We have arrived…

Last weekend, I took my girl to Kuching for a short break from all the stress and depression from work and also to get away from her mundane day-to-day routine living on her own in her jungle school in the middle of nowhere.

My friend, Jimmy, was waiting for us upon arrival at the airport and he whisked us off to this Italian restaurant for lunch. I had dinner here once before and I absolutely loved their mushrooms (RM25.00)…


…so I simply had to order that again for Melissa to try and needless to say, she loved them a great deal as well.

She wanted the beef lasagna (RM26.00)…


…and of course, her wish was granted. It turned out to be a really great choice…


…as it tasted really good and all of us enjoyed it a lot. As a matter of fact, Melissa even set aside a bit by the side of her plate…to save the best for last – it was that nice, I tell you!

The pizza that we had (RM36.00)…


…was all right – nothing much to shout about and I thought the thin crust was too thin and a bit too hard so much so that it reminded me of Cabin or Osborne biscuits. I must say that I prefer the one we had here in Sibu.

Unfortunately, the panna cotta (RM7.00)…


…that we had for dessert was a disappointment. Probably they had just taken it out of the fridge as it was hard…and as for the taste, it really wasn’t anything to shout about either.

Well, this was just the beginning, the  tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Hang around…for I assure you there will be a whole lot more to come.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “We have arrived…”

  1. Wow, pizza looks yummy!

    Panna cotta was a disappointment?? But it looks yummy!

    Never judge by appearance – your two choices were nowhere near the two that do not seem to appeal to you… Hehehehehe!!!!! 😀

  2. the mushroom looks good… actually all the food looks good but slightly expensive tho :/

    That’s why I wanted to go back there again after the first time. Still tasted as great but the mushrooms were smaller this round. Ya….we can have a much more satisfactory Italian meal here for only about two-thirds the price. City mah, Kuching…just like KL – everyone’s richer, bigger spending power.

  3. ooooh I love this place!!! I love the fettucini carbonara the most!

    Didn’t have pasta this time around, Melissa wanted the lasagna…and it was really great!

  4. This place serves the worse desserts. Not only are the dessert choices very limited, but everything comes out slathered in that horrible chocolate and strawberry syrup.

    Precisely, not nice at all. Their tiramisu looks good in somebody’s blog – guess I can just forget about that as well?

    1. Don’t bother. Not nice either. The tiramisu millecrepe you brought was way nicer.

      Ok, noted. I always feel that those bloggers with their DSLR’s take such nice alluring photos…but at times, I do doubt that the food would in fact be half as nice as it looks.

  5. What a lavish lunch. All looks so yummy but sad that the panna cotta was a disappointment. Looking forward for your upcoming post.

    Too bad/Luckily* (*delete as applicable) you were not around. I could have insisted on a treat from you as well… Hehehehehehe!!!!! 😉

  6. wow, orang kaya lah went to Bella Luna for Italian, the food aren’t cheap eih?? and those are just the tip of the iceberg?? wow, more orang kaya lifestyle to follow in the next post?? :p

    Yes, yes…lots more to come…but all other people’s treats – so nice! Like this, have to go again…..soon.

  7. The mushrooms look so good! I have tried lasagne but did not really like it maybe because I don’t like cheese. The panna cotta looks very gaudy 🙂

    Didn’t taste good either. 😦

  8. Spending quality time with our kids is what we are doing now… I think now we are entering another phase of life.. our kids are more or less “leveling” with us in terms of decisions, finance and support… 🙂 I am always looking forward to my kids coming home all at one go..

    Nothing like it, that’s for sure – spending quality time together as and when we can.

    1. Yeah, now that they are not at home so often, when they come home, I wish that the time will slowly pass by but it is always the contrary… time flies and soon they have to go back to their respective places again…

      Yes, that’s why I would make the most of the little time we have to spend together – this little trip sure meant a lot to Melissa and to me as well. Will have to find time to do it again.

  9. too bad about the dessert but pizza looks good leh. I like thin crust. Crunchy

    This was HARD, not crunchy…or for me, at least! Old man, gigi not all that strong anymore. 😦

  10. I miss real Italian pizza. We had once about 10 years ago during our Europe tour after graduating in 2002. My hubby (then bf) who disliked bread, pastry, cakes, pizzas was addicted once we tasted those real Italian pizza. Going to that restaurant in Kuching satisfy our Italian pizza craving a wee bit. Franchise shop pizza is a big No-No for him. I have never tasted the mushrooms though. Will have to try out end of this year.

