Back so soon…

I was there on Monday last week and on Wednesday, I was back there again to try the black vinegar pork rice (RM6.90)…


…like I said I would. One serving includes a scoop of rice and some boiled green vegetables by the side plus the black vinegar pork and an egg, hard-boiled, in a bowl. It tasted good but unfortunately, there was no hint whatsoever of the black vinegar. It came across to me like stewed pork…


…nothing like the black vinegar pork that I had had before, not at all, and I wished they would stew the egg in the black sauce instead of serving it white like that.

My missus wanted the Taiwanese beef noodles that I had on my previous visit but I managed to persuade her not to go for it as although it was nice, I was disappointed that the excessively strong preserved/salted vegetable taste drowned out whatever beef flavour there might be in the soup and the chili dip was not all that great either.

In the end, after quite a bit of coaxing from me, she chose the Taiwanese fish (head) noodles (RM7.90)…


…with a choice between the fine or coarse mihun and she chose the latter and this turned out really good. I was glad they did not use those frozen fish fritters, usually Dory, that most places around here would use for their fish noodles like for their chao chai hung ngang, for instance.

I’ve seen this before…and I’ve seen people blogging about it but I did not imagine I would like it – not with that milky soup…but when I tried a bit of it, I was converted! Gee!!! That was really nice! It seems that they usually fry the fish first and that gives it a special fragrance that certainly helps to enhance the taste…and other than that, they add those bits of pork fat crusts to it as well, not that I’m all that fond of them – I’d probably pick them out and leave them by the side if I’m eating this. There were bits of preserved/salted vegetable, tomato and whatever else, all contributing towards its very delicious broth. I certainly would want this for myself the next time around.

While we were there, I saw some people having dim sum so I went to ask. It is in the menu actually, except that it is in Mandarin…and you can get 3 laus (storeys/baskets) for RM10.90. We had the siew mai


…and they were all right – nice, but nothing great and I would say the same about their har kau


This was something I had never tried before…


– a piece of hu phio (fish maw) and a chunk of chicken with one imitation crab stick and one baby corn wrapped in bean curd skin…


I would not say that I was all that thrilled by it – for one thing, it has a strong ginger taste and that isn’t something that I would enjoy.

I suppose I will go and try more of the things that they have on their menu sometime and so far, I would say the Taiwanese fish (head) noodles would be the only item that is really worth heading there for. The rest are nice but not really anything that you shouldn’t miss.