When the saints go marching in…

You would need to have the patience of a saint if you were to drop by this new place in town…


…for lunch or dinner. I was indeed thrilled when I first spotted it at the Lot 9 commercial area across the road from the Delta Mall along Pedada Road – I love Thai cuisine, you see, and I just could not wait to go there and give it a try. That was why when my girl was home for the weekend, we made a bee line to the place with our hopes up high.

Upon entering the place, I would say that I was a bit disappointed. No, the place was nice and new, pretty decent looking and clean, but other than the minimal décor here…


…and there…


…there wasn’t much else that would give one the feeling that he or she was in a Thai restaurant.

Now, to say the service was poor would be an understatement – it really sucked big time. We had to find a vacant table ourselves and even after sitting there for a while, nobody came to give us a menu to browse through until an ex-classmate of mine who was there with his missus and some friends of theirs…


…came over to our table and gave me one of theirs – they had three. It wasn’t an impressive menu – just something typed and printed on a pink manila card and laminated. It would not have cost very much and they could have easily prepared a lot more, enough to go round.

Looking at what was on the menu, it appeared that they did not seem to have very much to offer – there were three individual sets at RM15.00 each but sorry, those were not available. It looked like everyone else ordered the sets for 3-4 (RM39.00) or for 5-6 (RM59.00) and I did see the usual Thai delights like tom yam or green curry in the sets but unfortunately, those were not on the list of individual items that one could order. After having made up our minds as to what we wanted, I had to wave frantically to grab the attention of one of the two waitresses to get her to come to our table and take our orders. No, they were not idling away or what – it did appear to me that they were all over the place, obviously so very busy but they did not seem to be getting anything done at all.

I did not want anything particularly heavy for lunch so in the end, I ordered their pineapple fried rice (RM6.50)…


…which did not come out served in the scooped-out fruit but that indeed was a saving grace as when they do that at some Thai places that I’ve been to, I always have this idea that they would be recycling the pineapples and using them again and again. I have seen places where the pineapples were already quite dried and shriveled and they were still using them to serve the fried rice. Tsk! Tsk!

That, unfortunately, was served without any cutlery – were we supposed to eat with our hands? All right, it was supposed to be an individual order but we were sharing and seeing that the service was so very bad, I got up to get some plates and forks and spoons for ourselves but they insisted that I sat down and they would bring them to our table…and yes, they did – after a very long time and the rice had turned quite cold!

Was it any good? It was all right, this much I would say – it had the fragrance of kunyit (turmeric) and a bit of serai (lemon grass) but the bits of pineapple were few and far between and there was hardly any taste of that in the dish. If somebody had served me that out of the blue, I would never have guessed it was pineapple fried rice, not at all.

The Thai spring rolls (RM10.00) were nice…


…and they had tung hoon (glass noodles) in the filling…


That was indeed something new to me – I had never eaten anything like that before and it was quite tasty…except that I did think it would be a good idea if they had let the rolls stand on some kitchen towel first after frying to drain away the oil before serving…


After we had finished the two, we waited…and waited…and waited and nothing came. I even had time to go outside for some fresh air and I walked round the building to the back to peep into the kitchen. No, they were not short-handed. I saw three ladies and two guys who did look like Thais to me and all of them were busy doing something.

Then I went back to our table and waited…and waited…and waited…and finally, something came – their pineapple fried rice AGAIN!!! We had it sent back and not too long after that, the pad thai (RM6.00) came…


It was a disappointment – so sweet and heavily laden with msg, not nice….and I’ve never disliked pad thai anywhere else. This was the first. We could not even finish that small plate, the three of us.

The Thai fish cakes (RM10.00) came at long last…


…and they were extremely salty and a bit tough/too rubbery…


I had expected them to be something like otak-otak but they were not and unless one has a liking for those exotic tastes with Thai basil, serai and maybe bunga kantan, I don’t think he or she would not like this at all.

The som tam we ordered never came and by then, it was already some one and half hours since we arrived so I went to cancel that last order and settle the bill. Even that took a long time and the guy, probably the boss, kept apologizing. The total came up to RM40.60 and he asked if I had 60 sen. WHAT??? For all that I had gone through, the least he could do was to write that off and collect RM40.00 only from me…and I would have given him a little credit for doing that. No, unfortunately, he didn’t…so that’s another thumbs down!

We left the place with me patting myself on the back for such good self-control and the ability to endure all that without blowing my top…and no prize for guessing whether we’re ever going back there again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “When the saints go marching in…”

  1. aha..my fiance went here with her friends..they waited for an hour plus and the food still did not come..other table’s food came first..so all of them left and went to the cafe on the next building..called Fefe..heard it’s not bad

    Told you not to go. Ya, I’ve seen FeFe down the road – yet to go and try.

  2. Well, no need to blow your top. This glowing review should do the job. I’m sure people will be flocking there after they read this post. I’m always suspicious of people who apologize too much. Looks like he didn’t mean it at all, asking you for 60 sen.

