I’m so angry…

If you may recall, in this post the other day, I mentioned that I sent something to somebody but despite their claim that it is dijamin sampai hari esok (guaranteed to arrive the next day), it did not!!!

I’ve been using the services of our so-called national courier for a long, long time and so far, I have been QUITE happy with it. The things that I sent were delivered promptly most of the time and even though it may be quite expensive, I would still resort to this “fast and efficient” means to send anything. Why? I even blogged about it here and all this while, you have seen some of the things sent by my friends here, there and everywhere via them…but unfortunately, this time around, the bubble has burst!

I have sent stuff to KL and Selangor, to Penang, Sungai Petani in Kedah, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu…to name the few that I can remember but I have never sent anything to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan before. This was the first time and this too was the first time that something went wrong. I posted my parcel, consignment number EF053367732MYΒ on Monday at their office here in Sibu…


30-Sep-2013 15:28:16 Consignment posted over the counter PPL SIBU…and I expected it to arrive the next day, Tuesday. Unfortunately, it did not…
01-Oct-2013 18:25:14 Unable to deliver the item due to
Missed delivery – Item will be deliver next working day PPL SEREMBAN

So, I sent a message to them via their Facebook page and they replied very quickly, saying, “Any inconvenience caused is regretted. Thank you for the feedback!” Yes, the two sentences were in that order in their reply, I wonder why, and it did sound a bit odd to put it that way, don’t you think? Like they were simply brushing me off, who the hell cares…sorry, goodbye!!! But never mind! At least, they did reply and I waited and waited to see if it would arrive on Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013…
02-Oct-2013 09:51:13 Courier is attempting delivery PPL SEREMBAN

My friend even called their office and they just said, “Tak sempat hantar!” Good grief!!! Do they have so much mail to deliver? Is Seremban soooo big? But anyway, we just waited…and waited…and waited…and the thing never arrived. By evening, this had appeared on their TRACK & TRACE page:
02-Oct-2013 17:18:38 Unable to deliver the item due to
Missed delivery – Item will be deliver next working day PPL SEREMBAN

I was so angry! Like I said earlier, it was not cheap to use their services, I tell you and what I paid that day…


…was at least double the worth of the things inside, if not triple.

I sent them this message via their Facebook page:

I refer to my earlier message regarding my consignment EF053367732MY sent from your Sibu office on Monday 30 September 2013.
30-Sep-2013 15:28:16 Consignment posted over the counter PPL SIBU

Despite your caption: DIJAMIN SAMPAI HARI ESOK, it did not arrive the following day, Tuesday, 1 October, 2013 for the reason given below:
01-Oct-2013 18:25:14 Unable to deliver the item due to
Missed delivery – Item will be deliver next working day PPL SEREMBAN

Today, 2nd October 2013, it appeared that an attempt was made since early in the morning to deliver the said consignment:
02-Oct-2013 09:51:13 Courier is attempting delivery PPL SEREMBAN
and I am MOST disappointed that it has yet to be delivered:
02-Oct-2013 17:18:38 Unable to deliver the item due to
Missed delivery – Item will be deliver next working day PPL SEREMBAN

The addressee called the Seremban office and was duly informed, “Tak sempat hantar!”

I have been using POSLAJU for many years now and have sent items to various states in the country and this is the FIRST time I have sent something to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and something like this has happened. There is obviously a problem with your irresponsible and errant employee(s) there and I am sure you will agree that this calls for immediate action to ensure yourselves indeed worthy to be called the “national courier”.

Malaysia BOLEH. Thank you.

…and this time, I even forwarded a copy to the official Pos Malaysia email address.

The following day, I did get a reply on their Facebook page:
We are apologize to hear of your experience. Kindly email your feedback to care@pos.com.my or you may call Pos Careline at 1-300-300-300 for further assist. (Oh my English!!!)
…which I had already done but nothing was heard from their customer service in response to that email…so I told them that and this was their reply:
If you already sent an email, please wait as you need to bear with the response time for HQ to investigate the issue first ya. Apologize for any inconvenience caused. (And again, oh my English!!!)
…and in the meantime, the cycle continued…
EF053367732MY – 03 Oct 2013 09:14:05 Courier is attempting delivery PPL SEREMBAN
…and at a little over 1500 hours that afternoon, I got word from my friend that she had FINALLY received it.
03-Oct-2013 14:50:31 Consignment successfully delivered PPL SEREMBAN
Tsk! Tsk!

