Getting better…

We dropped by here when it first opened but at the time, they had not set up the oven yet so they did not have pizzas on the menu. Well, there was word going round that they had got it done and were now ready to roll so we wasted no time in making a beeline for the place for lunch last Saturday…


Holy Moses! Is that last year’s decoration or are they getting ready for Christmas this year already? LOL!!!

Their opening hours are from 12 noon to 12 midnight…


…and we got there about 5 minutes early just in case there would be a lunchtime crowd. A Caucasian couple was inside already and that made me wonder as to who they were. I mean if they were tourists, they would not want to come to this little town and eat Italian and would be feasting on our local delights instead, wouldn’t they? Well, both had pasta and they seemed happy with what they were served and left when they had cleaned up their plates.

I browsed through the menu…

B&B menu

…and had to enlist the help of the waiter as being the country bumpkin that I am, I just couldn’t make head or tail of those names that I suppose are in Italian, much less pronounce them. Unfortunately the small skinny chap was mono-lingual and after a few exchanges, I gave up and asked him to get someone that I could communicate with…and he did.

In the end, the boss came himself…and it turned out to be the guy who was taking the Caucasian couple’s orders earlier and had gone inside, probably to start cooking away. Of course he was very familiar with everything that they had in their menu and knew exactly what to suggest and we had no problem whatsoever in placing our orders.

To start off, we had their very delightful Ceasar’s Salad (RM8.00)…


…which we all enjoyed very much. It was not the same as what we had had at other places and I would say theirs was a lot tastier.

Then, we shared the Amatriciana (RM17.00)…


…and for our choice of pasta, Melissa picked spaghetti. Ahhhhhh!!!! I noticed they had done away with that miserable bit of lettuce that they seemed to use to garnish every dish the last time I was here, thank God for small mercies. This was pretty good, I would say, very generous with the sauce though I wished they had been the same with the pasta – not too much, just a little bit more so that towards the end, one would not have to eat pasta sauce without the pasta.

The Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi (RM26.00) that we had…


…was really good. It tasted great and we all prefer thin crust…


…and what we had that day was definitely to our liking – nicely done, crusty and fragrant.

We wanted to order a chicken dish but eventually, decided that we would do so later if we wanted some more…but having had all that, we reckoned we only had room left for dessert so we asked for their tiramisu (RM10.00)…


…which my missus loved very much and Melissa too but I prefer their crème brûlée (RM8.00)…


The torched layer of caramel on top was very thin, perfectly done and not burnt, plus the egg custard base was yum…yum…yummy! You know I always have this soft spot for rich egg custard so perhaps this may be a slightly biased comparison between the two. Hehehehehe!!!!!


When we got there, I did not know what music they were playing and after a while, they switched to some Chinese songs. Mamma mia!!!! At an Italian restaurant? Thankfully, unlike at some other cafes and restaurants in town, the volume was kept to the minimum so it was quite bearable. Eventually, Adele came on…and when she sang my favourite song, all was forgiven. LOL!!!

And unlike some other cafes and restaurants around here where they charge 50 sen or a ringgit per glass and even RM2 at one place (Tsk! Tsk!), sky juice (iced water) was served absolutely FREE here and I would give them a double thumbs up for that!!! Of course, the idea would be to get us to order their expensive drinks on their menu…but when the food alone does not come all that cheap, they should not try to cash in on the drinks as well, like we’re being held to ransom. We would order when we feel like it and not feel that we’re forced to because you’re twisting our arms behind our backs by charging astronomical prices for the water. Blerk!!! At many places overseas or even in KL and elsewhere, the moment you sit down, they will place a jug on the table with enough mugs or glasses to go round. I think the next time I visit “those places”, I would just order the food and tell them I do not want anything to drink, thank you very much.

Well, we all enjoyed the lunch that afternoon and we certainly hope to drop by again sometime and try some of the other stuff on their menu but in the meantime, I’m afraid I do have a bone to pick! Perhaps it is high time they get some new plates to replace the chipped ones…


…and they definitely must tell the workers to be more careful when handling the crockery…


For the prices that they charge, I am sure they can jolly well afford to do that.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Getting better…”

  1. Wonderful photos! The food looks good! Sorry about the chips in the plates, tho, eeeek! I really like their sign, too!

    Tasted great too. We certainly enjoyed our lunch. Ya, I hope they appreciate the gentle nudge regarding the chips in their plates – not too bad at the moment…only two out of the 10 or so that we used and they looked new/recent so perhaps, they could remind their workers to be more careful so as to prevent any further damage. Thanks for your compliments.

