Piece of paper…

This is very thin, as thin as a piece of paper and I guess that is why it is called roti tisu (tissue bread)…

RT 1

I went to the car wash right next door to this place the other day and I already had breakfast so I did not want anything heavy. They have nasi bryani, nasi campur…all the fried noodles and stuff there and all kinds of variations of the roti canai. I noticed there on display on the roti canai stall…


…cans of corned beef and sardines – my favourite brands…but I did not feel like having any that morning and in the end, it was a toss between thosai and the roti tisu and since I had not tried theirs, I decided to order one to see if it was any good.

I remember having had it once many many years ago in Malacca and all they had was a sprinkling of sugar. Here, they poured some sweetened creamer over it…

RT 2

…while there was sugar mixed inside the dough, I think, as it was slightly sweet.

On the whole, I thought it was nice – thin and crispy mostly though there were bits that I found kind of tough or rubbery and not so well done…or maybe I took so long to eat it and it had gone all limp, I wouldn’t know. Whatever it is, I don’t think it was something I would go out of my way to have as personally, I am not really into sweet things and would rather have something savoury…unless, like that day, I am looking for something light to munch while waiting.

Moving on from the roti tisu, if you remember, I had a guessing game in this post on my family reunion gathering a few days back where I asked everyone to tell me what they thought the song that the ladies in one of the photographs were singing was. Well, here’s the answer…

…and the winners who got it right are Clare and Azura. Congratulations to the two lucky ladies – do PM me your mailing addresses via Facebook and I’ll send something nice down your way soonest. Congratulations…and to the rest, better luck next time!

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30 thoughts on “Piece of paper…”

  1. Never tried Roti Tisu. Looks tempting… Better try it at Peninsular stall as it comes from that place. Ooh… I won? ahaha… Thank you. Will pm you later. I want Mini Cooper car. Lol!

    Oh? Let me check the stores – see any matchbox mini cooper or not, ok? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!! So it is from the movie Mamma Mia.. I love that movie, it was very entertaining from the starting till the ending.. a nice musical show especially with Pierce Brosnan singing too! 🙂

    Ya…I saw the musical and then the movie. Loved them both, very entertaining! Hmmmm…too bad all you guesses were not correct. 😉

  3. Congratulations, ladies for the winning. Roti tissue, too sweet for my preference. Roti canai would be my choice. How high is the roti tissue? I saw in my friend’s FB, the roti tissue she took is 1ft high.

    It was a foot high and yes, like you, I would rather opt for something that’s not sweet…so I guess I would not be having that again.

  4. I remember roti tisu here doesn’t come with sugar nor cream and crumbles easily like a dried out tissue. Nice as a snack because it’s not filling at all even though it is one regular portion of dough.

    Congrats to the winners! So clever, you two. 😀

    Good morning! The sun is up today here in Kuala Lumpur but the air is still hazy and the Petronas Twin Towers are just two blurry spikes in the smoggy air.

    Hot here too for the past two days after the backlash from the tail end of Usagi – typhoon-like wind on Saturday night…or was it Friday? Ya, I remember the one I had long long ago was not really like this – this one seemed like a thinner version of the kueh kapit… 😦

  5. Agree with Happysurfer regarding the texture of roti tisu. This one looks not paper-thin enough. Seldom ordered roti tisu, mostly go for thosai or sometimes roti canai as son is crazy about thosai. If up to him, he will had it everyday …>_<

    Me too! I thought I’d just give it a try but personally, I’d rather go for something that’s not sweet.

    1. Here, roti tisu is not automatically comes with sugar or condensed milk, unless you specifically asked for it. It just like thosai or roti canai, which comes with dhal and curries dip

      Had it once in Malacca when my girl was still a little kid! They sprinkled it with sugar, that much I can vaguely remember…it was sweet and I think it was whiter, not like this. Well, I never had it since that first time, so I really dunno much else about it.

  6. Roti tisu! Two sides looking at it..reminds me of the ‘D’ while in school where teacher punishes those who did not do their homework gotta where this kind of hat, sulk at one corner and to stay back after class cannot remember for how long. That’s why ‘D’ stands for Detention. The happier moment.. its X’mas time yippie..

    I guess you got that a lot in your time? 😉

  7. Mamma Mia how on earth Clare and Azura could have guessed the name of the song out of 10000001 songs? They must have super terrific 7th sense, hey what about the latest jackpot number coming up? haha. Anyway Congrats to Clare and Azura you are both a great Dancing Queen.