Lay peang arrived
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

Of course, being the courteous guy that I am, I felt I should acknowledge that and besides, I simply had to have the last word so I sent them a message on their Facebook page:
Kindly be informed that the consignment has FINALLY been received at around 1500 hours today – FOUR days from the day sent!!! That has got to be a record!!! Still, despite the sloppy & most disappointing service, I’d would like to say thank you very much. It’s about time you all pull up your socks and do something to improve. Cheers!
…and they replied in that same horrendous command of the English language:
Official : PosLaju National Courier
Thank you for the feedback, we will try to improve our service to ensure that the issue not occur in the future. Apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Well, I certainly hope so…I most certainly hope so!!!

Anyway, the harm has been done, I’m afraid…and I would think it is about time that I try using the services of those private courier service agencies. Anybody knows of any that is good and reliable?

Bye-bye, POSLAJU! It was good while it lasted!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “I’m so angry…”

  1. That’s awful. I had my book (a prize I won from a giveaway) bent in half along the spine and forced into my letterbox.

    In Singapore TOO? I thought everything’s simply perfect in the island republic, nothing but the best most efficient services all round?

  2. I complained on the Post Office’s Facebook page and they told me to email them instead as the FB page is for happy messages…

    The same with POSLAJU’s too. They have this 5-star rating…and to post a comment, you MUST rate…and I guess the minimum is one. They do not even deserve that. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. I’m glad they are apologize and they further assist. Well, I truly hope they ensure that the issue not occur in the future,

    Muahahahahahahahaha!!! You are so mean!!! ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Used to send things to my son using this national courier when he was in Sg. Petani and so far every time it was delivered the next day. Not cheap though.Sending a letter only cost me RM8.60. But now I switch to Pos Ekpress and much cheaper. Btw, is the lay paeng still in good condition when ypur friend received it.

    It was, thankfully! Yup, when it is so expensive, I would expect really good and efficient service. Don’t mind paying for that…but what I know is these people will park their vans by some isolated coffee shop in the middle of nowhere and idle the time away there. They will start delivering after office hours to claim overtime…and of course, there may not be all that much time to deliver all. Many of my friends there got their mails around 6 something in the evening!

  5. We used Dhl courier n they also guaranteed delivered.next day. Once we sent something in interstate n the parcel was delayed in delivery n they refunded back all our money but the parcel was sent safely so I must say we are happy with DHL but not sure if they are international.

    I think we do have it here but if I’m not mistaken, they have some local agent to handle the deliveries locally. Not too sure. Will have to check it out.

  6. Well…. it’s Malaysia, what do you expect LOL, i kinda like the “Oh My English” part, very amusing xD

    Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  7. The Poslaju is not “laju” enough. So far I have not have bad experience with them and hopefully no. haha. If in Kuching I would be able to recommend you one courier service.

    In my case, so far, I think the worst would be a day later…except once to Mukah but that was a special case, can’t blame them. Overload, the plane so the airport people simply off-loaded the mail and dumped the sack by the side at the airport…and nobody realised it. We had a hard time tracing where my mail had gone to.

  8. Arthur, I believe Poslaju reckoned we are lucky our consignment is at least delivered, no matter how long it took, I sent somethg to KL a couple of mths ago and it was a WHOLE TWO WEEKS before my package was finally delivered! Imagine that if you will!!

    It would not be so bad if not for that tagline – guaranteed to arrive the following day and this was FOUR days later. Shocking!!! I might as well send by snail mail…will take around a week and it is soooooo much cheaper, maybe only 10% of the amount for POSLAJU.

    1. Although my package was not a perishable item, still it was irreplaceable. I was frantically chasing left and right. It had arrived (in WMsia) no doubt, but Poslaju did not have the efficiency or courtesy to have it delivered on time. Am just glad your recipient got the lay peang in 4 days. If it was delivered in 2 weeks or more (as in my case), it would have been totally wasted!

