Used to…

If you may recall, I mentioned in my post a while ago that I bought a bag of mee kua or mee sanggul. We used to eat that tossed in soy sauce and msg and lard…and I loved it a lot. I used to wait and hope that my mum would cook some for us but sometimes, she might cook it differently.

I’m not sure if this is Foochow or not but it is definitely very simple and plain and yet so very tasty like most Foochow delights. You just simmer some pork bones or ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and a few cloves of garlic till the flavours have gone into the stock and add bayam (amaranth) to it. Then you boil the noodles and serve them in a bowl in the nice clear soup.

Well, it so happened that my missus brought home some wildΒ bayam that my sister-in-law had in their garden and I decided to cook the noodles this same way…but with a slight twist. In place of the usual items for the soup or stock,Β I used some fresh scallops that my niece brought home all the way from Singapore instead. I boiled those with garlic and I did add a slice of ginger as well. We usually do that when cooking seafood especially in soup to get rid of the fishy smell. Then, I added the seasonings and bayam and the soup was done.

I boiled the noodles and placed them in a bowl and then, I poured the soup over them and served with some of the scallops and the vegetables, adding one poached egg to it and sprinkling some chopped spring onions all over it as well…


It was very nice but I remember that when my mum cooked that, it was very much nicer. Maybe it was because she used meat stock…or maybe she fried the garlic in a bit of lard first to cook the soup…but it was nice enough this way and I enjoyed it for my breakfast that morning.

I did not think the scallops tasted all that great though…


I would very much prefer prawns or fish fillet or even fish balls but if I’m not mistaken, these fresh scallops are very expensive and we can hardly get them here even. At best, we would have those coated with breadcrumbs that we would just fry and eat like chicken or fish nuggets. I guess there is this snob appeal attached to certain things and in fact, that is what attracts people to them when they do not really taste all that nice…or perhaps, it is an acquired taste, I wouldn’t know but no, if it is expensive, it is something not for the likes of me. I would much sooner go for something more affordable and nice, call me a cheap skate if you want – I am just being realistic and I can’t jolly well be extravagant on my measly pension.

Anyway, getting back to the noodles, I still have a lot left and maybe one of these days, I’d cook some with bayam and pork bones, the way my mum did and see which one I like better…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Used to…”

  1. You cook so well πŸ™‚ Looks simple and delicious!

    Thank you, thank you. Not really, just that it’s simple…like most Foochow dishes, simple but nice!

  2. I have not been using scallops in my noodles. Should try that soon. Normally I will add fish paste, lots of vegies and defintely an egg!

    Oooo…fish paste would be great! Wish we could just buy that here – not bothered to make our own.

  3. I use dried scallops sometime for Tukar mengee sup. apparently it is nutritious but m not a big fan too. Guess u have to fry the garlic n onions for the sup first to bring out the flavour but still looking very appetising foochow dish I think.

    I think the dried ones are a whole lot nicer. Make the soup really sweet – we get those in the black chicken soup at the more expensive dinner banquets.

  4. I would prefer prawn/meat balls instead of scallops. Prawns makes the soup taste sweet. But that bowl of noodles looks good with that poached egg. Slurppp!!!

    The scallops also give the soup its sweetness but like you, I would prefer prawns or even fish balls. Well, at least, I got rid of them! Been sitting in the freezer for a while since my niece gave them to us… 😦

  5. good morning!
    scallops are indeed expensive.. got some to put into baby Martin’s porridge the other day. wow, one small piece actually costs rm2.50 each :O

    Never mind, consider that as an investment. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Your poached egg looks improved πŸ™‚ I think scallops taste better pan fried. The flavors may have been lost in the soup. Try the dried one for soup instead, they really add lots of flavor. Whatever it is, your bowl of noodles makes for a very satisfying breakfast!

    Yup! Getting to be quite an eggspert! πŸ˜‰ LOL!!! I guess so…but prawn or fish would still taste good even after the flavour has gone into the soup. Yup…love the dried ones. We get them in the black chicken herbal soup at those expensive dinner banquets. Ya, the noodles were great! Nice soupy treat for a change.

  7. hmm. I dont mind a simple clear noodle soup with just ikan bilis, fish balls and veggie. πŸ™‚

    Come, come…you’re in Sibu. Noodles easily available – you can cook your own. Personally, I prefer the dry soy sauce version…but this is good for a change.

  8. The noodles look interesting – flat in texture and looks a little like mee pok but it isn’t. I’ve been trying to cook “pa wee” (the white flat dehydrated rice cake that’s shaped like a plaster) Sibu style but I haven’t gotten around to it yet coz it requires a lot of soaking and I’m trying to see what the stall I like in Sibu (opposite Sibu Public Library) does before I do mine. Haha.

    Try the old lady’s at Happy Hours (cahr kway teow stall), Rejang Park – the shop facing the big parking area/the surau. I like that one there.

  9. Yes, dried scallops are very expensive over here too, esp. the big ones… they go well with porridge too.. your bowl of noodles really looks great!

    Yup, but no thanks to those scallops. Next time I use other things, bet it will be a lot nicer.

  10. For soup, dried scallops would be nicer. The fresh scallops would be kinda tasteless, it’s one of those things that takes on other flavours really well, but when overcooked, texture like rubber bullets. Blerh. Buttery flavours would go nicer with fresh scallops, especially if they are huge!

    Ok, noted…not that I have any left nor would I be buying anymore. Too expensive for the likes of me. 😦

  11. i guess for scallops, sometimes it’s the texture that’s supposed to win us over, maybe not so much the flavor. but ya, i enjoy seeing how you experiment with your recipes, always fun πŸ˜€

    I did not really enjoy it…but at least, I’ve got rid of it. Just can’t stand seeing things sitting in the freezer or fridge for so long! My missus has this habit of stuffing things in and conveniently forgetting about them. 😦

  12. And a curious questions, i used to see my ex-colleague buy mushrooms, etc back to Malaysia during CNY, understand Malaysia also sell it, what’s the difference between buying in Singapore and Malaysia?

    Do they? With the conversion rate, I’m sure they would be a whole lot cheaper here. Maybe got snob appeal – bought from Singapore mah…got class one. Show off a bit!

  13. Wah ho liao wei ….. fresh scallop some more. Sure sedap la

    Was nice…but did not get my jumping up and down with delight. I wouldn’t be running out to buy more of those, thank you very much.

  14. Sounds like dried scallop version of Pan Mee, tapi mesti ada chilies la, tak jadi kalau takde!

    In my house, there’s always chili – pounded with garlic and all. My missus will not eat anything without that.

  15. comfort food always works for me! scallop or not, to me its the stock and noodle that matters… hehehe

    I’d like a lot more ingredients – meat or seafood or at least, an egg, not just the noodles and the soup. πŸ˜‰

  16. i never try soup version before, usually i will have it dried.

    I had both…but I prefer it dry. Never liked anything in soup when young, so hot…and being so greedy, I would burn my tongue for sure. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. Fresh scallops from Singapore? Should be imported from else where…

    It’s ok… you don’t eat them everyday… just enjoy once in a while… and… expensive doesn’t mean good/delicious and vice versa!

    My sentiments exactly.

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