Let me…

After that very extravagant dinner the night before, I simply had to reciprocate and I took my KL friends here for the celebrated fish head curry


To me, it is simply the best I have had around, not that I’ve eaten a lot of it elsewhere…and they did seem to enjoy it and said that it was good but I did not think that it swept them off their feet. I guess curry is curry, give or take a little so there would not be a world of difference between the really good ones.

We had that with their own-made bread…


…instead of rice and they did think that the bread was very nice – very soft and fragrant.

They loved the pork though…


…like how we were impressed the first time we had it some time ago.

We already had midin (wild jungle fern) the previous night so I ordered the other local favourite for them – the fried cangkuk manis with egg…


…which they had before in Kuching and liked a lot. They did say that they found ours nicer than what they would get in the peninsula and were wondering why ours was in bits and pieces – well, like I said in an earlier post, one would have to “tear” the leaves so as to bring out its sweet taste and also to make it more easily chewed and digested.

For dessert, I ordered these…

Dessert 1

They’re actually cheese crackers with lotus or white bean paste sandwiched in between…

Dessert 2

…and deep fried, coated with sesame seeds. I’ve not come across these anywhere else and I would say they’re really good – our own local version of the macarons. LOL!!!

When we arrived at the restaurant, my friend had a look around and said that this was going to be more expensive than the previous night but I said it would not necessarily be so as we would not be ordering so much considering that that dish of fish head curry would be big enough for everyone to have their fill…but still, I did order a little bit extra and true enough, the bill came up to slightly more than half of what my friend had paid.

All in all, I would say we enjoyed the dinner and it certainly is a place worth checking out should anyone happen to be in town…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Let me…”

  1. I do LOVE curry (Vegan Style, that is) and you gotta LOVE sesame seeds, eh!? The homemade bread sounds great, too!

    Ya, we thought we could have their special bread for a change instead of rice.

  2. is the bread just plain bread? any sauce with it? i’ll like that pork too if i was there πŸ˜›

    Own-made bread, lightly fried on the outside – very nice! They serve that with curry…or Vietnamese prawns…or even steamed herbal chicken, I saw that night. Same as how in Singapore, I had baguette with chili crabs a long time ago – loved breaking the bread and dipping it in the sauce and eating.

  3. Fish head cury! yummy…pass me more rice…sorry more bread please!

    Is the bread lightly fried like how they serve fried mantou with crab

    Yup, it was…and it was nice. Would be just as great or perhaps even nicer with rice though but this was good for a change.

  4. Curry…saw it early in the morning, makes me very hungry now!!! =]

    Not into curry this early in the morning – I’d usually have it for lunch or dinner…so it wouldn’t affect me so much if I see it upon waking up. πŸ˜€

  5. Oh, I love every dish today, a bit greedy, eh. Now with curry, they serve bread instead of rice. Nice for a change too. Bet your friends are enjoying the food.

    Rice, but we asked for the bread – for a change. Sure they enjoyed everything here or they would not be coming back every year!

  6. So generous of you!! I love all the food above.. the desserts as well.. wanna try them all!!!

    Hokkien says: oo lai, oo khi (got come, got go). One good place not to be missed if you come again.

  7. I also managed to dine here during my trip back. My FIL added rice for a couple of times, he loves any type of curry fish head. Hubby said this is similar to Melaka’s style curry fish head.

    For me, I usually go for the veggies in the curry fish head .. hahahaha. Anyway, I would like it more if it is less sweet. It makes me think of satay gravy. Not that it’s not nice, just my personal preference. If got chance, you should try Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak. Totally different type of curry fish head. It makes me think of asam pedas, but then it’s not exactly asam pedas.

    I went to Ah Lye somewhere in Subang – I prefer this one. There are other nice ones in town too and they taste different – I like this one best. I always ask for extra veg…but they seem to be so stingy – will only give those miserable bits everytime. 😦

  8. Me too love oink oink leh

    Pengsan at the size of the bread. Sure hard time to finish

    5 of us, no problem at all… πŸ˜‰

  9. Sheraton and their famous curry fish head. Love the cangguk manis, yum, my all time favourite.

    Yes, still going strong as always… Everybody’s favourite.

  10. The bread looked really good! I would definitely choose to dip the curry with bread instead of eating it with rice too πŸ™‚

    Old habits die hard – I think I would prefer the curry with rice… πŸ˜‰

  11. lovely looking fish head curry! save one eye for me … the eyes are my favorite part! πŸ˜€

    Hah!!! Gross! I wonder who ate that that night – not me. Maybe my friend from KL. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. You did a right choice by taking your friends to eat that curry fish head, looks yummy la!

    Only the best for friends who care to drop by this little town… πŸ˜‰

  13. When I was there a month ago, the standard had dropped alarmingly. The Philippine pork leg trotter that we ordered was actually burnt black. Literally. And they told me it’s normal as though I have never seen a Philippine port leg trotter before.

    So far I’ve always been satisfied with what they serve – somebody did comment on Facebook that the curry was too sweet when she went once. My only complaint is it seems to be getting more and more expensive.

    Btw, where, in your opinion, can one get the best Philippine pork leg in Sibu? Never had that at this place. Tried the Ark? Any good? They have that there – new management…

  14. ooooh, their own-made bread and also the very creative cheese crackers with lotus or white bean paste sandwiched in between look nice!! so they taste like macarons huh?? haha, nice and smart idea of the chef to ever thought about doing this, but i rather hope it’s not too oily and not too sweet.. πŸ™‚

    Nope, not too sweet the filling…and blended well with the salty cheese crackers. Definitely not so sweet like macarons…and people pay through their noses to indulge in those. Status symbols.

  15. The pork dish looks delish!

    STP, have you had the chance to try fishhead curry on your many visits to KL or West Malaysia? There are some really good ones in KL, others so-so niah.

    Had once – so crowded, had to eat quickly and vacate the table…lots of people waiting, standing by around right till outside the restaurant. I wonder why – it wasn’t great. I did like some of the other dishes though. Frankly, not many places there that made me go wow…but there are a few here and there.

  16. Wow! Wow! The fish head curry looks so fiery and that bread must be pretty good dipped in the gravy. And I must say that the pork looks very, very, scrumptious!

    My favourite dishes… Always enjoy dining here, never fails to satisfy! πŸ˜‰

  17. Ok Arthur! I have decided where to have dinner when I visit you! LOL!

    When? Air Asia’s zero fare promotion starts mid=night tonight (16th/17th), flying from January next year. Come, fly direct from JB for Chinese New Year – so very grand and happening here, like the two world wars put together, not like in Singapore.

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