these deep-fried bitter gourd chips…


…which Melissa said were very nice but I did not try any myself.

The lamb curry was superb…


…and I loved the fish…

*Oops!!! Sorry for the blurry pic!*

…and the tandoori chicken as well…


It looked like they were deep-fried though, like the ones at this shop in Sibu…but it did not matter as it tasted great.

Some of us had plain rice but I chose to have the bryani


…and the whole works on the banana leaf…


…and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed that delightful lunch and so did Melissa. I’ve always loved Indian!

Another cousin said that should we drop by this place, we must try their fried thosai


…and we did. However, we did not think it was all that special, pretty much the same as thosai as we have always known it to be…or maybe we were all so full from the lunch that our taste buds were all kind of numb by then. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

But no, that wasn’t all! We still had not had dessert and for that, we headed to another place nearby and of course, that would be in another post…and in the meantime, thank you so much. C4STP, Β from both of us for the very yummy lunch treat.

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39 thoughts on “She said…”

  1. Oh everything looks delicious! I find it intriguing that it is all made on a banana leaf.

    I’ve made baked bitter gourd chips. We don’t do too much frying in our household. That being said, last week, I did make some potato chips that were pan fried.

    It’s not actually made on the leaf…but served on it in place of a plate. They say it makes food taste better and it has health benefits too, dunno how true that is. My daughter loves things deep fried, including potato chips but not me.

  2. Yummy banana leaf rice. I love the fried bittergourd. They didn’t give the dried chili ? Loved that too.

    Dried chili? And you eat it like that? Dunno banana leaf all that well – can count the number of times I have had it with one hand.

  3. Kuching has few great Indian cuisine outlets around. Next time you should try the Northern Indian Tandoori restaurant in Palm road. near this Banana Leaf

    You will have to give the specific name instead of something so vague. If you’re taking about Bombay Spices, it’s just a stone’s throw away, something like in the block just around the corner of this one – that’s northern Indian and not exactly at Palm Road…and I’ve been there, TWICE and I’ve blogged about it too!

    1. Ahhh, yes. Bombay Spices. For a minute I wonder what is the name. Heheh.

      I would be going back for few weeks on 17 Nov. Could not wait to eat all those yummy food back home. Hehehe.

      Have you tried Sri Pelita? To the right of Paramount Hotel – they’ve nice food there too and the bryani at the coffee shop opposite RH Hotel – Nur Islamic, very nice! And of course, there’s Cafe Ind (northern Indian). We do have very good Indian food here, just not on a banana leaf.

      1. Must get my hubby to drive me there bcos I dont like driving in the city centre. Jam and hard to find parkings.

        Hubby and I love good Indian food esp briyani.

        Not so bad these days, it seems… Looks like business isn’t so good, rather quiet around here lately or perhaps, lots of new places so people are not converging in the town anymore. Just avoid going on long weekends – all those people from elsewhere all coming…terrible jam everywhere, I hate that a lot! But the Paramount Hotel side, usually ok…mostly in the town centre.

  4. Not really into Indian food but once awhile I would love to have it. Lamb curry looks fiery red & spicy. Phwett!!!…sweating. Overall foods looks yummy.

    Not spicy at all. Would love it more if it had been as spicy as it looked. I thought south Indian would be spicy, north Indian not so…lots of yogurt used in the cooking.

    1. Not spicy????..but the look of it would scare me off.

      It’s probably tomato puree – they use that in Indian curry…and yogurt, not the same as the Malay ones.

  5. I’ve never a seen a mango lassi look like that before. I’d sure like to try that one with the big chunk of fruit in it.

    No fruit inside, must be the thick mango syrup – had to stir hard to get it all to mix together.

  6. The tosai looks very good!! Crispy looking.. hahaha…. as for the heavy meals, once awhile fine with me.. but I dont mind eating capati, tosai every other day… hey Arthur, you dont like bitter gourd? Indians like to fry them and Chinese likes to stir fry them with chicken or eggs…

    I like bitter gourd! Just that I did not get to try that day – so many nice things to eat that I just “forgot”. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  7. ooooh, i love that mango lassi, and is it ice-blended?? the bitter gourd chips are one of those i love when having banana leaf rice.. and hey, too hungry until you couldn’t hold the camera when shooting the fish?? haha~~ πŸ˜€

    Not really, seeing all the nice things to eat, couldn’t wait to dive in so simply clicked in a hurry. πŸ˜‰ Nope, the lassi wasn’t ice blended – had to stir hard to get it all to mix together but it was so very nice, a lot nicer than the bottled ones I would buy from the supermarts.

