You’ve got it!

You’ve got it! By George, you’ve got it!

And if you’re wondering what on earth is going on, this is all about the Sibu kampua


…available at this place that I went to last week.

Selling at RM6.50 each, one pack contains six small packets of the noodles and little sachets of lard, chio cheng (light soy sauce) and fried shallots…


All you need to do would be to boil the noodles till cooked and toss them with the ingredients provided and serve…


Besides the fried shallots provided, I also garnished it a bit with my own chopped spring onions and of course, I quickly went and bought some char siew to put on top before Chef and Sommelier has something to say about that. Muahahahahaha!!!!


So was it any good? Well, I would definitely say yes, it was just like the real thingΒ except that the strands of noodles are a little bit smaller than the usual…


Other than that, the servings are kind of small. For the likes of me, I think one would not be enough…and considering that it works out to around RM1.00 each, two would cost over RM2.00 and that is definitely not exactly cheap, don’t you think? It would definitely be a lot cheaper to buy one’s own kampua noodles, fresh or dry, and come out with one’s own ingredients to toss them in.

This would be great though for people to buy back when here on a visit or for the folks here to send to family and friends in the peninsula or even in Singapore for I am pretty sure that since it is just like the real thing, it would be anytime better than the pseudo-authentic ones that they can get there…and if you’re living overseas, it would be very convenient to bring some back to appease your craving as and when it arises.

Go ahead! Give it a try and let me know whether you agree with me or not.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “You’ve got it!”

  1. soon will have ‘Kampua in a cup’…

    Chin therng mee…our Mee Daddy chicken flavour is very similar but it does not come in a cup.

  2. Now you can have this at home for breakfast πŸ™‚

    Yup, without leaving home! Save petrol, no need to dress up nicely to go out and all that. πŸ™‚

    1. Sorry not you…you have the assess to all the fresh kampua noodles you can get at Sibu, but now everyone around the world can have kampua at the comfort of their own home.

      Yes, they can. I would not mind having that at home as well myself instead of having to eat out or prepare the ingredients myself.

  3. About time too! Looks like I may need some extra luggage room this January.

    I’ll get you some to try first. Personally, I like it – like real kampua all right…so if you like it too, I can order more for you to take all the way back to the US. Bet you son would be the happiest. πŸ˜‰

  4. That is indeed interesting. An instant kampua.

    Go ahead. Grab some and try. I found it to be pretty good, just no meat – you will have to get some char siew like me or cook your own.

  5. wow wow wow!! this is interesting!! instant authentic SIBU KAMPUA NOODLES!! next time our Sibu Food Mayor doesn’t need to pack and get them frozen before bringing them over to KL, but just buy these instant ones will do, how convenient!! Small Kucing sure very happy to know this cos she doesn’t need to rush to finish them all within couple of days.. :p

    Yes, very convenient indeed. I just got home from Kuching – went over for the weekend and I ordered one BIG box…to be distributed to family and friends there. Sure, if they are still making…I would do the same if ever I would be going to KL again.

  6. Oh very convenient, just like those maggi/cintan instant noodles, but since it’s non halal, it won’t be too easy to export to other places, i guess?

    Not to the peninsula, that’s for sure unless they sell it in those “exclusive sections” in the supermarts…but should be fine if to other countries – just that, this is a very small scale venture. I don’t think they have plans to go full swing.

  7. looks good… if only they start selling this here…. πŸ™‚

    I think they just make a bit for local consumption – not going to market it to other places. Would be good if somebody picks up on the idea and do it on a large scale…but there’s lard so I guess that would mean limited sales – not for certain groups of people.

  8. Hmm..with sachets of lard means can’t keep long. Within one two weeks have to finish else the oil will hv bad smell.

    KH if reading this will be very happy

    Who’s KH? Lard should be ok, vacuum sealed in plastic pack. My mum used to make her own, kept in big pot…and used for quite a long while till all was gone and it did not turn bad or smelly or anything. Maybe pig fat in those days better? Different diet not like the ones today.

  9. It’s about time …
    But the truth is, I’ll only buy it out of curiosity .. hehhe

    Hey, I just came across a good bargain today. Daddy Mee, 365 packaging, curry flavor for RM2.80. What do you think.

    WHAT???? Sooooooo cheap? Going to expire or what? It’s RM3 something here, almost RM4, more expensive than some of the brands from West Malaysia even though it is mad ein Sibu. Very nice, their curry or chicken. I like!

