The first one…

Many of us in the maternal side of my family grew up in this town but most have them have moved away already and there would be a sprinkling of us left here and yours truly being one of the very few, I was asked to organise the party for the reunion gathering that we had on Saturday night last weekend.

We’ll have more on that in a later post but the first one to get here was a cousin of mine who took an extra day off to come ahead of the rest flying in from Kuching and others from Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and from as far as Australia while there were others who drove from Miri and Bintulu and needless to say, she MUST get her kampua noodles fix the moment she touched down…

RTM kampua

…and those photographs that she shared later on Facebook show whether or not she enjoyed what I took her to eat (RM2.50)…

Now you see it, now you don't...

I had the flat version of the noodles – the mee pok (RM2.50)…

RTM mee pok

…which was good too as it was virtually the same thing, more or less, except for the shape of the noodles.

While we were at the coffee shop, I saw some of our local Sibu-style sio bee/siew mai (meat dumplings) so I asked the lady if she was selling those too. Well, she wasn’t – she got them from the other coffee shop at the end of the block some two doors away. Of course, I made the beeline there instantly and got these few to try (RM1.00 each)…

TLB's sio bee

They were very nice but mostly meat. The authentic ones would have a mixture of meat and mangkuang/sengkuang (turnip) and though these may not be quite like the originals, I would say they were very good. Incidentally, the guy does not make them every day – I was just lucky but according to him, those interested may place an order for him to make some and collect when they are ready.

Before dropping her off to check in at the hotel, I made a quick stop here so she could try the rum & raisin mille crepe (RM7.80). She loved it very much and started making plans to go back there to buy some home….but it was this…


…that swept her off her feet and rendered her speechless – the chocolate lava cake (RM9.00) and she virtually finished most of that by herself. The poor pork belly kompia (RM4.50) that I had also ordered was sadly overshadowed – I did feel that they should have served it first as having that after the sweet indulgences was something like an anti-climax.

She brought me some dill and rosemary…


…from her father’s garden as I had taken some from him before but the dill never came alive whereas the rosemary grew very well but one fine day, it just withered and died – I did not know why. I certainly hope that it would not happen again this time around.

She also brought me this intoxicating fruit pudding that her mum made…

Fruit pudding

This is an age-old family recipe that my mum and all the aunties used to make come Christmas and also for Chinese New Year…and when she married my uncle (my mum’s brother), she learned to make it too. I did try a bit and of course, it was absolutely awesome, as always, but I’m putting the rest in the freezer to keep for a special occasion.

Well, that wasn’t all, no, siree! My cousin also bought me these delightful nyonya kuihs from Kuching…

Nyonya delights

– the serimuka and the variations from the traditional ang koo – the purple ones and yellow ones (peanut filling). They tasted great, of course – I love these traditional nyonya kuihs from Kuching. If you know the right places to get them, you will find that they’re a lot nicer than those that I’ve had in KL, Malacca, Penang or even Singapore…or maybe, I do not know where to go for the best ones.

Thanks so much, cousin – great seeing you again and thanks for all the nice stuff you brought along for me.

Hang on, everybody, the fun is just about to begin…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “The first one…”

  1. I like mee pok and always order that instead of normal noodles… the siew mai looks good! ;D

    I like both…but this one, I think the original round noodles have a slight edge over the flat ones.

  2. Ooo… the serimuka was originally from Nyonya. I just know it. hehe…

    Nope, salah dah. These came from Kenyalang market. I’ve tried Nyonya at Spring, not really good…tak cukup lemak – I would not want to buy the serimuka from there, thank you. 😛

  3. hey Arthur, always tempting us with kampua noodles eh…. the chocolate lava cake with ice cream swept me off my feet too.. especially this early morning .. 8.15am!

    So are you coming? Sharon is very keen… Come, come…come one, come all!

  4. Everything looks great. We have rosemary, dill and a whole host of other herbs growing in our garden. We use both in all sorts of dishes. I even use the rosemary (herb and essential oil) in some hair products and also in some of my insect repellent remedies.

    Yes, I’ve read about these herbs being insect repellents. Must plant some and let my daughter bring the pots to her jungle school – many of those there.