  2. If not mistaken, in Italy or Greece, if there is any chipped plates they will just throw on the floor. They have such festival like breaking plates festival. 😉

    I love Italian thin crust pizza!!!

    Yup! My father’s business associate from the US did that once at a coffee shop when he was here a long long time ago – he just threw it on the floor and broke it. Obviously, they do not tolerate such shabbiness like we do. I hear those chips will harbour germs and are bad for health…

    Do drop by and try when you’re “liberated”. Pretty good, I’d say, bet you’d love the pizzas.

    1. I just shown my hubby this post and he told me he knew the place as a friend’s son operated this outlet. So you bet, we will drop by and try the food out. hehehe.

      And maybe I will hint on the “chipped” parts. lol

      Hopefully, you would not see any of those chipped plates by the time you go there. The last one where I encountered that, I told the boss straight away…and on my next visit, I did not see any anymore. Good for them! Ya…I know the day too and some of the family members as well.

  3. Funny to see the perspective on prices. In KL that food would be at least double! I suppose rents have a lot to do with prices here.

    That’s to be expected as the cost/standard of living there is so much higher but I’ve seen in blogs where the prices of such stuff are pretty much the same and sometimes, even cheaper. However, we should expect to pay for it considering that the special ingredients are not available locally – why, we can’t get decent cheese even most of the time, so they would have to be obtained through special order…and since such places are few and far between, there is some kind of a monopoly…so take it or leave it. Personally, I don’t mind paying more provided the food is good and the service is commendable…unlike at some places here. 😦

  4. What’s that glob of white on the Caesar salad?
    Wish they didn’t squirt whipped cream and some berry topping thingy on the creme brûlée.


    I was wondering about the cream too, whether it would make any difference but it turned out to be tasteless. Same as if it had not been there, merely for presentation, I guess, so it was fine by me.

  5. Hope they will see the chipped plates as shown above.. I remember taking the pictures of chipped cutlery too but I forgot which restaurant that was… hmmm…
    Love the tiramisu!! Looks so goooood!

    All was good, no problem with the food at all. We all enjoyed what we had and wouldn’t mind going again. Your kids would love this place, I’m sure. Wanna come? 😉

  6. ooooo… RM8 Caesar’s Salad, RM17 Pasta Amatriciana, RM26 Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi, RM10 Tiramisu and RM8 Crème Brûlée… lifestyle of the Sibu’s Rich & Famous!! @.@!!!

    See the earlier comment by someone from your side. Looks like in your case, it would be the Lifestyle of the Richer & the More Famous then. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  7. All looks good. I also prefer pizza with thin cripsy crust. You didn’t drop the chipped plates/bowl on the floor. I remember once you say if you come across them you would just dropped on the floor, hahaha!!!

    That was at the other place…and the next time I went, there weren’t anymore chipped plates anymore. Either they got new ones or they were careful not to let me get to use those the second time around. LOL!!! 😀 This one, I would have to point it out to them first if I see such chipped plates again…and after that, if it is still the same, then it will be plate dropping time.

  8. wow, the food does look good, in a rather posh surrounding. Gone are the kopitiams, I see you’re now enjoying up-market lifestyle. hehehe..

    ps. i don’t have any printers with me, the last printer i used was back in my uni days, and I do not know where it has gone too. HP did promise me some printers in exchange for that post.

    I’m using HP already. In fact, I’ve two – one with my girl in her jungle school… Loyal supporter! 😉

    No lah! These exclusive places are for once in a while indulgences – other times, we still stick to the good ol’ coffee shops.

    1. sure or not? haha, i would think you’re enjoying life indulging in great food every day! 🙂 ..

      The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The thing is I don’t spend on much else…other than food so once in a while, can pamper oneself a bit lah, not all the time. How to afford! 😦

  9. Great! The thin crust pizza – this is why I love Italian pizza rather than local pizza which taste so much bread. And they served the plain water free of charge, thumbs up! So the owner is local?

    Yup! Worked in Singapore for a number of years and now home and running his own. Doing well, I guess as it has been around for almost a year already.

  10. I love thin crust pizza too…Would love to see it tops with lots of mushrooms and of course generous amount of melter mozzarella cheese..YUmmmm

    Probably can request…for a price, of course! 😉

  11. The food looks good. I like pizza with thin crust like this, not the thick soggy type. Yuck!
    Yeah, I get put off by chipped and broken plates in a restaurant, too. But it’s good they offer drinking water free of charge.