  8. speaking of banana leaf restaurants.. i’ve been to my fair share of these in KL. I was shocked however to see one recently which served the dishes on “banana leaves”, which were made from plastic sheets! hmm, what happened to the old style banana leaves, maybe nobody is planting them anymore?

    Too many eating, not enough leaves to go round. I hope none of them will just rinse the used leaves and use again. Hehehehehehe!!!!! I know some will just use those melamine plates that are made to look like a banana leaf.

  9. I’m not into Indian foods, but the foods u post all looks so good… πŸ™‚

    Oooo…all the nice Indian food in Singapore and you’re into it. Had my share of that at the Indian stalls in the early 70’s – for one thing, it was cheap and more affordable.

  10. I love banana leaf rice! There’s a good one near my house, now I am tempted to go there for lunch.

    Lucky you! We would have to go to Kuching…or hop over to the peninsula. So few Indians here… 😦

  11. Me likey but high in carbs, can’t eat frequently, we do have a decent one nearby my house, my classmates from China love it

    I’m sure there are vegetarian ones – those would be absolutely perfect for you!

  12. Yeah, this has been around for quite a few years! One of the better Indian food places around town.

    Although their mango lassi didn’t look quite so fancy when I was working in Kuching last time though.

    I love how they use real banana leaves instead of the tacky banana leaf plates that some other Indian places use esp in Little India.

    I’ve been there a few times before but it was mu daughter’s first. Seems a little bit nicer now.

  13. I love banana leaf rice! With lots of side dishes and my flooding curry on rice. hahah….

    No problem getting that in KL and the surrounding areas or even in Seremban, I’m sure. My daughter used to go for that in SP – she sure missed that a lot…and was glad for this special treat during our weekend in Kuching.

  14. Mango lassi, I wonder is it available here in the West Msia? Hehe~

    Good grief! With all the Indian places there, I’m sure you can get that anytime, not in Sibu. 😦 Or you can head to the supermarkets, they have bottled ones these days…can’t remember the brand now. I have to control myself, mustn’t buy…as I love it so much and will finish the whole big bottle at one go. 😦

  15. I love having fried bittergourd with my banana leaf meal!

    I had very nice ones at Bangsar – the one in Sibu is so-so, good but not great. I didn;t get to try this one…

  16. Sorry for being a wet blanket but I hope the leaves are washed properly before serving to customers. Being in agricultural field, we know that banana plants are applied with pesticides to prevent pests from damaging the leaves. Whenever I eat nasi lemak that are wrapped in banana leaves, I have the same question on my mind. However, I still prefer to eat from banana leaves because it makes the food more fragrant. Anyone who is in catering business that can enlighten me?

    This place, they came out dripping wet…and you will have to use the tissue paper provided to dry them yourself. I guess they should be ok. The nasi lemak here does not come wrapped in banana leaf so I guess you would not need to worry about that.

    1. That’s a good practice. We can ensure we are wiping our own leaf clean enough. Since everyone is wiping, we won’t be seen like an alien cleaning our banana leaves while others are not.

      That’s how it’s done at this particular place, dunno elsewhere…and not at the one we went to in KL recently. Theirs was in a metal tray, the leaves cut into small pieces to line the sections…and the food already placed on the leaf…and it was served like that so one would not know how clean their leaves would be. 😦

    1. ‘O’!!! Don’t know about this, thanks for the info!!! =]

      Didn’t know either till I saw it some place when I was googling for something.

  17. Deep fried bitter gourd chips. Yeah..another dish to make out of the bitter gourd.ahhah

    Not so healthy, deep frying. I love them stir-fried with salted eggs.

  18. Yum yum banana leaf rice, always my favourite!! Now i miss my mango chutney!

    Melissa loves it! Ya…they only gave a bit of the chutney, but it was enough – so many nice things to eat. I remember the last time I ate there, I asked for more…and more papadums too. Maybe old liao, can’t eat so much anymore. πŸ˜€

  19. I agree w opal very interesting about it all being served on a banana leaf neat. The gourd chips sound interesting too

    You don’t have this at Indian restaurants there? Maybe it isn’t that easy to get those leaves, banana being a tropical fruit.

  20. I’m going to have Indian food for lunch now!!! Oh the lamb curry…. Sedap!

    Did they not use basmati rice for the bryani?

    Dunno what rice they used. Tasted great…but my favourite bryani is one place here in Sibu – nicer than all that I’ve had elsewhere…but all are nice though not cheap at some places in the peninsula – the people have very sharp knives. 😦

  21. Been a while since I last had a banana leaf meal. Like it and one must use the hands to eat to truly enjoy the meal!

    My daughter loves it that way. I can’t! Will end up with a whole lot of rice all over my face.

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