More than a name on the wall…

No, it is more than just a kitchen…


– this place that is located directly across the road from SMK Deshon, beside the Good Happiness Restaurant (to the right) but I suggest that you come from Jalan Pedada past the Ta Ann Apartments instead of coming through the Sibu Bus Terminal area as the road condition is absolutely horrendous owing the the extremely severe sinking land problem in the vicinity.

I noticed it a few days earlier when we were going to that Italian restaurant further in among the blocks of shops on the right – this one’s the first one on the left…and I made up my mind there and then that I would drop by sometime to give it a try and I did.

It is not one of those regular coffee shops as you can see…


…so you can expect the prices to be a little bit more than usual. I saw on their displays on the wall outside that they have the fish head mihun or hung ngang (the bigger version), the one with the white milky soup but though I have never actually tried it, somehow or other, that has never tickled my fancy and somehow, I just do not feel like I would want to eat that.

Instead, I opted for their Taiwanese beef noodles…


…and it certainly looked impressive, I would say…


…and the thick slices of beef…


…were very nicely done, very tender indeed. Seeing that they were quite generous with it, I would say that it was quite reasonably-priced as the meat does not come cheap around here, not at all.

However, I felt it was a bit salty and the taste of the salted preserved vegetables was a bit too over-powering so much so that it drowned out the fragrance of the beef. I would prefer the latter to be stronger so I would say that I was rather disappointed even though on the whole, it tasted pretty good…and if I were to come again, I would probably want to try some of the other things they have in their little menu instead.

They also have Vietnamese beef noodles which were a bit cheaper – over RM6.00, if I remember correctly, so perhaps I would order that next time to see what the difference is…or perhaps, I would have this instead…


…as I do love black vinegar pork trotters. I wonder what the original price was, probably RM5 but they have increased it by a ringgit in view of the recent hike in the price of pork here.

Well, we’ll see when I will drop by this place again and I’ll update you on any delight that they may have in store, if any.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “More than a name on the wall…”

  1. I loves black vinegar pork trotters too, but if I eat, I take the lean meat… hehehe….

    I’ve tried. The meat all lean… I wouldn’t mind a little fat. πŸ˜‰

  2. Black Vinegar Pork Rice should be nice…hopefully… I enjoy taking the gravy :-p
    go try…go try… hehehe….

    I have! It’s in one of my scheduled posts, coming soon! πŸ˜‰

  3. For such interior you would expect different services and food presentation as well as higher prices. πŸ˜‰

    I also love black vinegar pork trotter. As matter of fact I had it for lunch today and going to have it again for dinner! hehehe.

    Yes, a little bit more and that’s fine by me – most importantly, the food and service must be good. Hahhh!!!! I would have had the chance to enjoy that black vinegar pork if I had gone for your baby’s full moon. Too bad I had to drive all the way to Selangau and back to get my girl.

  4. The beef noodles looks good though! But I am off red meat la. beef is starting to do funny thing to my digestive system.

    Oh dear!!! I was off pork for one or two months once…and it took me quite a while to start eating it again – had some repulsive smell initially till I got used to it.

    1. I don’t mind la, Frank is 100% Vegetarian now so I’m heading that direction too, when we eat out together we only order vegetarian stuff, and naturally I cook mostly vegetarian meals until I’m just feeding myself. Pork is still ok with me though, beef only if it’s in lighter dish, so maybe beef noodles will still be ok.

      Ahhhh….maybe I should go vegetarian too or partially, at least, but would have to cook my own – eating outside at those vegan places can be really expensive. 😦

  5. Oh that’s too bad that it was a bit salty, it does look like it would have been delicious. Hopefully, it won’t be as salty if you try it again. I’m with you, I don’t like overly salty foods. Overpowers the flavor of the dish and only thing I can think about is, “Oh my is this salty!” The noodles look nice and thick. Do you know if they prepare their own?

    It did look really good, I was impressed. Thank goodness it wasn’t overly salty…but too bad that it drowned out the flavour of the beef. Yes, they did say that their noodles are all handmade…no preservatives. Wow! You’re very observant! Don’t they look the same as the usual noodles I have had before?

  6. Yummy! I love beef noodles! And oh, I am craving for some black vinegar pork trotters too πŸ™‚

    Hah!!!! Everyone’s threatening to unfriend and block me on Facebook… πŸ˜€

  7. Like this, like this, especially the thick slices of beef!!! =]

    Me too…and so many slices – put them together they’d make one big piece of steak, I’m sure.

  8. ooo, i like the counter decor and the menu design very much! not so sure about the food, but the initial impression has won me over πŸ˜€

    Yes, I actually love the place a lot! Been back once…and you can bet I’d be dropping by there again and again.

  9. Yes, the beef noodle certainly look impressive, too bad you said not much beef flavour. I love beef noodles, especially with beef balls and intestines.
    Hah! Long time I have not cooked black vinegar pork trotters…maybe this weekend I cook, hehe… Love the gravy, can eat two bowls of rice!

    Ooooo…if only I were in KL this weekend, would simply invite myself over! πŸ˜‰

  10. Not cheap but price of meat increasing. I like beef that is tender. Some cook not long enough its very chewy

    This one was very well done.

  11. Like the interior design. Looks like this is a place that I need to visit when I am back.

    Love vinegar trotters, although we have it quite often at home. Let me try then I tell u good or not. Hahahha

    No worries! I’ll keep going by to try…and I’ll keep you posted – what’s worth going there for and what’s not.

  12. I prefers the delicate taste of the Vietnamese beef noodle that I had in Vietnam over the more heavily flavored Taiwanese version any day.

    Not me, but I’m ok with Vietnamese too.

  13. As you know I’m not a salt fan. Really the only thing I like salty are corn chips or tortillas, I think. In that last pic…it mentions vinegar and I have been meaning to ask you…which vinegars you consume usually!? I am a vinegar fan for the most part. I have been enjoying many different kinds πŸ™‚

    I don’t know. There’s clear rice vinegar but this one’s the black vinegar used in Chinese cuisine, used in(sharks fins) soups in Chinese restaurants even in the US.

  14. the fish head noodles in kuching taste just so so .. they don’t have fresh fish head.. only fried fish head so I never actually tasted the fish head noodles in kuching cos I don’t like fried fish head. i miss the one in KL though.. 😦

    Come and try this one here – I would say it’s really good…but I’ve never had any elsewhere so I can’t really compare.

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