  5. the chocolate lava cake looks great! and it’s really reasonably priced. it was pleasantly jarring to suddenly see it amid all the photos of the asian noodles, heheh 😀

    That’s at another stop. They only had 2-3 nights here – had to eat all they can so no choice, no time to space things out. Ya, of course…it is reasonable priced…compared to those in KL. Bet that would be over RM10 there…and no guarantee that it is nice(r).

  6. Sure or not always say Sibu got the best this & that including Kuching and KL, Penang, Malacca or Singapore no got and beyond compare? Just you wait…hahaha

    You come and see for yourself lah! Look at my friends from KL (originally from Ipoh) – they come EVERY year, don’t play play!

  7. did she actually wallop two big bowls of kampua noodles??!! because from that photo, i can see the one on the left is with a beige color bowl, the one on the right is with a blue color bowl while the beige one is stacked somewhere else.. :p

    I had one – with the mee pok and the complimentary soup in beige bowl was mine. But I heard she had kampua noodles twice in one day…either the following day or Sunday. It’s THAT good here – all those in Kuching and elsewhere no fight lah!

  8. The Nyonya Kuih seems different from ours… ahem.. how many bowls of kampua noodles you eat in a week (averagely)?

    None. Will only eat when someone comes to town and I bring them to have the best around…or when I go some “new” place to try and blog about it. But other times, I cook my own at home – a lot cheaper, poor ol’ retiree can’t afford to eat out so much. 😦

    As for the kuih, it’s because they’re extra-lemak, rich with santan, so heavenly…not like the ones I had once in Penang – threw them all away after one bite, not lemak at all…not worth the calories. Maybe there are nice ones elsewhere, I wouldn’t know – I’m talking about the ones I bought. Same too in Kuching – must know where to go and buy…and here in Sibu, don’t bother. Not much better than the Penang ones I had… 😦

  9. Looks yummy!

    It most certainly is. Come on over, I’ll take you to eat – you’ll love it, I’m sure. Btew, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. Will add you to my blogroll, do come again.

  10. Indeed a nice gathering and what not all the awesome food & desserts. Love the colourful nyonya kuih. Owh, purple & yellow have the same fillings. I thought purple has or nee fillings.

    Yellow ones had peanut, purple ones – I also thought yam but no…looked like what is usually in the red ones, but did seem a bit different, dunno what.

  11. Just last night me and HB were talking about kampua and kompia. Makes me hungry after looking at ur photos.

    Can hop over anytime…even if it’s only for a weekend.

  12. I see you become a regular customer of this kampua place … 😉

    Not really – it’s kind of out of the way but I will make a special effort to take people there especially those from outside Sibu – only the best for them! Must give a good and lasting impression… 😉

  13. uiks can bring in plants ?

    The nyonya kuih looks like home made. Nice

    Why not? Same country bah – no problem at all. Just can’t carry fircrackers and fireworrks…and durian & durian products, npow mango also cannot.

  14. Delicious! Mee pok looks like our pan mee 🙂

    Totally different. I don’t like pan mee – we have that here too…or maybe ours not as nice, I wouldn’t know.

  15. RTM again?? I think now i can differentiate which one is from RTM or those from town. 🙂

    Yalor, it sure looks different from the rest – even Rasa Sayang’s does not look this attractive. LOL!!!

  16. The goodness of fresh herbs! I still fail in growing my own fresh herbs.

    The mee pok looks good! So does the fruit pudding which seems to hint that Christmas is coming quite soon.

    I do have quite a lot of herbs in my garden – I do hope these that I just got will grow well too, fingers crossed.

  17. I can tell the noodles were good to the very last piece of minced meat! LOL! And I’m sure I’d much prefer the chocolate lava cake than anything else too… it looks delectable!

    All good and the lava cake took my cousin’s breath away. So nice, she was speechless for a while. Loved it so much.

  18. Whoa, your cousin polished her kampua noodles clean! And at RM2.50 per serving,it is a steal. Don’t think I can get anything decent for RM2.50 over here. And the nonya kuehs are so colorful and I am sure they were very good.

    All so very nice – can’t get anything like those here…and even those over at your side would pale in comparison.

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