Among the Chinese, there are many taboos surrounding expectant mums though many today would simply brush them off as old wives’ tales and would pay no attention whatsoever to them.

One of these would be the insisting that whenever a craving arises, the one concerned must go all out to eat whatever she may be dying to have. Failure to do so would result in the baby, after its birth, salivating profusely. I guess we are all familiar with babies that are so cute and clean and smell so nice whereas there are other smelly ones, wet all over their faces and the front part of their clothes, those that nobody would want to kiss. In such an event, the old folks would put the blame on the mums for not eating what they were craving for while expecting.

Well, a friend went back to her hubby’s hometown recently and needless to say, they ate a whole lot of things while they were home but when they had gone back to their working places, she saw my photograph of some lay piang


…and realized that she had not eaten any…


…and she made a comment to that effect either here in my blog or on Facebook.

Well, just in case, I decided to send her a couple of pieces…


…so when the time comes, the baby will not be salivating all over. LOL!!!

Another one was home too and she too ate a whole lot of things during her vacation back here…and when she saw my photograph of the traditional Foochow Mooncake Festival biscuits…


…she exclaimed that she did not get to eat them when she was home. I quickly sent her two packets for her to enjoy but, no, I don’t think she’s expecting but the ethnic people here such as the Melanaus have this belief that if you want to eat something, you have to eat it or at least touch it when offered or some mishap would befall upon you.

Then, I have another friend who shared on Facebook about how her baby cried and cried non-stop upon reaching home after a very long trip. Well, the old folks would remind parents that when they take their babies out, when they want to go back, they will have to “call out” to the baby and tell him or her that they are going home…and keep doing that all the way home. Otherwise, once they reach the house, the baby would be quite a problem to handle. Well, she said that she prayed and the baby calmed down right after – good for her!

Now, anybody has any interesting stories to share about these superstitions?