United we stand…

I mentioned in my previous post that we had a family reunion gathering on Saturday night last weekend and except for the few stlll living in Sibu, the rest flew in from Kuching and others from Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and from as far as Australia while some drove here from Miri and Bintulu.

There were over 35 of us from the maternal side of my family, including an aunt (my mum’s youngest sister) and two Ah Kims (aunts-in-law – they married my maternal uncles, since departed)…and we did invite another aunt, my mum’s cousin – the daughter of the sister of my maternal grandma) to join us as well and the rest were my sister and all my cousins and some brought their spouses and children along too. This photograph was taken when some of us had arrived at the venue for the party


…so not everybody was inside.

Of course, there was the feasting…

Payung buffet

…before everything else and of course, I insisted upon some of my favourites to be included in the menu for the evening like their special otak-otak, for instance…


…and their mushroom roll…

Mushroom roll

…which everyone liked a lot…and also the kacang ma chicken…

Kacang ma

…which a cousin from Melbourne enjoyed so very much and had seconds and thirds and that came as no surprise as she lives so far away and would not have the chance to enjoy stuff like this all that often…unless she cooks her own and replacing the traditional Chinese white wine will render the dish somewhat different, I would say, even though it may be, on the whole, quite nice too.

By special request, there were also the paku (wild jungle fern) in santan (coconut milk)…


…and the titek (tapioca leaves with sweet potatoes)…


…both of which I had had before but they’re not on the cafe’s regular menu.

I requested for the Payung rojak and the herbs salad…

R & S

…but Peter, the owner of the cafe, added another salad dish of bean sprouts (the middle dish in the photograph) on the house. My daughter loved it but it did not tickle the fancy of some who are not into eating bean sprouts, raw.

This big tray of ulams (dips, with raw vegetables) was served, compliments of the house too…


…and I also ordered their beef spaghetti…


…in case some of the younger ones and the kids were not into all those exotic delights that we were having that night.

My very generous cousin brought 2 kilos of these very fresh and succulent prawns all the way from Kota Kinabalu and the café people were so nice as to agree to cook them for us in their very nice belimbing prawn-style…


…which is among my favourites at this place. Of course, he also brought a few kilos for me, thank you so much, cousin…but they’re still in the freezer. I wonder what I could cook with them…or maybe I would save them till somebody comes to town and I can whip up something really special for him or her. Anybody heading this way soon? Come, let me know quickly before I finish the whole lot! LOL!!!

These were also on the house…


– what they called special mooncakes, home-made…but to me, they were lay peang and were very very very nice.  That cousin of mine from Melbourne had her fair share of that and her sister from Brisbane loved it so very much too as well as many of the others – they all praised it to the skies and indeed, I also thought they were actually pretty good.

My daughter’s 24th birthday was only a few days away and so we decided to celebrate it simultaneously…


…so they had cake as well that night. Needless to say, my girl was the happiest of the lot – having so many people around to share the joy in conjunction with her special day, plus all the presents that she received as well, so much so that it prompted her to say that it was her best birthday celebration to date.

There was singing…


…and dancing too and everybody had a jolly good time. Yes, most of my cousins are of the feminine gender…and would anybody want to try and guess the song they were all singing that time when I took the photograph? Come, let’s have some guesses…and if you’re correct, I can send a prize down your way.

Thank you so very much, Peter, for everything…and Andy for standing by to attend to our wishes at our every beck and call and to the rest of the Payung staff as well. Everyone enjoyed the food and we all had a really great evening.

For anyone who’s interested, you can host your own private function at this very nice place on the 2nd floor of the cafe (no lift though, unfortunately) at RM35.00 per head but for the seafood package, it would be a bit more at  RM45.00 per person. Special arrangements may be made through Peter to get a deejay from outside, complete with the audio-visual equipment and all. Frankly, on my part, I can’t wait to find an excuse to host another party there…

It’s the Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) today so here’s hoping that all of you will have a happy one and enjoy eating your mooncakes and everything else. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

47 thoughts on “United we stand…”

  1. Saw that otak otak photo in your FB, immediately went drooling on it, LOL!
    Can see everyone is having a great time~

    We most certainly did!

  2. Happy mid autumn festival! 🙂

    So much food, great family, and a pretty awesome cafe owner. So nice to see happy faces. 🙂

    Same to you & your family. Yes, it certainly was a happy get-together.

  3. Phieweet!!! To all the dancing queen(s) on stage 😉

    Hmmmm…these days, the word “queens” may mean something else. Muahahahahaha!!!! Is that your guess, by the way? Nobody seems to be guessing…not sporting one leh? 😦

  4. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you. Awesome food. Nice gathering and such huge family. Of course Melissa is the happiest. So many people celebrating her birthday.

    Same to you. She had not had a birthday party since she was small – most of the time, just cut cake at home…or go eat in restaurants on our own. She was so happy – nice change from the usual.

