Nothing new…

Well, not exactly…as I had never ordered this before – the herbs salad (RM8.00)…


…and even though they did serve that at this event, I did not take any to try as it looked kind of green and I did not think it would tickle my fancy but it did! I thought it was really very nice, whatever the dressing they had with that, and I sure wouldn’t mind having it again.

Other than that, I ordered the dishes that I’ve blogged about many times before but my friends from KL had not had the chance to try before that first time around a year ago. Well, they enjoyed the food here so very much that they put in a special request to come here again this second time that they were in town. Oops!!! It seems that they already had the kacangma chicken (RM16.00)…


…but never mind! After all, I don’t think this Kuching Hakka specialty served daily to women in confinement is easily available in the peninsula, if at all…and we did enjoy it very much.

The asam (tamarind) chicken (RM16.00) is fairly new…


…so they did not have that then…and neither did they try the Payung chicken (RM16.00)…


…cooked with yogurt, nor the Payung fish (RM15.00)…


…which is, in fact, ikan keli (catfish), cooked in what I believe is the Foochow/Chinese style – with soy sauce and lots of ginger and when we cook this at home, we would add a generous dash of brandy as well, XO no less.

Melissa wanted the Bangladesh lamb curry that I had the last time we were here together but they had run out of that. It seems that business was exceptionally good that day and they were caught unprepared…and a few of the things on their menu were not available that night. They did not even want me to order the tom yam prawns as they said that they had run out of daun limau purut (kaffir lime leaves) and it would not be so nice without those. In the end, we ordered the lamb masala (RM17.00)…


…which was pretty good too but I think I prefer the curry.

For our dessert, we had the same as what I had on my previous visit with the boys – the popular banana cake with ice cream (RM8.00)…


…and also their celebrated Mulu ice cream and the Khalua ice cream as well.

All in all, it certainly was a really delightful dinner – not cheap but really nice and somewhat unique – I don’t think there’s anything like it elsewhere…and I bet should my friends decide to come to Sibu again, this would be one of their must-visit-again places in town.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Nothing new…”

  1. Herbs salad? Looks healthy la but a bit ‘boring’ I’d say :p

    Even the name. That was why I did not want to try when I saw it the first time and I never ordered it when I went there…but dunno what dressing they used – it was sooooo good that I’m putting it down as a last-minute addition to the menu for my family reunion gathering there this weekend. Just about shows that you can’t judge by appearance – the same applies to people…

  2. I miss kacangma chicken. Not seen it anywhere in KL.

    Even here in Sibu – I now two other places besides this one serving that. I guess there would be more in Kuching but I dunno where – never had that there other than own home-cooked.

  3. the name herbs salad doesn’t sound interesting to me (maybe herbed salad would intrigue me, haha) but it actually look quite nice from the photo i see.. other dishes, you had about the same thing again and nothing new (like the title suggested) i thought?? 🙂

    Yup. With guests around, I would order what I’ve tried and find really nice and in the case of these friends of mine, I had to remember what they had before and not order the same things again and it certainly was not the time to try anything new…in case we might not like it and they had come so far to enjoy the food here.

  4. Adoi.. adooi so many nice food. I love salads especially Caesar Salad. Yummy…

    This tastes something like Ceasar’s but the veg, leaves & herbs used are different.

  5. As usual, food looks great but herb salad sounds weird to me. Kacang ma would top my list especially during this raining season. Yum!!!Yum!!!..

    Ya, perhaps they should think of a nicer name – greenfields, perhaps?

    1. Just curious to know the type of herbs in the salad?

      Dunno. I just ate. I think one would be those Thai basil leaves…

  6. The lamb masala looks good. The others look a tad too oily? The herbs salad is interesting.

    Must be the reflection of the lights – night photography in dim settings, nothing’s oily there…and msg-free.

  7. Salad! My type of guilt-free food, i’m having salad quite frequently too for dinner hehe, wouldn’t mind to try the ice cream dessert too

    Ooo…the sugar’s bad! Stick to the salad, no dressing…and nibble…nibble…like a rabbit. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. They all look delectable especially the herb salad. Hopefully we can try some of them on our 1 day visit to Malaysia next month. ^◡^

    I guess you’ll only be in KL, not here. I’m in Sibu, Sarawak (in the island of Borneo) – the eastern part of Malaysia. Hope you’ll get to eat some nice things there. Btw, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do come again.

  9. seldom order salad… haha~

    You get lots of nice fresh vegetables where you are – eat them raw, so sweet…and not loaded with pesticides like ours here unless they’re own homegrown like the ones at this cafe.

  10. Herbs salad, look very green!

    Heard so much about kacangma, never try before. The other day i was at shop rite i saw they are selling kacangma herbs, all in a pack, i think just pour in and cook? Better not, let me try the real thing first, maybe i still like the typical foochow red wine chicken soup.

    Yup! Better try first. Nice one at Sg Merah Food Court near your mum’s house.

  11. Who knew the chicken that I occasionally prepare has a name… kacangma chicken. I did a quick search when I saw the name, come to find out I already prepare this dish. I learn a lot from viewing your website.

    The first dish looks delicious! The green is what drew me to the dish. That’s great that it tasted good too.

    You have kacang ma leaves there? That’s the Chinese name for motherwort – believed to be good for ladies in their 30-day confinement after childbirth. They dry the leaves and to use, they dry fry in the wok till brittle and then they pound or blend till they become like tea dust. Then they pound lots of ginger, fry in a bit of oil and add the chicken and the kacang ma and the local Chinese white wine…and steam. No salt or msg added for convalescing women, just the natural “sweetness” from the chicken. I would say it’s an acquired taste though… 😉

  12. The herbs salad looks very nice! I wonder what dressing did they use, how did it taste like?

    No idea. I just tried and I loved it – quickly added that to the menu for my family reunion gathering this weekend.

  13. LOVE that tower of green with the Herb Salad! Woooooo! Nice!

    The middle one’s also vegan and very nice too…but not the one with the black sauce – that’s made from prawn paste.

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