She’s not there…

When my daughter came back last Friday, I went to get her somewhere in town where her colleague would drop her off and whisk her off to the bank to settle some financial matters before it closed for the weekend and after that, I took her for a very very late lunch. Usually, the two would make her way back to town from the jungle school without having a bite first after school has ended for the day and they would be quite famished by the time they reach here.

I have not had the very nice popiah (spring rolls)…


…that I used to enjoy a lot, not since she moved away from the old place and set up a stall here…


…so that afternoon, my daughter and I stopped by in the hope of having that. Unfortunately, it seems that she’s only open for business in the morning and thus, I had to have something else.

This shop used to be very popular for its kueh chap but they have moved elsewhere. However, I did hear that the new one’s pretty good – much nicer than the old one…but that afternoon, I had had lunch earlier so I did not want anything particularly heavy. In the end, I opted for the rojak (RM4.00 with egg)…


…a la the celebrated Rojak Kassim here a long time ago. something along the same lines as the pasembur or what is called Indian rojak elsewhere. It wasn’t exactly the same as what I had had elsewhere but I would say it was very good, much nicer than some of the rest, and I would not mind having it again should I be dropping by this place anytime in future.

My daughter had the big mihun in fish fillet soup (RM5.50)…


…and she loved it! No, it wasn’t the very popular chao chai hung ngang that we have around here – they did not have any of those preserved vegetables in it and the chili dip that came with it looked like sambal belacan and my girl said it was very nice.

Obviously, I would have to go back there again some other day to appease my craving for the lady’s very delightful popiah… Sigh!!!

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33 thoughts on “She’s not there…”

  1. Oh the first dish looks so delicious, too bad the place was closed. But, that’s wonderful your daughter loved her fish fillet soup. I’m making a fish chowder when I arrive home from work today. Perfect weather for it, since it’s a chilly rainy day.

    Oooo…my daughter loves seafood chowder but unfortunately, we can’t get that anywhere here…other than in cans. 😦

    1. Well that’s too bad that you can only get it in cans. I made the fish chowder a few days ago. It was very rich, creamy, and delicious (according to my daughter.) She ate a few bowls. She finished the rest yesterday. I made a potato chowder also… for me. I took pictures, so I guess I need to eventually post them on my site, heh. 🙂

      Ahhhh!!! Potato chowder’s nice too. Perhaps I should try and cook our own one of these days.

  2. The fish noodles look good. Is that thick mee hoon or you have a specific name for that type of noodle?

    In Foochow, we call it hung ngang but in Hokkien, we just call it tua tiao bee hoon (big mihun).

    1. In Mandarin it’s Fen Gan (粉干)sometimes used for fish head noodles here too.

      What about those that says laksa on the packet? I guess they use them for Penang assam laksa and I’m wondering if they’re the same as hung ngang/big mihun. I’ve never bought that to try as I don’t know it it’s the one and the same thing or not.

  3. This place looks like lot of nice food and choices. I must go and try.

    Not really. One side, there’s the kampua stall where the fish noodles came from (a lot of other choices, this stall) and then there’s the popiah stall and after that, the kueh chap stall. The other side, there’s the rojak stall…and a roti canai stall. Dunno if others as it was late afternoon, so if any, they would be closed. Go and try the popiah…and ask for a lot of kacang, inside and outside! You will not be disappointed.

  4. Yes, I notice that the popiah looks great.. with peanuts as toppings.. something unusual and I would love to try that… Far or near, when the cravings are there, one need to go and satisfy the stomach! hahhaaa… Do go early to avoid disappointment!

    Yes, I’ll make sure I go in the morning next time.

  5. that mihun in fish fillet soup looks good, and i especially like this type of thick mihun.. though i may have a difficult time using chopsticks to pick them up (cos they are so slippery, hehehe) but i still love it!! maybe we treasure things that are more difficult to get?? :p

    Me too…but at least, it’s clear soup so the damage would not be so obvious if I splash it all over the front of my t-shirt. 😀

    You’re talking about the popiah? It’s not exactly difficult to get – even though I would say it’s in my opinion the only good one in town and is very good at that. I can make my own anytime…but I’ll have to buy the skin by the kilo plus all the ingredients and what not and all that trouble to cook and roll, it would be so much easier to just drop by here and eat one or two – that would be more than enough!

  6. I love popiah a lot too. And also Indian Rojak. But hard to find very good ones here.

    Here too. Popiah, this is the only one. The rojak…since that Kassim left town, I’ve had some not really good ones, all miserably pale imitations – the cucur’s all wrong, not nice and the gravy tastes kind of different too, but this one’s pretty good. Wouldn’t mind going for it again.