    Maybe he’s a real greenhorn – dunno how to do business. He kept saying they’re new, not really sure how to go about it yet. That last bit, I would agree – they did not seem to know what they were doing…at all. 😦

  3. Aiyoo.. what a lousy service! Hope they will improve the service, otherwise…. shut down the premise loh… huhu.

    I don’t see how they can get people to come back if they do such a shabby job of it like this. 😦

  4. Seems service in general is something that needs work in many places in Malaysia. It’s the most common complaint I hear about restaurants.

    Seems that they see others doing it and doing it well and they think they can do it too despite their lack of experience and training. 😦

  5. Oh dear, after this post, business will never be the same again… I think it is due to poor management… yes, the oil is so visible too!

    Yes, I am not only saying it for the sake of saying it. There is proof!

  6. New outlet with poor service. Bad first impression and experience. If continue, the business will affect and close down soon.

    I dont really fancy Thai cuisine.

    I love Thai cuisine but this one’s just so-so…and they do not even have mango & glutinous rice dessert! That’s my favourite! 😦

  7. yeah, you are quite true about pineapple fried rice.. on one hand, i get a little disappointed if they are not served in the pineapple.. on the other hand, i actually kind of worry if the restaurant is actually recycling that pineapple.. @_@”

    I’m sure they do…and those nice crab cakes in crab shells – they would not have so many to go round all the time.

  8. What?! New boy in town and got such a bad review from our Sibu food mayor? Food mediocre, services sucks… wonder how long it will last…sigh

    If everybody has the same experience and would not be going back, not very long, I guess… 😦

  9. Are they new? untrained staff? but the spring rolls look oilyyyyyyyy, gosh… pineapple fried rice? i’m sure you can cook better right? LOL

    You’re absolutely right…and yes, the sight of the oil on the plate was a real put-off. 😦

  10. Even if the food is good, with that kind of lousy service, I think it will be the first & last time for me to step foot into that place.Hope they are aware of what is happening? Thai fish cake looks good though.

    I would prefer real fish texture…and if people are not used to all those herbal stuff, they would say it’s very smelly. I don’t mind that but I was not fond of the tough/rubbery texture.

  11. That bad ya. I thought it was teething problem. Hmmm…..guess there wont be a second time there ya.

    Hey, you guessed correctly. One of my ex-colleague part timer worked in a Thai restaurant before and she said they recycled the pineapples and using them again and again.

    I’m very sure they do as I’ve seen pineapples, old, dried and shrivelled and still being used… 😦

  12. Ohh gosh…. they all sound so unprepared to open for business!
    Guess…I’ll give it a long break before I revisit…to let them really improve themselves.

    Yup, but with the somewhat limited menu, I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to go again. 😦

  13. Ah! I was thinking having Thai food last night, today your post on thai food pula!

    What a disappointment after reading your review on this rest and i can feel your frust! Now i bet, give them another one or two months time, it will be another new eatery . 😛

    Most likely. They should get someone who knows the trade to run the show.

  14. Hehehe I would have gone nuts if the service is like this. Plus the bad food I will probably roar at someone. 😛 Not very patient when it comes to F&B stuff

    In the past, I would…much to discomfort of my daughter – she would feel bad whenever I went amok but I would insist that it I had to pay more, the food and service would have to be better than the coffee shop down the street. Growing old, I guess…. I think I’ve mellowed.

  15. Thought you meant the eleeeephants go marching in the kitchen to create havoc..usual lah a hungry man is an angry man hahaha

    No, this elephant is very tame, very docile one…maybe because too old liao. 😉

  16. My guess you would go back again to the same place but with different logo

    It depends. Let others try first – will only go back by the reviews are good. Nothing great about the place even, no pleasant ambiance…

  17. new eatery izzit? that’s why the staff lembap?

    i didn’t know they actually recycle the pineapples!!! gosh it’s disgusting.. i might have eaten somebody’s saliva :/

    Lack of proper training, and all Mandarin speaking. 😦 Well, you can hope that at least, they would wash it first. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  18. Wow… you did show a lot of restraint! My goodness… talk about poor service. I’d be surprised if they stay in business long if they don’t step up their game and start treating their customers nicely.

    They did not seem very knowledgeable about how they should be going about things – no experience, no proper training and exposure.

  19. Ohhh, it’s been awhile since I had some Thai food. Aiyorr, miss kerabu mangga liao now! Sigh, i tink i wun have so much patience as u…how come service so bad wan?

    People seem to have the idea that they can just open any ol’ place and money will come pouring in…

  20. To me, if the food is really good, worth the long waits la!

    I don’t mind if that’s really the case and the service is good too. This one failed on all counts and the place isn’t really nice either.

  21. oo.. same here leh… I was told by my friends too that some places recycle their pineapple… so I also prefer to not be served in pineapple… anyway… its just presentation so I dont really care… lol…. I love Thai food.. too bad about your experience here….

    True, all a gimmick really. The real test is in the eating!

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