Back so soon…

I was there on Monday last week and on Wednesday, I was back there again to try the black vinegar pork rice (RM6.90)…


…like I said I would. One serving includes a scoop of rice and some boiled green vegetables by the side plus the black vinegar pork and an egg, hard-boiled, in a bowl.Β It tasted good but unfortunately, there was no hint whatsoever of the black vinegar. It came across to me like stewed pork…


…nothing like the black vinegar pork that I had had before, not at all, and I wished they would stew the egg in the black sauce instead of serving it white like that.

My missus wanted the Taiwanese beef noodles that I had on my previous visit but I managed to persuade her not to go for it as although it was nice, I was disappointed that the excessively strong preserved/salted vegetable taste drowned out whatever beef flavour there might be in the soup and the chili dip was not all that great either.

In the end, after quite a bit of coaxing from me, she chose the Taiwanese fish (head) noodles (RM7.90)…


…with a choice between the fine or coarse mihun and she chose the latter and this turned out really good. I was glad they did not use those frozen fish fritters, usually Dory, that most places around here would use for their fish noodles like for their chao chai hung ngang, for instance.

I’ve seen this before…and I’ve seen people blogging about it but I did not imagine I would like it – not with that milky soup…but when I tried a bit of it, I was converted! Gee!!! That was really nice! It seems that they usually fry the fish first and that gives it a special fragrance that certainly helps to enhance the taste…and other than that, they add those bits of pork fat crusts to it as well, not that I’m all that fond of them – I’d probably pick them out and leave them by the side if I’m eating this. There were bits of preserved/salted vegetable, tomato and whatever else, all contributing towards its very delicious broth. I certainly would want this for myself the next time around.

While we were there, I saw some people having dim sum so I went to ask. It is in the menu actually, except that it is in Mandarin…and you can get 3 laus (storeys/baskets) for RM10.90. We had the siew mai


…and they were all right – nice, but nothing great and I would say the same about their har kau


This was something I had never tried before…


– a piece of hu phio (fish maw) and a chunk of chicken with one imitation crab stick and one baby corn wrapped in bean curd skin…


I would not say that I was all that thrilled by it – for one thing, it has a strong ginger taste and that isn’t something that I would enjoy.

I suppose I will go and try more of the things that they have on their menu sometime and so far, I would say the Taiwanese fish (head) noodles would be the only item that is really worth heading there for. The rest are nice but not really anything that you shouldn’t miss.

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27 thoughts on “Back so soon…”

  1. I am not sure whether this is a cafe or a restaurant. The opening hours are rather odd, I notice at times they open rather late, but at times they open early at 8am. I have been there once, rather taken by the water bar, I think they are gearing up with competition from the bubble tea shop opposite. Clean place, I reckon their food and drinks have some catching up to do!

    Yup, and they are not open at night. So far, the food’s just ok…except for the fish head mihun – I thought that was really nice…not that I’ve had any before to compare.

  2. black vinegar trotter! i like more vinegar so it tasted very sour. hehe. sayang you didnt come over last Friday otherwise you have tasted some. I asked my CL to put a lot of vinegar. I just eat my rice with its gravy and meat. lol

    Yes, no vinegar taste as all, this. Nice, but not what I was looking for, unfortunately.

  3. Fish Head Noodles is my favourite with milky soup. Heavenly lah! I didn’t know they have Taiwanese versions.

    Dunno. I always saw this in blogs, first time eating, so jakun…so whether it originated from Taiwan or where, I wouldn’t know. Don’t ask me.

  4. Vinegar pork without the taste of vinegar? I would be disappointed and I agree that the egg should have been stewed together. Oh, I don’t like those imitation crabsticks 😦 I have tried fish head noodles and they are rather good but I dare not try it with milk.

    Yes, yes, yes…to all that you said – my sentiments exactly. Ya…I was just like you – was put off by the mere thought of the milk in the broth, so much so that I never wanted to try until now…and hey!!! It’s really good!

  5. Not good for the har gao? Cause it looks not bad!!! =]

    Yes, the skin’s very nicely done. Tasted nice but ok only, nothing to shout about.

  6. All looks so yummy especially the black vinegar pork. The chicken, hu phio, baby corn, crab stick wrapped in bean curd looks interesting and something new. Yum!!!…Yum!!!…

    You would love it if you love things with a strong ginger taste – I don’t…and RM3.30 for just that one is a bit expensive. Can have a plate of kampua mee and still got change.

  7. Fish head noodles is one of my fav noodles. Surprised you haven’t tried it before and it’s never too late to start loving it though. *hint* However it can be a challenge eating this sometimes as the (better) fish they use has more bones.

    If you are ever in KL at the Raja Laut/Tiong Nam area, you will have to try the fish head noodles there. It is served piping hot in a claypot. They also add in chunks of yam and the shellfish, la-la. Nowhere else can you find these two in this type of noodles. Yum! Btw, the milk is what makes the difference, if otherwise the noodle dish would be like a regular ‘cheng tng’ only.

    I have yet to find a food outlet in KL with a consistent quality (that I like) of pork vinegar. I like it sour enough and sweet enough at the same time.

    Beef noodles? If you like the Taiwan version, here in KL I found it at a new franchise ‘Little Taiwan’. There’s one at Mid-Valley Megamall, at the cinema level, I think. If you would like to try local traditional beef noodles, I recommend Lai Foong, a street or two away from downtown Central Market. There is kiam chai but not enough to overpower the beef taste and aroma. However, it used to taste better when the dad was preparing it but it is still the best in town, my yardstick. πŸ˜€

    Oh? Your dad was selling beef noodles? You did not pick up the skill from him? I had VERY nice beef noodles, dunno Taiwan style or whatever at a little shop at Ampang Point a long time ago. Would go back again and again for more…but after a while, it wasn’t open anymore. Dunno if it had moved elsewhere or what. Had those at Jalan Petaling too – very nice but they were all our local-style beef noodles and I would love that too…as long as it has that nice beef fragrance in the soup.