    Ya, perhaps they can give us some lucky numbers…and maybe, I can hop over to KL for a holiday once I strike? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Aiya you no need so humble one we all know you Sibu tycoon will not ask a loan from you. You can come to KL anytime nothing to stop you just that no great event to attract you. Got one coming up is SK’s convo.

      Sigh!!! If I tell you my sob story, sure you will cry one! 😀 That one ah! He never told me the exact date, how to go? People not welcome lah… 😦

  8. I used to be a huge fan of roti tisu, but not now and you know why *wink*. Congratz to the winners anyway!

    Tell them you want the roti without the sugar… 😉

  9. I got so jakun the first time I saw a roti tissue at a mamak stall. I feel like eating it again now. Some mamak stall actually lay them straight. Cone is shape is the most common they do.

    Always see them cone-shaped, not that I see a lot of this around here though. The thosai, they would lay it flat.

  10. Congratulations to azura n clare.

    Saw people ordering this before but I was never tempted to have it

    Not really nice…unless you’ve a sweet tooth. Usually I’d rather go for the other options.

  11. I just missed the guessing game when I was away from keyboard??!!!! NooOoOoooo !!!! but anyways, congratulations to the winners.. hehehehe..

    I don’t really like roti tissue.. would prefer roti canai kosong instead.. hehehe.

    Yah, make sure you drop by every day! You don’t know what you may be missing. Hehehehehehehe!!!! Me too, roti canai kosong…but I had a very nice one with pisang recently. They do not have that at this place – I asked. 😦

  12. have not had roti tissue for such a long time already.. oh, those i had here in KL were plain without sugar or condensed milk, just like eating normal roti they were eaten with curry..

    Not as long as me. I did not really like it the first time actually – I just thought it was a mere novelty – making it paper thin and making it stand up high like that, not something I would be dying to eat again…and I never did till this time around.

  13. roti tisu! gosh, i think it’s been years since i last had this, but i like it very much. it brings back fun memories of ordering it during supper during my varsity years in penang, a rather long time ago, heh 😀

    Oh? I guess you were in USM then? 😉

  14. Roti Tissue sedap… no need to put milk… just tiny bits of sugar melted in the roti is very nice already… there are some shops which make tissue as high as two feet!

    Wow!!! First time seeing and eating it here – tall enough lor. Two feet, have to go and eat in a group, one person sure can’t finish one.

  15. I miss roti tisu! Used to order it whenever I go mamak stall when I was schooling, friends and I shared one!

    Yes, I think it is best shared. I had to struggle through that one. 😦

  16. I have never eaten roti tisu because I was afraid it would not be substantial enough for me. Hee..hee… 😀

    Probably not enough for a meal. I wanted something light…but it turned out to be a bit more than that. Would be a nice light snack for two, I guess.

  17. The roti tissue does not look very thin. I had it before, but it was plain. This way, can dip in curry or dhal. But I prefer thosai or roti canai.
    Hai? How did I miss that post..got guessing game. Anyway, I wouldn’t have guessed the answer. Congrats to the ladies 🙂

    Hah!!! Must make sure you drop by every day if you don’t wanna miss a thing… Hey! That’s the name of a song, eh? 😉
    Ya, this one was quite thin and crispy…but I think the one I had before was a lot thinner.

  18. I don’t really like roti tissue – it’s just too thin and it doesn’t seem like a meal and not very much like a snack either. Some people really love it though. I’ll stick to roti canai! 😀

    I wouldn’t say that it swept me off my feet either…

  19. I had this before in M’sia but can’t find it here in Singapore.

    Oh? And even roti canai has a different name there, right? Pratha or something… I first had it in Singapore – no canai here in Sibu during my growing up years.

  20. I am ok with roti tissue or thosai tissue, or roti canai or thosai, all are yum yum to me.

    Next time go and try the one at Bukit Lima, it is nice. You can ask them to omit the sweetened creamer, if they already sprinkle the sugar. Over here, we only had sugar and not the sweetened creamer, that is why when my nephew was here, he asked for the sweetened creamer for the roti tissue! :S

    Bukit Lima? That’s so far away! I wouldn’t want to go that far to eat that. Hehehehehe!!! This one, no sugar on the outside…but I think they have it inside the dough as it was slightly sweet. It did not sweep me off my feet – don’t think I would want to have that again, not for a long long time.

  21. I’m trying to catch up on your posts, sorry, it’s been a crazy week!

    LOVE ABBA/Mama Mia!!

    I love the musical and also the movie. Got a post on it coming up…tomorrow.

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