She said…

One of my cousins in Kuching went for a banana leaf lunch and she shared about it on Facebook and Melissa, being really fond of that, could not resist posting a comment on it…and my cousin said she would take her for the same when she came over to Kuching and she did…and needless to say, I had the pleasure of tagging along! LOL!!!

So there we were at this place…


…somewhere among the shops in the vicinity of Nanas Road & Rubber Road in Kuching.

I had their mango lassi…


…which was so very good and there were these deep-fried bitter gourd chips…


…which Melissa said were very nice but I did not try any myself.

The lamb curry was superb…


…and I loved the fish…

*Oops!!! Sorry for the blurry pic!*

…and the tandoori chicken as well…


It looked like they were deep-fried though, like the ones at this shop in Sibu…but it did not matter as it tasted great.

Some of us had plain rice but I chose to have the bryani


…and the whole works on the banana leaf…


…and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed that delightful lunch and so did Melissa. I’ve always loved Indian!

Another cousin said that should we drop by this place, we must try their fried thosai


…and we did. However, we did not think it was all that special, pretty much the same as thosai as we have always known it to be…or maybe we were all so full from the lunch that our taste buds were all kind of numb by then. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

But no, that wasn’t all! We still had not had dessert and for that, we headed to another place nearby and of course, that would be in another post…and in the meantime, thank you so much. C4STP,  from both of us for the very yummy lunch treat.