    Oooo…that claypot fish noodles must be really good…and expensive too, I’m sure. Thankfully, the one my wife had had no bones – I will certainly order that the next time we drop by the place again.

    1. Oh no, ‘the dad’ is not my dad. What I meant was he’s the dad of the gentleman who is currently running the stall. The old gentleman, the dad, is now reaping the rewards of his labour, meaning he is now the cashier collecting money.

      I know the shop in Ampang Point. I remember they also had a restaurant near Ampang Point selling the same thing. Let me check it out. Will keep you posted. Frankly, the beef noodle at Lai Foong, near Central Market, is still the version I prefer.

      Oh yes, that fish head noodle is really good.

      Oops!!! Ok, got it now. Ahhhh!!!! You do know of the beef noodle shop at Ampang Point, eh? Loved it!

  8. I tried the noodles with milk before.. but I still opt for the one without.. maybe yours one tasted nicer than what I have tasted over here… or maybe I am biased towards milk.. anything milky, I am “phobia” except for ice cream!! hahahaa….

    Typical northern people, according to one blog…but like somebody said, then it is just clear fish soup, nothing special.

  9. oh ya, before i had those milky fish head noodles, i never thought i’d like them either. but i did! though i must say, the first time was the best, and i’ve enjoyed it less and less since then, heh πŸ˜€ i’ve never seen that fish maw-chicken-crab stick-corn combo before either. quite a complex dim sum! πŸ˜€

    Hah!!! I wasn’t the only one then. Couldn’t imagine anything so pale and white could ever be nice. πŸ˜€ Not a fan of that fish maw thing but at least, I’ve tried…and don’t count on me ever having that again.

  10. The taiwanese fish noodles dish doesn’t seem to be authentic, does it? As it usually comes in dark color broth instead of milky white… We hardly find fish head noodles here with condensed milk added, more like KL’s style, though sometimes i wish to have a little to play along with the taste too

    Dark colour? I’ve seen it milky many times in West Malaysian blogs and also on AFC – I think it is also milky in Singapore…so what’s authentic and what’s not – I’m not expert in this thing so don’t ask me? I haven’t the slightest idea – my first time trying…and I did not even have it all to myself – just tried a bit of what my wife was having.

    One thing I know, it is NOT condensed milk – it’s evaporated…and I use that in my curry sometimes. Also nice and healthier than santan…and will not go bad so easily.

  11. My wife loves the milky fish head noodle. She can’t have enough of it. I always thought that fish head noodle is a local dish. For me, I’m a dim sum lover. I had dim sum even here at the Philippines.

    I don’t know where it originates from – just saw it in some blogs, never tried it anywhere before. Oh? Your missus loves it milky? Read in somebody’s blog that northern people don’t like it like that, like Claire for instance, but some sellers will add if asked to do so. I’m not too crazy about dim sum, even the good ones – wouldn’t mind having it once in a while, that’s all but I do like nice steamed paos, meat or char siew.

  12. The vinegar pork looks yummy, I think I can’t find something similar here…

    No? I thought that’s Cantonese. Hard to find here too, Foochow territory. 😦

  13. the fish head noodles look good, but how different is this Taiwanese fish head noodles from our local ones?? i will also choose to have it with the thick mihun too, actually like this more than the fine ones~~ πŸ™‚

    Dunno. I never had any before…Taiwanese or local, just the curry ones – that’s all.

  14. Oh! Didn’t know that dory was used in fish head noodles. Yucks to dory fish…

    Those fish soup noodles at the stalls will just use the much cheaper imported fish fillet, usually dory, and it’s usually bland/tasteless.

  15. I lovr vinegar pork but am bit choosy. I like it with some dried cili .

    Yum…the soup of the fish head noodle looks good. I don’t like with milk. Hey u like ah..come kl bring u go makan this.

    Now that I’ve tried and I liked it, I sure would want to go and try those over there. Used to be put off buy the milky soup…

  16. Kind of missing eating fish head noodles..especially the milky white soup. The one I used to patron has closed down =(

    I’m sure there are lots over there…

  17. hmmmm…i have not get my fish head noodles fixed. 😦

    Black vinegar pork no vinegar taste? It should be a combination of sweet and sour vinegar and add some gula melaka/brown sugar, and with lots ginger. Yum!!! Now i am hungry and salivating by just writing this.

    I went again this morning as my cousins in Kuching want more of the Sibu kampua – bad mistake bringing them some to try. Hehehehehehehe!!!!! There was somebody there eating the fish head noodles – he said he saw it in my blog and he liked it too!

  18. We frequent restaurants over and over again because there really aren’t all that many where I live…you have to travel a bit for a good selection!

    I made a simple rice noodle dish for my lunch today…hope to post about it later today or tomorrow πŸ™‚

    I did! Posts on our weekend trip coming up soon.

  19. I would like more sauce for the vinegar pork cos I love drinking that vinegar sauce… hehe… good price though for that 3 basket of dim sum… πŸ™‚

    Too bad they were not really great – same as the ones at another Taiwan place in town, tried the ones there a long time ago and I never went back. Ya, black vinegar pork must have that sour taste and its special fragrance. Could not detect it here. 😦

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