  5. Really exotic dishes LOL, i think i might prefer the spaghetti 😡 Anyway, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family Arthur 🙂

    Same to you & yours. Hmmm…you have ang-moh taste buds obviously. Young people are more into that kind of stuff, I know.

  6. What a wonderful time you had. Having families gathering and enjoying the moment. Happy birthday again to your daughter. 🙂

    Thanks again. It certainly was an awesome gathering…

  7. Cannot guess the song la.. any tips? Gangnam? hahaha..cannot be.. Lemon Tree? By the way, did you render a song for your girl? Butterfly kisses… is a nice song…

    Why not Gangnam? They’re all too old? 😀 Melissa doesn’t like Butterfly Kisses – the part where the daughter gets married & leaves the father. 😉

    1. Cannot guess la.. too many songs.. all dancing one.. so must be a fast song… Congratulations? Top of the World? Saturday Night Fever? hahaha…

      Ok…three guesses in a row. Noted. 😉

  8. Happy Mid-autumn to you and your family, Arthur.

    May I know who is the man wearing black T shirt with word Vintage? Looks like you.

    The otak otak is to die for 🙂 . You booked the whole place ka? so many people. sure meriah

    Thank you, and the same to you and yours. That man? The very generous cousin from KK – the one who brought over the very nice prawns. Hmmmm…I’m sure he would not be very flattered to hear that somebody thinks he looks like me. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. wow, this is a huge family (and yet not everyone was there that day), but i think my family is bigger, haha!! nice to have everyone making the effort to fly back, i guess food is secondary to spending time together with family members (of which some you may only see them once in a blue moon)…

    I do get to see them quite often but not many of the rest, I would say – they may not even know who’s who…especially the children.

  10. Wah wah.. nice food!

    I think after have around at all the food, I will be attacking the paku, titek and salads while my son will definitely be attacking the mushroom rolls .. hahahha

    Not fair! hmmph ..
    How come your belimbing prawn looks much much nicer than the day we had it. By just looking at the picture I can almost ‘tasted’ the sourness … yum, yum. That day the assam belimbing and serai looks like part of the decoration instead of part of the dish … if you knows what I mean

    Hehehehehehe….my face better looking mah! 😀 You did not tell them you’re my friend – they may give you something special even.
    Ya, everybody enjoyed the food that night…and of course, the fun. Was a really great party, I would say.

  11. wow, that’s a large family reunion, and it’s great that you guys did this. i can imagine it was a happy and memorable and heartwarming occasion. that’s a splendid feast too … i’d be the family member who greedily piles my plate up with large heaps of every food! 😀

    We did…and there were refills too…and not much leftover in the end.

  12. That’s lots of fun..Love all the food served on the night.

    Happy Moon cake festival to you, Arthur and family.

    Thank you. Payung no less, food’ sure to be good one. 😉

  13. wow…such a nice gathering…along with yummy food!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Melissa, Happy Mooncake festival to you & family!
    Alamak….I forgotten to buy Lay Peang to eat edi! T_T

    Thanks for the greetings. Aiyor!!! You should have told me you wanted that – I usually but from a shop a few doors away from where I bought the chicken pies. Theirs very nice one. PM me your mailing address on FB – I sent to you…

  14. I guess they were singing oppa gangnam style. No wonder in your last 2 post when you were writing about Melissa’s birthday, i thought the cake might be too big for three of you.

    Yup, 5 pounds…more than enough to go round.

  15. didn’t know it’s called titek! one of my favourite veggie dish! eh how come no umai hehe

    I learnt that from the Indon guy at that cafe – he’s gone back now…and I hear he runs his own back In Indonesia. Nope, no umai – in fact, not many choices but all nice…and the main attraction for fish would be the otak-otak. A lot nicer than umai, very very very nice. Slurpssss!!!!

  16. Whoa! What a huge family! 🙂

    Good thing too, families are getting smaller nowadays. Glad you had a good reunion and Melissa’s birthday celebration. I didn’t know you can book the entire floor in Payung! Thanks for sharing!

    You can! We were not the first and definitely not the last.

  17. Wow..a big family reunion gathering, i bet it is fun .
    Ah, so this is how you find out Payung actually cater for function too, good!
    I am sure this is also a memorable birthday for Melissa! 🙂

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and Lucy, enjoy eating the mooncakes tonight ok . 🙂

    Thanks and the same to you and your loved ones over there. It certainly was a lot of fun – if I’ve the chance, I certainly would host my parties there again. Very exclusive…and very nice plus the awesome food that you do know very well by now.

  18. All the dishes look very good! I would have enjoyed the beansprout salad. Looks like a very merry gathering. Eh, no hints on the song? Difficult to guess like that 🙂

    Nope…but looking at them, you’d know it was a fun song!

  19. Wooaahh.. this is a huge family reunion.. Happy to see all the food and of course the relatives gather together. I don’t think i’ll have the chance to reunite all my relatives as some of them are not even keen to have a reunion when we asked them for a few times.

    Sad eh? My maternal cousins get along pretty well together…most of us, at least, if not all.

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