    Try the one at Merdeka Palace – Beccari. I think that is as authentic as it can get.

  11. Everything looks good but the mushroom at Rm 25 sounds a bit expensive for me though….

    They tasted really good though. Would love to try and cook my own but we cannot get nice fresh buttons here, unfortunately. 😦

  12. Ooouu.. you were in town…

    i tried once dining at Bella Italia for lunch. It was goooood.. hehehe.. can’t wait to see your next post !! I always love reading things in Kuching cos I think sometimes I didn’t even know some places existed !! hahaha !!

    Yes, two nights…really not much time to do much. Will need to go for a longer holiday sometime. I hear Beccari is nicer, the one at Merdeka Palace?

  13. Travelling for quick short holidays is so much fun! And I like that you refer to Melissa’s school as ‘jungle school’ – kinda so Tarzanesque. haha..

    That mushroom dish does look nice. The cake not so? It looks pretty though. I guess looks can be deceiving sometimes, eh?

    I first tasted lasagna at a little cafe at the lower ground floor of an old complex, Yow Chuan Plaza the one opposite Ampang Park on the Jalan Tun Razak side. It was really good and every time I visited the place, I would never fail to order that, and coffee. Missing that.

    It is in the jungle, around 30 minutes from the bazaar…trees all around. I love the place though – trees and greenery, peace and quiet all around. Wouldn’t mind staying there but she’s sharing the quarters with lady colleagues so they may not be too comfortable with the idea.

    Yow Chuan? You’re that old, are you? Used to go there late 80’s and early 90’s – loved the cassette tape shop there. I remember I bought the original Phantom of the Opera recording there.

    1. STP you so baddie one!!! BTW where is Yow Chuan? Ello dunno Yow Chuan means you are young? Bananaz is always young at heart then!

      Yow Chuan so long ago one mah but younger than Ampang Park – that one 70’s one. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    2. Yeah, old enough to have visited it but then again, the place was still around some three or four years ago. No?

      Used to stay at the Crown Princess on my working trips. It was still there, but dark and deserted like a haunted place. A bit of life at the adjacent City Square but also very quiet and business was slow…mainly catering to guests of the adjoining hotel. I hear Crown Princess is no more there, true or not?

  14. yay, a family weekend getaway! that’s nice. and it’s cool that you and your daughter are close and enjoy doing this together 🙂

    Yes, not much time to do this together as she’s away all week and the weekend is a bit too short to do much of anything.

  15. lasagna looks good!!!

    are you staying at fourpoints by sheraton?

    Yup, but not so good this time around…not as nice as a year ago. Post on that coming up.

  16. Without reading your descriptions… I’ll assume all the above are nice. But too bad…don’t judge the book by its cover T_T

    All nice except the dessert and the pizza crust as a bit too hard for me.

  17. The pizza is really pecah so expensive compared to your you and your Sibu best pizza again. Nothing can beat anything in Sibu right? Muahahahaha

    Can lah…cannot get those mushrooms here, and never tried the lasagna here…so maybe theirs better, I wouldn’t know – what we had was so good! 😉

  18. wow…weekend short trip to Kuching for makan makan? So nice.

    Mushroom and pizza looks good. I am not really into lasagna, i don’t know why.

    Maybe you’re not into the richness. You probably do not like carbonara as well…creamy and rich. Yes, it was eat…eat…and eat, nothing else and then time to come back already, so very fast. 😦

  19. give me that beef lasagna!! haha. Looks good, italian food., yummy, high taste now ya.
    I’ve always liked mushrooms like that, tasted a really nice one in KL last year.

    No lah, anything my daughter loves. Otherwise, I would be at a coffee shop eating kolo mee… 😉

  20. The pizza looks like they gave the option of 4 different toppings on one single pizza!

    I’ve seen 2 toppings, most places allow that but never 4. How interesting!

    Yup! They call it something quatro…and the lady said it’s the most popular there.

  21. WOW! Everything sounds great! I think I am going to try and do a Vegan Fried Mushroom, soon! Thanks for the reminder!

    Oooo…can’t wait to see that. What we had that day was really good.

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