You’ve got it!

You’ve got it! By George, you’ve got it!

And if you’re wondering what on earth is going on, this is all about the Sibu kampua


…available at this place that I went to last week.

Selling at RM6.50 each, one pack contains six small packets of the noodles and little sachets of lard, chio cheng (light soy sauce) and fried shallots…


All you need to do would be to boil the noodles till cooked and toss them with the ingredients provided and serve…


Besides the fried shallots provided, I also garnished it a bit with my own chopped spring onions and of course, I quickly went and bought some char siew to put on top before Chef and Sommelier has something to say about that. Muahahahahaha!!!!


So was it any good? Well, I would definitely say yes, it was just like the real thing except that the strands of noodles are a little bit smaller than the usual…


Other than that, the servings are kind of small. For the likes of me, I think one would not be enough…and considering that it works out to around RM1.00 each, two would cost over RM2.00 and that is definitely not exactly cheap, don’t you think? It would definitely be a lot cheaper to buy one’s own kampua noodles, fresh or dry, and come out with one’s own ingredients to toss them in.

This would be great though for people to buy back when here on a visit or for the folks here to send to family and friends in the peninsula or even in Singapore for I am pretty sure that since it is just like the real thing, it would be anytime better than the pseudo-authentic ones that they can get there…and if you’re living overseas, it would be very convenient to bring some back to appease your craving as and when it arises.

Go ahead! Give it a try and let me know whether you agree with me or not.