  7. The hung ngang looks good. Ever tried them at the corner coffee shop on Channel Rd? (The one with the 10 am sold-out kampua, near your father’s old shop.) I thought it was pretty good too.

    The stall at the back. No, I only tried the kampua. My girl likes chao chai hung ngang – I’m not really into it.

  8. No more Rojak Kassim nowadays. the new version in Kuching doesn’t taste like what they served before in front of Old Cathay. huhu

    Poor quality control, I guess. The old man gets distracted.. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  9. The popiah is so tempting…

    U go again in the morning to have the popiah, blog about it and show us…

    I’ve blogged about it MANY times, and you didn’t see??? Just click the link and you will get to the old posts.

  10. When I was pregnant, I was craving for rojak like what u had but the one i had was terrible… it made my cravings even worst but i managed to brush it off and makan McD instead 😀

    Dunno KL but I had some nice ones in Penang.

  11. The big mihun is also used in chao chai hung ngang, rite? Oh, I would love the Indian rojak and popiah. They are generous with the peanuts toppings.

    Yup. That’s why I like the popiah, even more than those nice ones in Kuching.

  12. The pasembur looks good, thick gravy. Any jelly fish being added? or any special ingredients?

    Jelly fish? Nope, that’s not part and parcel of our Rojak Kassim original recipe. The main thing is the cucur (fried fritters) – either you have it or you don’t and many here don’t, not nice…and the next thing would be the gravy. Most around here are not nice – this one’s quite good and I do mean quite. The original Rojak Kassim had boiled potatoes and egg in it – no potatoes in this one and an egg would be RM1 extra. 😦

  13. This Yummy cafe look familiar….nearby our hotel?

    Nope, far far away. This one’s in the town centre. I think there is one near your hotel called Yum Yum, not the same.

  14. heh, while reading your entries, i feel like you’re a walking encyclopedia for eateries in your town! you know the history, the specialties, etc 😀

    Gosh!!! I’ve been called a food directory and now I’m upgraded to encyclopaedia… LOL!!! 😀

  15. Kueh chap, one of my fav food but not common here.

    No? Not in Sibu either, more popular in Kuching but we do have a few very nice places – more than enough.

  16. The mihun in fish fillet soup looks good. It does reminds me of ‘chao chai hung ngang’. Ahh…I love chao chai hung ngang!! 🙂

    Hmmmm…it’s slightly sour…so maybe that’s why it does not really appeal to fat people. LOL!!! Sorry, can’t send chao chai hung ngang to you, you’ll have to cook your own. 😀

    1. HAHAH!! No worries… If not I afraid you may need to send half of the Sibu state over…. LOL!

      Wouldn’t want to go through all that hassle again. PosMalaysia has replied and this was all they said:
      With regard to the above, we wish to inform that we are currently experiencing a high influx of mail and parcel which has created a situation of congestion. Apparently, this has consequently resulted to the delayed delivery of mail and parcel.
      What crap! Other places, no problem at all with the delivery. Tsk! Tsk!

  17. popiah, popiah, the food I always love to buy in pasar malam!!! =]

    The deep fried ones? My daughter loves those – she loves everything deep fried. 😀

  18. Oooo big mihun… I wonder what that is called over here (if we have an equivalent). It looks good!

    There! Kelly has the name in Mandarin. Should be available everywhere, I would think – those made in China ones.

  19. There are so many places around here with strange hours. Like they close at 2 in the afternoon and not open for dinner and there are a lot of places who decided to close in our town on MONDAYS. WHAT!? People don’t eat on Mondays!? Sundays – back in the day – I could understand (for Church Day/Beliefs/etc) – but Mondays? I think , anymore, Sunday’s are a stretch…I think they should be open everyday if they want to stay in business, I guess!

    Here too – mostly closed on Tuesdays but it varies. I would think those serving light teatime delights and snacks like popiah (spring roll) should open in the afternoon as well as in the morning.

  20. This yummy cafe is opposite Ngui Kee? Oh…now popiah moved there?

    I would prefer Melissa’s hung ngan to the indian rojak. 😛

    Yup! I’ve yet to go and eat. I like the rojak if it’s good, more than the fruit rojak, and this one’s not bad.

  21. I love popiah too… always will eat 3 rolls when I visit my favorite popiah stall in Penang. Your rojak looks yummeh…

    I’ll stick to two – RM2.50 each, can’t have too many….but if I make my own, no holds barred. Better not to make my own – absolutely no control. Very bad. 😉

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