Happy with you…

Actually, I never had the opportunity to teach him but he was in the school that I was last attached to before I retired. I knew him then as he was very active, prefect and all, but it was via the social media that we got better acquainted. He was already in the university when he requested that I added him as my friend on Facebook and of course, I did not hesitate to do so and we have been in touch since then – right through his graduation and when he announced that he was going to get married, I was delighted that he had included me in his guest list…and subsequently, sent me the formal “red card” invitation.

It was a nice day, Sunday, the 8th of September…


…and that certainly was a blessing and a bright start for the happy couple, Jimmy and Juliet…

J & J

…as it had been raining here quite a bit lately and there I was at the ballroom at this hotel for the wedding reception that night.

There was, of course, the cutting of the wedding cake and the toast…


…and the feasting and rejoicing.

I did not bother taking any photographs of the food as I’ve been attending dinner functions at that venue quite frequently and when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all but as always, the food was pretty good and other than that, we had some  delightful entertainment as well in the form of some nice singing by some of the guests like this girl who sang Bacarach & David’s “Close to you“…


If I’m not mistaken, she was in my school before – the girls would come over after Form 5 as they do not have any Form 6 classes in our sister-school…and if I am not wrong, she sang this same song at one of those events we had way back then.

My cousin, who had a commitment some place else that night, dropped by to sing a duet with her specially for the groom and his bride…


He was his tae-kwon-do instructor during his time in school…and the two presented a really beautiful rendition of “Beauty & the Beast“.

The bride’s eldest brother was invited to sing but they did not have any English songs on their playlist (you would have to bring your own vcd/dvd) so he and a friend went Gangnam instead…


…which was a whole lot of fun especially when all the kids around jumped onto the stage to join in.

The bride’s 2nd brother was my student – one that I actually taught in class, that is…and it was really sweet of him to make the effort to come over to my table just to say hello though I could not remember his name. Blush! Blush! I have this problem with Chinese names…and other than that, they are all mature now, boys turned into men, so even though the face may be familiar still, they do look different from those days in school uniform sleeping…oops…I mean, sitting at their desks in the classroom. There were two others at my same table and I saw another two who greeted me, one that I did not teach either…and I’m sure there were others around in the crowd as well.

I did not teach Alvin either but we knew each other quite well through the activities in school and I think he was the chief in the school magazine’s Editorial Board that I was in charge of. That night, it was so nice of him to come back all the way from KL to stage a magic show presentation at his best friend’s wedding. The highlight was this special bit that he called “The Shower of Love”…


…which most certainly got everyone spellbound.

For one thing, that evening, I noticed that I was the only teacher around and I must say that was indeed so very flattering considering that technically, I was not really his teacher. Thank you so much, Jimmy, for the honour and for inviting me to share the joy and be happy with you all on this very special day of yours…and heartiest congratulations again to you and Juliet – may God bless you two abundantly always in the years ahead.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, I did sing a song for the groom and his bride that night…


…but no, I don’t think I did it too well as I’m badly out of practice plus it wasn’t one of the regular songs in my repertoire. Hmmmm….maybe you can try and guess the title of the song and the singer and whoever gets it right, I’ll send him or her a prize – it’s an appropriate song for the occasion and and to help you out, here’s another clue: At least, our shapes (the singer & I) are similar, if nothing else. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Happy with you…”

  1. Seems like a lot of ppl getting married after the 7th month eh… aiya gangnam style again. Anyway congratz to the couple. They look so lovely together! 😀

    Yup! At that venue, all the ballrooms and function rooms packed that night…and the night before. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Ya, Gangnam – I actually liked it at first till I got so sick of it…and now, after not hearing it for a while, it didn’t sound so bad and anytime better than the “mudder f**ker gentleman” follow-up hit for that Korean guy. Anyway, the BIL and his friend were supposed to sing – really sporting of him to dance instead. I would not be able to do that except maybe the horse riding moves… Hehehehehe!!!! 😛

  2. Hmm… not going to even try and guess. I must say the bride and groom look wonderful together. I pray that they have many years of happiness and health.

    They did Gangnam at last years Father/Daughter dance. My daughter had a wonderful time with her granddad. 🙂 I saw the entire event, so I was there volunteering. 🙂

    Thanks for your good wishes. Ya, Gangnam is fun…but not too much of it, I guess. Overkill.

  3. Congratulations to the newly-weds. That’s a whole lot of fun other than the eating. Wow, not bad. At least you whip out a song. For the guessing I give it a pass as I am not familair with English songs.

    Thanks. Haiyar!!! Why nobody wants to guess one? Come, come…just for the fun of it!

  4. I’m so sorry that i couldn’t resist to comment when I saw the effect of dropping gold price. Look at the bride… Bling bling

    Age-old Chinese/Foochow tradition, Hock Tieng – not so bad considering that they have a room in the hotel. These days, wouldn’t want to walk around wearing that…and you can jolly well guess why. Price of gold dropping? Didn’t know that – not bothered as not going to buy, anyway. Can’t afford.

  5. Ahem. Consider not bad for you to make appearance on stage and sing a song for the newlyweds. As for the song, maybe “I did it my way” by Frank Sinatra? ;p I only can think of that song because my hubby always love to sing it in wedding reception.

    You must be his favourite teacher (or idol) for him to invite you to his wedding; although you didn’t teach him. :p

    Aiyor…not at weddings and besides, ol’ Frankie did not have a shape like mine. I sang that song at my retirement dinner. 😀 Dunno…but sweet of him to ask me to join in the happy occasion.