    1. I usually go for chicken flavor instead of curry flavor. I specifically checked the expired date before I bought it. It’s in 2014 and it’s an offer price. If my memory serves me right, Daddy Mee usually priced at RM4++.

      My impression is that the brand is not well-known in WM. Those who know it usually are Sarawakian or introduced to it by their Sarawakian friends.

      Yes, over RM4…but we get when on offer, around RM3.80. Other brands, we can get RM3.20…or even RM2.80 when on offer so that is why, I seldom buy our own Mee Daddy. Rather silly, made here and yet so expensive – maybe like you said, they want to compete with the other brands. These two flavours are indeed really nice though!

  10. Wow wow!! This is good and very clever invent! At first i thought only the kampua noodles, didn’t know it include the oil, fried shallots and even light soya sauce!! This is thing that MUST follow me come back next time! I sure will pack a lot back! Now i wonder, how long can i keep, since it got the light soya sauce and all.

    No worries…will finish in no time at all. When is your mum going over? I can get some to let you try first… If you agree with my favourable opinion, then can buy more next time.

  11. Yum yum!!! So are you going to send me some? :p

    Come, PM me your mailing address… Not really worth sending though as poslaju charges, sure to be double the price of the item being sent.

  12. Whoa! I didn’t know about this, or I would have gotten some over the weekend when I was in Sibu!

    We bought some kompia back but unfortunately no kampua. Interesting of a cafe to package their own, that’s a real smart move.

    Now, if only they sold it in supermarkets so more people can get it!

    P/S – I see that they use LARD too, which is the proper way, not vegetable oil!

    I shared a photo of this on Facebook when I first saw it while eating at that shop…and again, when I had cooked my own and a lot of people were already asking for details then – dunno how many actually went to buy and try. Obviously, neither you nor your other half noticed my posts of your news feeds…

    1. Nope, I hardly go on Facebook nowadays.

      There are very interesting studies coming out, but I’ll always choose real life interaction over Facebook, or Twitter or any of the social media sites.

      Good for you if it works for you, but I’m scaling down on my Facebook activity. It makes me happier to go out instead.

      I see your traffic updates…and links to posts in your blogs. I keep in touch with everyone and everything that way, not into twitting.

  13. Instant kampua looks good x’pecially with add on char siew. Kuching got or not. Must go and hunt.

    I think you can only get it here, at this shop. Limited production. Too bad you were not in town over the weekend…or I would have brought some over for you. πŸ˜‰

  14. Oh, they have convenient packs like this. I would gladly pay for this πŸ™‚ So convenient that the lard comes together or else we would have to extract our own. They should export over to the peninsula πŸ™‚

    As far as I know, their production is rather limited. Bulk orders would have to be made way in advance. They should just go into this business venture full swing – may make a lot more than the eatery even, perhaps.

  15. That is pretty interesting. Very smart idea. But I think I would rather go out to the shop, sit there and enjoy it rather than cook myself and pay that price for it. But it’s amazing that it tastes just like the real thing. Now you make me miss the Sibu Kampua……hmmm

    Ya, if you have good kampua where you are. More for people elsewhere, not Sibu. I took some for people in Kuching when I went over last weekend…and now they’re asking me to buy more and send over. It’s that good…don’t play-play! πŸ˜€

  16. I only need the noodles since I have everything else here. Hehe. But there are also places here selling fresh uncooked kolo mee, maybe soon there will be fresh Kampua noodles I can buy!

    There are? That’s good. Since you have the ingredients, actually the dried ones aren’t too bad…and for around RM5.00, you can get a big bag here which would last you a very long time, I’m sure…and there’s no hurry to finish it all quickly.

  17. I don’t think I can get it here in S’pore. From the picture, it does look like the real stuff that you always post on your blog.

    I wonder if I can send it to you. Will try to do that one of these days… πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Arthur… no need no need… Thanks for the thoughts! πŸ˜€

      Aiyar!!! You Foochow kah? They always say, “Nei ya! Nei ya!” (No need, no need) when people want to give them something. πŸ˜€

  18. i need to buy this during my december trip !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Let me know when you’re coming. Will take you around to the best places in town…and to buy this too!

  19. Kudos to the manufacturer… yes, next time we can buy lots and keep over here at the west… the problem is.. who is going to buy from the east to bring back? I think the Koalabear is going… right?

    Not that I know of. Why don’t you come yourself? Would be a welcome change – not Singapore all the time. Sooooooo expensive!

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