      I wasn’t sure how long the lay peang would last and that was why I was terribly upset. My fried ate it right away as soon as she got it and it seemed that it was still ok, thankfully.

  9. This is bad, my sister told me they even lost the package sometimes!!! =[

    So far, nothing of the sort has happened to me, touch wood!!! 😦

  10. My case even worse. The parcel was broken but they didn’t have effort to contact us. In the end they resend it tome but I just told them to throw it away. 😦

    Thank goodness, like that at least I can still consider myself quite lucky!

  11. yikes. i guess one of the frustrations here is not only did the package arrive severely late, they failed to provide any satisfactory explanation for their failure … tsk tsk…

    Precisely! So far they never replied to the email I sent and I do not think they ever will. I know exactly where the problem was – my friend used her office address and that would be when they would start delivering – hiding somewhere, loitering in coffee shops and what not all day…just so they can claim overtime. Of course, when they ventured out, the office was already closed…unlike when they send to the house arriving at around 6 or 7 p.m.

    All right, you want to earn more money but not at the expense of others – this is sheer irresponsibility and the culprits should be taken to task for that.

  12. Tsk tsk that’s so bad! Normally it takes 2 days to arrive from KL to East Malaysia but 4 days is soooo long!

    What other options do you have there?

    1 day – it should arrive the following day. There are a few courier agencies here so perhaps I can ask around to see which one’s better and not too expensive.

  13. Hi, as usual our M’sia pos laju service cannot depend 100%. Their efficient FB & email replied are computer generate. It happen to my company quiet often, delay in delivery. Once I sent expensive hand phone to my client, when my client received the parcel it was still nicely wrap but empty box only. The hand phone and accessories missing. I packed the h/p personally, but they accuse me of maybe you forgot to put the h/p inside. I show them the consignment note, the packaging show the correct weight of the h/p written by the collector branch. So…it’s very obvious the phone had been hijack during the transportation. After argue for 3 months, they compensate me RM100.00 for a RM1500.00 h/p. Now I use KTM distribution but occasionally use others too but a bit pricey.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Good grief!!! Isn’t there insurance or do you have to buy that separately and pay more like when you fly on airlines? I never bothered to find how how it works as so far, everything had not bee this bad…and that was why I kept sending things through them.

  14. How nice of you to send the biscuits to your friend.. I am sure he must be enjoying them! So far, I didn’t have any problem with pos laju but then, I seldom send out barang.. :p

    She! And she’s expecting so I thought I would just send to her to appease her craving just in case when the time comes, her baby would be salivating all over. Well, at least, the thing arrived…so the baby wouldn’t be all wet and smelly. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!

  15. Errr…at least it sampai la . …the thing I bought online they sent via another courier service langsung tak sampai. Moreover the acknowledgement receipt slip was signed by one kaldip singh….recipient chinese name how can they simply let a singh sign for ut?

    As u hv said earlier..this is the first time they slipped…forgive them la.

    Kaldip? Isn’t that the nick of our blogger friend? He stole your thing kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!!! Well, will check out the other courier services here. If no good or too expensive, no choice lah… 😦

  16. That’s horrible! I think all their emails are “form replies” e.g. from looking at it, they have standard pre-written templates and just insert the appropriate stuff accordingly to appease but I doubt they do anything.

    I do recommend DHL (FedEx doesn’t deliver inside the country) but it’s very expensive if you’re sending stuff – last time I used it, it charged me RM 60-70 for KL to Sibu for just a small envelope with two items (food) inside. I was taken aback by the charges but have since sent from KL to KK and they’re fast and delivers on time…it’s just too expensive to use on a regular basis.

    *faints* Ya…you sent me something via DHL but I think the delivery is handled by somebody else here. THAT expensive, hmmmm…no, thank you then. 😦

  17. That is so bad!!! But those private ones can mess up too. Once I sent a document to Ipoh via Citylink. It ended up in another town. Then they re-directed it back to their office in Ipoh. After two days they still couldn’t deliver. In the end, my client had to go to their office to collect. The irony is, her office is just a few minutes way from Citylink!