  6. congratulations Jimmy and Juliet the newly wed couple!! all the best wishes.. 🙂
    no thank you, not going to guess what song you sang!! different generation~~ muahahahaha!! 😀

    You’ll be surprised – music-wise, I’m probably more up-to-date than you though that may not mean that I like the new songs more. Thanks for your congrats.

  7. Beautiful newly wed couple. Congrats!
    Now i know why they love to invite you…the talented singer!

    Thanks. No lah, it wasn’t good – have not been singing for so long, loudspeaker old liao. 😦

  8. Beautiful couple!! So you are a guest of honour in a way… You cannot remember their names but they certainly can remember you! As for the tip, I cannot recall any singer i know about your size… Hahahaha… So definitely i cannot guess the song… Give another tip… 🙂

    Not really, just a guest…but I do feel honoured at being invited. Nope, no more clues. Very famous/popular singer – how many my shape and size – dead giveaway already lor. LOL!!! 😀

  9. You are a popular teacher!!!

    BTW, got recording of you singing ah? Do share with us plssss.

    Thankfully, no!!! My ex-student (the magician) just took this photo of me, PM-ed it to me via Facebook.

  10. I am back STP! Got miss me or not? xD

    Love the first picture, very romantic~
    Congrats to the newly wed!

    Thanks. Miss you? No lah…see you on FB all the time, how to miss? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. I am back STP!!
    Got miss me or not? :p

    Love the first picture, very romantic!
    Congrats to the newly wed by the way 😉

    Duplicate comment. One went into SPAM, had to retrieve it – that’s why… Don’t stay away too long. 😉

  12. Beautiful sunset photo! Ah…I love weddings, somehow it is a nice feeling seeing two young people come together in holy matrimony. Let me guess, you did an Elvis number? Hee..hee…

    Me too, I love weddings too – so sweet and romantic. Nope, not Elvis but that’s a good guess as he certainly was my shape in his later years. I sang “Can’t help falling in love” at an ex-student’s wedding before but not this time around.

  13. Alo 1001 and one songs how to guess..? OK never say die my guess you linked the song with Jimmy (Romeo) & Juliet with *A time for us*?

    A time for us, someday there’ll be
    When chains are torn by courage born of a love that’s free..

    Who sang that? Johnny Mathis? Don’t think he’s my shape and size, is he? Nor Andy Williams… Try again!

    1. Yalor never read properly about same size..haizzzzz

      Well, the singer definitely isn’t thin…and don’t you say it was Sharifah Aini! It definitely wasn’t. LOL!!! 😀 Well, if it’s any help, a lot of people sang that same song – at least half a dozen, I think…and the version I did was not the original and was one by a singer whom no one would describe as thin or slim.

  14. Maybe you are very “IN” singing Taylor Swift’s *Love Story* by changing Romeo to Jimmy or maybe Jimeo? (no prize for second guess) haha.

    That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
    And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
    And I was crying on the staircase
    Begging you please don’t go, and I said…

    You’re going in the right direction but Swift would surely be insulted if she hears you say that she’s the same shape as me. Muahahahahaha!!!! But yes, it wasn’t one of those oldies. Keep trying! You can try as many times as you like. 😉

  15. Oh oh did not read carefully on your tips about the size of singer. You are considered what size L, XL, XXXL? Phong Hong could be right so you probably sang *Love Me Tender*? definitely not *Suspicious Mind* haha. (Never give up spirit can forget the prize its the syiok-ness that counts)

    Yes, must be sporting – just guess, no harm trying and trying again. Nope…I already said not an oldie. 😉

  16. Aiya wrong again not the Cat King. Another tip.. is the singer alive and kicking? Male or female?

    No more clues…just a plus-sized singer, not one of those pencil thin ones so Bieber is definitely out! Muahahahaha!!!!!


    Almost! Actually I was going to sing this song…but I managed to get hold of a new karaoke dvd a few days before the event and decided to sing something else instead. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  18. wah….you even can perform some songs! bravo bravo! btw, it’s small world is it? You seems met a lot of folks there!

    Not really. Dunno anyone except for a few of my ex-students.

  19. Congratulations to the couple.

    Mana video of you singing?

    Thanks. Nobody recorded, thank goodness…but I should have video-recorded the magic show instead of just taking the photos – very entertaining.

  20. fun-looking wedding dinner! and the lovely couple look radiant! i can’t guess your song, but i’m eager to learn the answer too (and perhaps also to hear you sing someday … post a video link)! 😀

    Not going to make a wild guess? Sighhhh!!!!!

  21. Ok, time’s up. The guessing game is hereby declared officially over and unfortunately, there are no winners but Bananaz did get the singer right in his random guesses – too bad he did not name the song. If you’re curious, you can click the link to find out the answer… 😉

  22. Eh? Guessing time closed already?
    Anyway I would not have guessed that you sang Adele’s song. I would have guessed one of the oldies. But beautiful lyrics. Wished you got someone to videotaped your performance. 😉

    Hah!!! Stereotyping, eh? Just because I am old does not mean that I can only sing old songs…just like that SK, simply refused to guess, said my songs so old he would not know any of them. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  23. gosh, the last line is so funny… lol….

    I was really mesmerized by your first photo of sunset!! Its just so breathtaking…. awesome one Arthur. Weddings are fun!

    Yes, and so romantic, all the love and happiness in the air.

  24. This looks like a really fun wedding dinner!!!

    Wow and you sang on stage too!!! Adele? Luckily you did not choose “Someone like you” !!! Hahaha!

    Hahahahaha!!!! Luckily the groom was not offended by “Beauty & the Beast”. LOL!!!

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