    Yup! I don’t like the bread crust…especially the super thick ones at that franchise place – I’d be better off eating bread. Hopefully, they’ll do something about the plates… 😦

  12. Very affordable prices, would love to try the pizza 😀

    Come! Come! Come to Sibu! I’d surely take anyone who comes to town here…if they’re into Italian. Nice place.

  13. I hate it too when the restaurant give me chipped plates and bended cutleries

    Well, at least, their cutlery is stainless steel – wouldn’t get bent so easily not like those at the coffee shops or some chu-char places.

  14. Adduuhhh…chipped plate T_T
    The food and place looks nice…
    How do you rate their creme brulee? So, which one you prefer now? (comparing to ‘the other one’) 🙂

    The paper thin torched caramel is of course a point in their favour…and the egg custard is slightly nicer – the other one’s not bad either but it’s only a ringgit cheaper – the torched caramel is sometimes rather thick and a bit overdone. 😦

  15. ooo, decor looks nice, i like the look of the place. and italian is one of my top three favorite cuisines, so i’d like it here (need some red wine with the pizzas though) 😀

    Come on over and I’ll take you here. I just checked Air Asia – from 14th till mid-November (school holidays), lots of flights zero fare – you pay only RM29 for airport taxes. Good time to come over, so cheap!

  16. Pizza & Ceasar salad looks very good. But the cream on top of the crème brûlée look funny.
    If i remember, when i study culinary art, they do said restaurant or hotel or any eateries cannot serve chipped crockery, it may danger the diners, and it is the first rule?

    Yes, it harbours germs…and diners may get ill from using such chipped crockery. That’s why I always highlight this when I see it – not that it is some cheap no-class-at-all coffee shop. I hope they see this and do something about it.

    Dunno why they bother to squirt that whipped cream on top – not that it would enhance the taste or anything and I don’t think it made it look any nicer. Thankfully, it tasted good in spite of that.

    Btw, see my reply to Sean’s comment – so cheap!!! Can hop over Friday, go back Sunday!!! Quick! Quick! Make your booking now! 😉

  17. Looks like a nice place with lot of natural light, glass panels and all. Food looks good too. Thinking of dropping the chipped crockery? They may add it onto your bill too, who knows. Creme brulee. Yum! Another dessert I like is bread pudding.

    I’m ok with bread pudding, will have that at hotel breakfast but not rushing anywhere to get to eat any. Do they do that? Add to the bill when someone breaks something “accidentally”? I don’t think so…

  18. The food looks delicious. May I know the location of this restaurant? Thanks.

    Across the road (Lorong Sena) from SMK Deshon, to the right of Good Hope Restaurant. It’s in the block further in on the right hand side of those two rows facing each other. Better come in from Jalan Pedada (directly opposite Delta Mall) past the Ta Ann Apartments – the sinking road condition in the Sibu bus terminal area is shocking!

  19. The sign does look “Christmasy.” Here in the States, there are places that already have Christmas decorations out for purchase. The salad looks great as does the pasta. The sauce looks really good. Was it freshly made? If my daughter sees that pizza she’ll be asking me to make some within the next few days. Perhaps I’ll make one for her tomorrow, we’ll see.

    LOL!!! Kids love pizzas. Yes, I think the salad dressing is their own-made one, not one of those bottled dressings. I thought it would be something like what we have in our family but no, it was different. Nice too!

  20. I must say the Caesar looks really yummy! Agree… cannot understand why must charge for water… also if I want to order drink, I would do so whether the water is free or not… 🙂

    Precisely…and I always drink water as I’m cutting down on my sugar intake. This kind of places, all the sweet drinks or fruit juices – not for me. I wouldn’t mind coffee, black but they usually do not have.

  21. The food looks very ‘bistro-like’, hehe~
    Pizza looks yummy~

    Oops!!! Duplicate comment. One went to spam and I retrieved it. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

  22. Chinese song in Italian restaurant??? Hahaha, I heard before Korean songs in Japanese Reastaurant!!! =]

    Ah well! We do have English songs in Chinese restaurants too. Hehehehehe!!!!

  23. Creme brulee certainly looks good!!!

    It was good…and everything else here. Would definitely want to drop by again sometime.

  24. crème brûlée is my fave!!!! i love all custard based desserts. ❤

    very sharp eye there, STP. i probably wouldn't really have noticed the chips & nicks in the plates/crockery

    LOL!!! I’m such a horrible fella hor? Picking on everybody and everything. 😀

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