    Oh? So let me strike that off the list. We have Citylink here too, been around for a long time now.

  18. Use DHL. They are only Dua Hari Lambat..
    Funnily though, Semi Value once said Pos Laju manyak bagus. Surat hantar hari INI, semalam sudah sampai!

    LOL!!! Good one! πŸ˜€

  19. *hugs*

    Pos Laju is one of the most dreaded experience for us too. Once sent a document from KL to Klang and it took them 5 days!

    Good grief! You could have just driven there, wouldn’t take long. 😦

  20. Malaysia, what can you expect? You complain la. Complain again, i will delay it some more. “See you die or not” (read in cantonese).

    I think the problem is with the Seremban office. The Sibu one’s very good and anyway, if somebody sends me something and lets me know beforehand, I would track and trace…and if they do not deliver, I would drive to their office and ask for an explanation or to collect myself – very near my house so not a problem. They know me pretty well by now – don’t play-play with this guy. Hehehehehe!!!!

  21. Oh dear…. *shoulder pat* dun be angry…
    It arrived and still able to eat…. dun worry…
    Once again… a big THANK YOU!! πŸ™‚

    Welcome, welcome. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  22. Oh how awful, did you at least get your money reimbursed since it clearly didn’t arrive at the destination at the guaranteed time? Here in the USA, they’d have to reimburse you.

    Not a cent! They do that in Australia too, it seems. I don’t think we’re supposed to send food but I did…and it’s good for a while only, not exactly a non-perishable so I did not press the matter further.

  23. Hahaha I have a love hate relationship with Poslaju. They love to press my doorbell and wait there precisely for about 5 seconds, then run away (presumably with a troll smile). Luckily my condo’s management office occasionally sign off the items for me. Otherwise I always have to call for second delivery.

    I don’t know if they will do a second delivery here. Everytime I wasn’t home, they would just leave a slip in my letter box and I would have to go to their office to collect myself. Thankfully, it’s just round the corner from my house.

  24. PosLaju is horrible man, indeed! I’ve sent parcel to my friend in Indonesia on 5th november, its been 9 days till now it didn’t arrive yet, they said it only take 6 days to deliver. Feel like want to burn their office with their staff as well inside and outside, the worst pos service ever in Malaysia.

    You can track and trace via their website and email them or make noise, lots of noise on their Facebook page. That’s what I would do. Many people prefer using the private courier services but I think they are more expensive.

    I don’t know where in Malaysia you are but in Sibu, where I am, it is not so bad – maybe because the town is small and they do not have so much to handle. If sending to towns and cities in West Malaysia, it may take two days, at least…though they guarantee to have it delivered it the following day. I have never tried sending anything overseas through them – I just sent by ordinary mail, may be even faster…and cheaper.

  25. Poslaju is good at demak laut area (probably cos it’s you-know-whose-area by the name) .. but there were few times they delayed delivery. The worst courier service I’ve encountered so far is Citylink Kuching.. it took them more than a week to send stuffs to my area and when you call to ask, they do this taichi-none-of-their-business style.

    Sibu is good too. This was in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan – the worst ever. So far, ok at all the other places, KL, Shah Alam, Sg Petani, Ipoh, Penang…the latest would be a day later…for some reason.

  26. I live in seremban, and I have to admit that Seremban poslaju service is bad, reallyyyyy bad. My friend sent me a parcel from kelantan, and i need to wait for the next 4 days then the parcel was sent to me, im quite mad because the parcel status is not updated as it was promised in the track and trace website. Dont say dijamin sampai esok if you cant, its not even hectic week like raya Christmas deepavali week or what. One more, I think seremban pos laju got so “many” parcels to be sent, so they “love” to keep it there in the pos laju office. There are few of my parcels sent more than 2 days to me although the status of the parcel is already in seremban. My god, please make them know how to keep their promise.

    I sent once only and it was really really terrible – took almost a week. Things that I sent elsewhere, never so bad…at least, if it wasn’t the very next day, it would be the following day or the day after. I would say the service here in Sibu, Sarawak is very good but of course, ours is a small town, much easier to handle.

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